BB’s refusal to apologize to the Baloch people

Today, I spoke to Benazir Bhutto for the first time in my lifetime. I suggested her to apologize to the Baloch nation over the massacre of 1973 against the Baloch, which was carried out by her father. She said she had come to Balochistan to reconcile with all Baloch leaders.

“What was done in the past is regrettable,” she said.
“Will you apologize for it now?” I asked.
“But I was a young student when all this happened,” she retorted.
“Is it not the right time to apologize?” I asked.
“All parties were equally responsible for that,” she remarked.
“How about apologizing now?” I insisted.
“Don’t put words in my mouth,” she said angrily, “I have deep respect for all Baloch leaders. They must ‘forget’ the past and look for the future.”

She didn’t apologize as we, the Baloch people, want her to do so. She asked us to ‘forget’ whatever was done in the past. In fact to us, the military operation of 1973 is what the Holocaust is to the Jews. Until PPP’s party apologizes to the Baloch nation, we must not go for BB’s political rhetoric.

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