The disloyal Baloch

Lieutenant General ® Abdul Qadir Baloch is one of the very the few Baloch in Pakistan who served on high posts in the country’s army, where the Baloch have almost no representation.
He was talking to Geo Television last night. He very innocently charged: “ Every Baloch is viewed suspiciously. They [thePunjabi-military and bureaucracy] believe every Baloch is anti-national and a nationalist.”
It is very sad. Time has come every Baloch wore a display card around his neck to substantiate his loyalty to Pakistan.

7 Responses to “The disloyal Baloch”
  1. gedroshian says:

    Woho, This is a huge revelation. How did he come up with this sharp observation?

  2. Me thinks it took him a very long time to learn this. He should have realized it on the day when he joined the Pakistnai army…….I wonder why the Baloch still believe they live with Pakistan. The existence of Baloch with the Punjab-dominated Pakistan is impossible. We have to acknowledge this reality today or tomorrow. It might take us some centuries but the truth is this that Baloch can’t live with Pakistan…..The sooner they realize the better it is for them.

  3. gedroshian says:

    “The sooner they realize the better it is for them.”

    them??? Not us? You aren’t a part of the ‘them’?

    An existance WITH Pakistan is an existance WITHOUT honour. We want none of it.

    The Baloch never believed they we could live under/ with Pak. We have been forced into it. Remember 48, 62, 73, 05.

  4. you are right. ” WE” are treated like slaves in Pakistan.The Punjabis have occupied the Baloch land. Get into any office or institution in Quetta or eslewhere in the province, you can only and only see Punjabis. They can’t tolerate the Baloch.

  5. individual says:

    Perhaps, General Sahab is upset because he was removed from Governorship even though he had displayed his loyalty to the establishment by indulging in balatant corruption of Balochistan’s meagre resources for his own personal use.

  6. Yes, General Sahib, like Jamali sahib, then lived in fools’ paradise that by dancing on the Punjabi tune he would get acceptance before the eyes of the Punjabi establishment. Had the General vented his anger much earlier when he was in the army, some Baloch could possibly get a chance to serve in the Pakistan army. But today one needs to ask what relationship between Islamabad and the Baloch is when there is no Baloch representation in the Pakistani’s army,navy, airforce, civil bureaucracy, , foreign services and where-not?

  7. Very very great Malik Siraj akbar,
    Asalam o alikom.
    Iam writing this letter to you from kharan as I am very found of you becouse you have great love for balochs.May Allah bless you all joys of the life.
    Thank you
    Your yoner
    brother Farhat
    ullah tauqi

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