Bye bye TFT

I quit The Friday Times. Najam Sethi, the editor-in-chief, accepted my resignation. I resigned as I could no longer tolerate the rude attitude of the Assistant News Editor in that magazine.

5 Responses to “Bye bye TFT”
  1. individual says:

    Oh!I was wondering as to why you are’nt writing for the FT and logged on to your blog to find out. Damn.. i liked your articles.. So , where can I read them now ?

  2. mymoodz says:

    you can start working for TNT now. its a courier service.

  3. gmcmissing says:

    I have not decided yet as to which publication I would be writing for. Presently, I am just stuck with DT as a reporter.

  4. individual says:

    No worries. .. being stuck is good as when you’re frustrated, then you become more creative.. Individualland might be starting something up for which we would need you and yes. . Mr TNT head hunter.. someone crazy like you !Keep your fingers crossed guys for it to happen..

    All the best dear!

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