US backing operation against Baloch: Mengal

US backing operation against Baloch: Mengal

Staff Report

QUETTA: Former Balochistan chief minister Sardar Attaullah Mengal on Wednesday accused the United States of supporting Islamabad against the Baloch people because “the US does not need the services of the Baloch people”.

Talking to reporters at his native Khuzdar district, Mengal said that President General Pervez Musharraf and JUI-F Balochistan chief Maulana Sherani were loyal to the US. He ruled out any alliance of Baloch nationalists with the JUI-F and said that the religious party’s support for the military operation in Balochistan had exposed its agenda.

The elderly Baloch leader said that it would make no difference for the Baloch people if the government banned his Balochistan National Party. “We are Baloch and don’t need any party or flag,” he said.

Commenting on his son Akhtar Mengal’s arrest, Mengal said the government was mistaken that by arresting his son and other Baloch leaders, it would compel the Baloch nationalists to give up their struggle for self-rule and control over their resources.

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