Happy Birth Day Raj

I know I am two hours late. Well, I am very sorry, Raj that I could not post this ‘happy birth day entry’ on the same day. Anyway, December 9 was my Indian friend Raj’s birthday. Why is Raj somebody so special for me, you might wonder. Well, Raj, along with Anupom, was my roommate at 9-A in Jains Apartment in Chennai, India, where I was enrolled as a Post-Graduation student in 2005-06 at the Asian College of Journalism (ACJ).
Raj was one of the best friends I ever made. He treated me as a friend, peer and a brother. The time we spent together will always remain in my memory. Can or will I ever forget those days? No way. Your friendship means a lot to me, Raj. It was this reason I called him [Raj] today and wished him a very happy birthday. Interestingly, the phone call got me some good news: Raj has quit The Hindu and he will be moving to Muscat in Oman within a fortnight to join an economic magazine there. All the best ‘Razzz’! [as I once heard a ‘damsel’ call you so].

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