Baloch not getting due share of radio jobs

By Malik Siraj Akbar

QUETTA: The Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (PBC) is moving its Balochistan-based posts to other radio stations across the country and appointing non-locals to these posts, Daily Times learnt on Sunday.

Following an official order issued on April 24 by Muhammad Tufail, PBC Islamabad administrative manager (personnel), the PBC promoted 45 sub engineers to the post of broadcast engineers (BE). Twelve of the promoted officers, who were meant to serve in radio stations in Balochistan, have been transferred to other provinces. This has not only deprived the province of its actual posts, which have been entirely filled with non-Baloch, but also created a scarcity of working staff in many Balochistan radio stations. According to the list of promoted engineers, sub engineer S Haider Shah of HPT-II (High-Power Transmitter), PBC Peshawar, has been posted back to HPT-II, PBC Peshawar, at the post of broadcast engineer, though the post was meant to be filled in PBC Khuzdar, Balochistan.

Mohammad Rashid Ahmed of the PBC Lahore has been posted to PBC Lahore at another post in PBC Khuzdar. Qazi Hidayatullah of the PBC Peshawar has been posted back to Peshawar on a vacant post for broadcast engineer in Turbat.

Mohammad Roohul Amin of HPT II, PBC Peshawar, has been posted to another Balochistan post, which was supposed to be filled at PBC Quetta.

The PBC has also ordered shifting of a post in PBC Turbat to the PBC headquarters in Islamabad and appointed Shaukat Iqbal. A vacant BE post at PBC Quetta has been moved from the provincial capital to PBC Multan through the appointment of Abdul Waheed.

PBC Khuzdar has been deprived of another BE post. The post has been shifted to HPT, PBC, Multan, with the appointment of Muhammad Younis Bhutta.

PBC moved another Balochistan-based BE post to the federal capital when it decided to appoint Muhammad Siddique at the PBC headquarters in Islamabad. M Tahir Mahmood of PBC Faisalabad has been appointed to a post that is fixed for PBC Khuzdar. The BE post of PBC Quetta has also been moved from Balochistan to Lahore with the posting of Abdul Latif.

The official order, which has been sent to station directors, controllers and deputy controllers of all PBC stations, also deprives Balochistan of another BE post by moving a similar vacant post at PBC Quetta to PBC Khairpur with the posting of M Qasim Jalbani.

Sources at PBC Quetta complained that in past they used to grumble that non-Baloch were being appointed to various posts at the nation’s foremost broadcasting corporation. “The PBC now even has started moving the posts from Balochistan to other provinces,” they said. “This is unethical and unacceptable. We will raise the issue on the floor of the Balochistan Assembly,” Balochistan leader of the opposition Kachkol Baloch told Daily Times. He said the government was “pleasing” other provinces at the cost of Balochistan and its people.

Officials working with PBC at various radio stations in Balochistan complain that the government is doing nothing to improve their stations. For instance, at PBC Turbat, a 0.25-kilowatt transmitter is being upgraded to 100kw. The station, however, remains understaffed. While one post each of producer and news producer, two each of sub engineer and broadcast technician and one of chief security officer have not been filled to date in Turbat PBC, the posts of gardener and messenger have been finished and shifted to Islamabad.

Another source, while disclosing the irregularities in the appointments at PBC, alleged that Inyat, a former station director of PBC from Sindh at Turbat, made a fake local certificate for one of his close relatives and got him appointed as a lower-division clerk.

When the Sindhi station director was transferred to Hyderabad, the LDC post was also moved.

It is learnt that the local educated youths had been ignored for appointment against the post of a producer in October 2006. Shaheen Ismail from Dera Ghazi Khan, whose father had been working with WAPDA in Turbat for 10 years, was appointed to the post allegedly with the help of a fake certificate.

“It was mandatory for a local producer to be acquainted with the Balochi language and remain a local resident. But all these rules were utterly violated and a non-local female was appointed,” a PBC official said while requesting anonymity. “It seems there is no one to check these mass injustices and irregularities at PBC being committed against the Baloch,” he added.

2 Responses to “Baloch not getting due share of radio jobs”
  1. They don’t give Baloch’s a chance to come to the main platform and show their true talents, in radio they openly promoting different people with different languages and ignoring its own its local its mother tongue.
    either its radio or any other deptartment in baluchistan all non-baloch staff and non-balochi’s languages are highly promoting these days. These things makes rebels and they give you war… they let you live in here, gave you hand at your hard times and now you take that hand and use it for your own good by ignoring their right full heirs.

  2. appreciate @Malik siraj akbar work!… u r the man

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