Arrived in Chennai

It was a long flight from Dubai to Chennai, India. Took almost five and half hours. We were taken to Ambassador Pallava Hotel at Highmore. The hotel is superb. Adeel Phatan (The News), Meera Jamal (Dawn) and Amna (Dawn) and I went to Chennai’s best shopping mall, Spencer Plaza and managed to get ourselves new mobile connections.
I loved going back to Bhowari Hotel on Mount Road for dinner along with Adeel. I also managed to speak to my ACJ class fellows Ruchi, Raj, Ranjani, Dilip and Sujata on the phone.
The Summer Academy is kicking off tomorrow morning. Man! I am damn sleepy. Have had sleepless nights. Feel like going to bed now.So catch you tomorrow!

2 Responses to “Arrived in Chennai”
  1. individualland says:

    Whoa Whoa .. . from BLA kills to dossas? How did that happen? What summer academy? Pray tell all..

  2. gmcmissing says:

    haahaa….Well Summer Academy is a two-week workshop on media freedom adn responsibilities, being organized by the International Insitute of Journalism (IIJ), Germany, with the colloberation of the Asian College of Journalism, India. 24 young working journalists from 7 SAARC countries, except Maldives, are attending the event……Well, as far as the BLA-dossa-nexus goes, this all is the part and parcel of the game.

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