We Will Miss You Inzi

With tearful eyes, this morning I saw a prolific cricketing career come to a sad end. My all-time-favorite player, Inzi, left the stadium amid applause. I have religiously followed Inzi since I was a nine-year old lad. I saw him for the first time on TV when he played his firry innings against Newzi Land in the semi final of World Cup 1992. He scored 60 out of 37 balls. Amazing, wasn’t it? Even then, I didn’t know his name and I thought he was “Akif” [considering him to be Aquid Javid].
I have always loved Inzi. My cricket following for the past several years has ONLY been confined to Inzi’s batting. Perhaps, I will NEVER watch cricket matches with the same amount of interest.
Inzi! We love you. We will eternally miss you. You were, undeniably, a remarkable chapter of Pakistani Cricket. I am also upset that this legend is retiring in the midst of unprecedented criticism. I wish people could recollect Inzi’s valuable services at this moment rather than hold him responsible for the recent humiliating defeat in World Cup 2007.
All the best Inzi….. Much love. We will never forget you.

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