Twine Suicide blast in Quetta

Quetta sickens me. I am tired of this place. If one is to assume that Pakistan has transformed into a hell then it would be no mistake to brand Quetta as the deepest part of this hell. Lawlessness in this city is driving me mad. I am going to have a nervous break down. I am hopeless. Enough is enough.I do not know what these fu…g ideologies mean. But how do you justify the killing of human beings? I hate all those religions and ideologies that incite violence.
I am outraged. Barely had the echo of last night’s firing, which killed two police men, stopped reverberating in my ears that a twine suicide bombing rocked Quetta today. 12 more people, including three ‘pak soliders’ are dead. I am not sure who is justified and who is not. All that I, as a citizen of this country, want is peace. Why is my life being ruined due to this lawlessness? What is my fault? Can anyone bring me peace? [I know I am being very selfish today by repeatedly using ‘ my life’, ‘my fault’ etc…Sorry folks..It happens at times]

2 Responses to “Twine Suicide blast in Quetta”
  1. Talha says:

    Sir I am also having lots of Questions that why the peace is vanished from our city.. The things are getting worse over and over.

  2. It’s really very very depressing to read about only bad news that comes from Pakistan, in particular from Balochistan. Quetta is my home town and it saddens me when I find out that the situation there has only deteriorated: there are killings, explosions, damage to the non-existent infra-structure etc.

    In my opinion the political parties in pakistan are in their dying stages: the politicians and their ideologues put their interests before their principles, compromising the future of the country and that of our future generations, who would suffer the most.

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