Time to eat Masala Dosa!

Well, I didn’t know that I would be required to travel so extensively and so unexpectedly to Isloooo, Khandar’s twin sister these days,due to a very small mistake, which, however, could transform into a very complicated one, in my Indian visa. The day I was informed from the Indian High Commission about the problem, I rushed to Islamabad via PIA. I was lucky enough to get my visa corrected immediately.
Now, I am blogging in the lounge of Qaid-e-Azam International Airport, Karachi. Ready to fly to Dubai and then catch the connecting flight to Chennai, as the historic city of Madras is now known.
Understandably, I am somewhat thrilled about going back to Chennai. It is the place where I spent an unforgetable year of my life. I made some of the best friends of mine during my one-year long course at the Asian College of Journalism.
I will be writing more about my trip to ACJ whenever I get time. I am glad that I will also get a chance to meet Raj, the corporate journalist working with The Hindu who remained my roommate throughout my stay. Rest of the good friends who are also in Chennai include Ranjani (Yahoo), Abdus (The Hindu), Shujata ( The Indian Express), Dilip Kumar Shah (The Hindu) and many others…..
So do keep visiting the blog in order to know what I am doing and how many times I have managed to eat Dosas in Vasanta Bahavan or Aahaar (Ahem …ahem)
I don’t like Aahaar simply because the food out there is full with ‘mirchi’…..

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