EU’s anguish over Marri’s arrest

Wednesday 5th December 2007, Brussels, Belgium, European Parliament: In an urgent meeting held at the European Parliament by the “South Asia Peace Forum” an initiative of the Members of the European Parliament to discuss about the recent arrest of Herbiyar Marri by the British Authorities on behest of Pakistan and killing of his brother Balach Marri. Both sons of Leader of Balochistan Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri.

Pakistan was criticized for its illegal and indirect ways to pressurize and curb Baloch Human Rights workers living outside Pakistan by pressuring them to stop activities for welfare of the citizens of Kingdom of Balochistan, having them arrested by local government, stopped at the customs and searched for hours even though citizen of the local country and making forged police cases against the Balochi’s living abroad.

The MEPs (Member of the European Parliament) condemned the targeted killing of Baloch Patriotic leader Balach Marri by the Pakistani Punjabi Army and urged the British Authorities not to hand over the Herbiyar Marri to the Pakistani army, as the Pakistan had repeatedly made it very clear of what they want to do with Nawab Akbar Bugti, Herbiyar, Balach and other Baluchs who have taken a stand for the rights of Baluch people.

The MEPs also supported a cause for organizing a meeting on Balochistan and report on the actual situation of Balochistan prepared by the European Parliament.

Release from the Office of

Mr. Marek Aleksander Czarnecki

Member of the European Parliament

Member of Group of South Asia

Tel 32 2 284 7194 Fax 32 2 284 9194

Email: marekaleksander. czarnecki@ europarl. / prwire.ep@gmail. com

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