Say Yes to Naswar

We, all the participants of the Summer Academy, in one of the sessions, were required to come up the write-ups in which the journalistic ethical behavior had been violated in our respective countries.
Though initially all of us had come up with individual stories, we were, later on, asked to work in groups in order to choose the “worst” for a group presentation.
The group unanimously chose my case study for the presentation.
I had, ironically, picked up “Say Yes to Naswar, an editorial published by my newspaper, Daily Times, on November 15, 2006.
My group, which comprised of delegates from Afghanistan, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, collectively agreed that Daily Times had acted most irresponsibly by singling out and ridiculing the ethnic Pashtoon community. Luckily, our presentation was largely appreciated.

One Response to “Say Yes to Naswar”
  1. individualland says:

    Excellent .. this is great.. However, to be fair I do hope that you elabroated on how the paper apologized after a citizens campaign using the blog compelled it to. I think the whole Say Yes to Naswar thing is also a good example of how citizens can acutally compel responsbile media. Speaking of which, I hope you freedom…. especially today!

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