Profile: Ali Ahmed Kurd

By Malik Siraj Akbar

60-year old flamboyant lawyer firebrand, Ali Ahmed Kurd, has spent most of his life in judicial activism and fighting dictatorship. He went to jail for the first time when he was merely a 17-year old student in Mustung district of Balochistan. For him, that was understandable as he came from a highly respected political family of Balochistan and participated in anti-government agitations from teenage days. Balochistan’s illustrated politician, Mir Abdul Aziz Kurd, who along with Mir Yousaf Aziz Magasi, pioneered a culture of political resistance in the present day Balochistan, was his uncle. Kurd credits his early day detentions for his today’s fearlessness. Jails, he says, no longer frighten him as he has spent more than six and a half years of his life in the jail.

Kurd has been an active lawyers’ leader since 1980s but he came to limelight after the eruption of last year’s judicial crisis in the country. Once President Pervez Musharraf decided to oust former Supreme Court Chief Justice, Mr. Ifthakar Mohammad Chaudhary, on March 9 last year, Kurd’s fiery speeches fueled the lawyers’ unprecedented movement for the reinstatement of the CJP.

“Not for a single day did I support any government in the history of Pakistan,” he tells this blog, “because none of them came up to the expectations of the masses. Therefore, I remained an anti-government agitator throughout my life.” However, Kurd says he never opted for extremist mode of politics. While the Right wing politics never attracted him from the outset, he clarifies that he never called himself an ultra-Leftist.

Born in Quetta in 1948, Kurd accidentally landed in the legal profession. “Even then, most of the young people of our age, including myself, were not sure what we wanted to do in future.” His account of becoming a lawyer is, nonetheless, interesting. He gave the LLB examinations when he was on the government’s list of the wanted political (student) leaders. “I was lucky that the day I gave papers, the police did not catch me that day. But when there was no paper, the police would arrive in the evening to arrest me,” he recalls.

While a student at Quetta’s Degree College, Kurd simultaneously led the students’ union of Degree College and Government Law College, Quetta. Having obtained his LLB degree in 1973, Kurd for the first time joined the bar. “Then, it was the Sindh-Balochistan Bar Council,” he said. In the meanwhile, in 1973, he was implicated in a ‘false case’, as he bills it, and thrown into the jail where he remained for the longest period – four years – until released in 1977. After his release, he once again joined the Balochistan Bar Council. Since then, he has been an elected member of several bar associations. The highest position he has ever held is the vice chairmanship of Pakistan Bar Council.

As a student, Kurd was the first man to revolt in 1973 against the dismissal of National Awami Party (NAP) government in Balochistan. Young Kurd was the first man to ignite a political movement in Balochistan. “We students protested at a time when the actual NAP leadership went underground to hide as they feared the newly instated governor, Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti. Bugti did not like me. I used to spent most of my time at Kabir Building,” he recollected, adding that the reason for him to take shelter at Kabir Building was understandable: “Sardar Attaullah Mengal used sit there. I knew that Bugti would not raid that building. How would Bugti take the Mengal Sardar to task?”

Ali Ahmed might appear to be a highly articulate speaker but deep down he is a very introvert gentleman. One of the biggest problems of interpersonal communication he faces at 60 is, interestingly, to talk to female journalists and lawyers. “I still become nervous while talking to women. I tend to ignore talking to female journalists and lawyers. I don’t know why but this is how I am,” says a smiling Kurd, the father of five kids. With a little effort to see this man more closely, one discovers Kurd’s adventurous instincts too. Kurd says he loves hiking in his free time. “There is not a single mountain in Quetta that I have not climbed. I have been on all the mountains that surround Quetta and Ziarat. I love going to the mountains – but not as an insurgent,” he laughs and adds.

While squinting at his past struggle against successive governments, Kurd becomes upset at one stage when he is reminded of the gruesome martial law days of General Zia-ul-Haq. “I wish I had opposed him [General Zia] with the same spirit as I am doing today against General Musharraf.” Kurd says though he fought the Zia regime, he still believes he should have done ‘much more’ and opposed Zia more stridently. “Even some times I become embarrassed and feel guilty that I did not lead a similar struggle which I did against Musharraf. Had we done this much earlier, today things would be very different,” he climes.

Kurd contends that the lawyers of Pakistan have ‘opened the eyes’ of the political parties. The political parties also admit that lawyers have done a commendable job as their movement has redefined the Pakistani civil society. “Political parties could not achieve the same level of credibility as the lawyers did. Thus, people have reposed their trust in the lawyers’ community,” he says, adding, “People viewed us as trustworthy. It is still not too late for the political parties to join us. Their tone is still not as critical of the Musharraf regime as one expects it to be. They have double standards. We did what we promised to the people of Pakistan. On the other hand, the politicians remained confused.”

Kurd dispels the impression that lawyers movement kicked off only after the suspension of Justice Ifthakar Mohammad Chaudhary. Their struggle in its latest phase is as old as General Musharraf’s coup of October 12, 1999. Most of these people who are in the forefront of the struggle against the Musharraf government, including Munir A Malik, Hamid Khan and Tariq Mahmood, became active from the day when Legal Framework Order (LFO) was promulgated, he reminds.

Movement: According to Kurd, the lawyers’ movement appears to be meant for the restoration of an independent judiciary, establishment of rule of law and the supremacy of the constitution but this movement is beyond the defined objectives. As a matter of fact, this movement is intended to ‘completely change the Pakistani society. “We want to eliminate the existing hypocritical political culture of Pakistan. The upper class largely opposes this social change. But this change has to come as it must”

A defiant Kurd says he and his supporters do not recognize the PCO-ed judges of the Supreme Court. “If the successive governments did not accept the Supreme Court for the last 60 years then why should we accept it at this transitional phase? For us, Ifthakar Chaudhary is the de jure CJP.”
Kurd is very optimistic with regards to the future of the lawyers’ movement. There is no question, he says, of their movement coming to an immediate end. “We pushed General Musharraf to such an extent that he was fully compelled to impose a state of emergency. “Gone are days when Pakistan had rubberstamp assemblies. Gone are the days when the President of Pakistan used to unilaterally dismiss an elected assembly and oust the parliament. Gone are the days when the Supreme Court judges used to passionately stamp on the martial law declarations, granting legitimacy to the dictatorial regimes,” he thunders.

57 Responses to “Profile: Ali Ahmed Kurd”
  1. Manzoor Ali says:

    I have known Ali Ahmed when he was in high school. He was my class fellow in degree college and Law college in Quetta.
    I left Quetta in 1973 and now live in Houston, TX and happy to see that he doing fine
    Manzoor Ali

    • sheraz says:

      could u give me his e-mail address plz.

      • gmcmissing says:

        A lot of people have asked for the e-mail address and phone number of Mr. Ali Ahmed Kurd. I regret I do not have his email address while his cell number is not available.

      • Anonymous says:

        Ali Ahmad Kurd is the symbol of honesty, dignity, industrious, loyalty with his profession and self made personal. i highly appreciated his struggle for the restoration of judiciary. Allah may him live long aameen. With Regards Choudhary Rashid Mahmood Advocate Gujranwala.

    • yasir says:

      salam i love u

  2. faisal khalil says:

    Mr Ali Ahmed Kurd is a symbol of honesty and determination. this country needs more gentelmen like him

  3. Arshad Askari says:

    I have known Mr. Ali Ahmed Kurd. He is a very good person and friend.In these days our country needs more brave, honest and sincere gentlemen like him. He is also undisputed lion of pakistan. we are proud to see him in battle against dictatorship, 60 years old dictatorship.

  4. gmcmissing says:

    Dear Manzoor, Faisal, Arshad,

    Many thanks to all of you for your kind comments. I know Ali Ahmed Kurd is an icon of resistance. We need to respect these people. They are our hope and assets for future generations. I must say that his speeches have had an enormous impact on the ongoing lawyers’ movement in the country.

  5. Asfaendyar wazir says:

    from the past 60 years we people are claiming and celebrating a showy, illusionistic independence.Independence from suppression,racial,cultural,religious and class discrimination when in fact there is nothing such as independence from the very begining of our so called dawn of independence.Ali Ahmad Kurd and fellows are need of the day.They are illuminating the path which the LOST youth is seeking.We dont listen Kurd’s speeches because they are full of logic but because they are full of determination, challenge and spirit.In Kurd and company we have got our own Robbespiere,Camille Desmoulins and Marat.We leftists love them and support them

    • annam azeem says:

      i totally agree with you on how not only kurd but also countless others, who played such an active role in the lawyers movement, are a source of inspiration for the youth of pakistan.but somehow i feel that instead of labeling them as having a leftist leaning wouldn’t it be SOOO much better and simpler if we viewed them as simlpy patriots?!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        you have very very nice and noble thoughts about Ali Ahmad Kurd. its mean there are some positive thinking persons are still have. nice to see your comments. Rashid Mahmood Advocate

      • Rashid MAhmood Advocate says:

        you have very very nice and noble thoughts about Ali Ahmad Kurd. its mean there are some positive thinking persons are still have. nice to see your comments. Rashid Mahmood Advocate

  6. adnan ashraf says:

    ali is the great

  7. nausheenijaz says:

    no doubt,he is the symbol of honesty,courage and our country need his type of people.

  8. Dr.Farzana Rafi says:

    AOA,me and my family are great admirers of Mr.Kurd.He has a glow of sincerity on his face.We all pray for the grandest success of the lawyers movement (ameen summa ameen), restoration of CJP,and november 2nd 2007 judiciary.I would like to tell my most worthy lawyers ALLAH is with you,as well as the whole nation.

  9. kashif says:

    he is the lion of Pakistan. A true patriot, whole nation is proud of having him .

  10. Naeem Afzal Advocate RWP Bar says:

    Looking for shining future

    All The Best……..

    • gmcmissing says:

      This is in fact one of the most regularly read post on this blog. I know Mr. Kurd has his supporters across the country and abroad wherever people support the lawyers’ movement. Mr. Kurd is undeniably a wonderful human being and a committed professional.I too wish him a shining future.

  11. Waseem Afzal says:

    Big fan of Ali Ahmedz speech.He is my leader.

    Wish you Good Luck

    Student of F.G sir syed college RWP

  12. Hafiz Arsalan says:

    Me too fan of ALiz speech.I and waseem went to listen his address in Pindi Bar and Liaqat bagh Press club.

    Wish You Best Of Luck
    Student of F.G. Sir syed Collge RWP.

  13. Waseem Afzal says:

    ys we are big fan of Ali Kurd.I want to attend his each speech nad listen to him live, but is not able listen live.
    Wis h You Good luck alwayz
    Student of F.G. Sir syed Collge RWP.

  14. I am physically and mentally involve in this very noble cause of struggle for Rule of Law in Pakistan.Can u share the mobile number of Ali Ahmad Kurd ,Munir Malik and Justice Tariq.?
    please share it with me on

  15. hakee says:

    dear readers,
    i am praising kurd sahab for this nobel cause ,but we shouldt ignore all the lawyers who r participating in this movement.


  16. hakeem says:

    dear readers,
    I am praising kurd sahab for this nobel cause ,but we shouldt ignore all the lawyers who r participating in this movement.


  17. Muahammad Tariq Khan says:

    The lawyers movement in Pakistan has all the elements necessary for a public movement. They have the intellect of Itizaz Ahsan, the reason of Munir A Malik and the re-awakening speech of Kurd (not to froget many in this line)

  18. Hanif Durrani says:

    I love this cute old guy, doing good job.

    Ali Ahmad best of luck

  19. Not only I am, whole the countary is happy on the resoration of all the Judiciary of 2nd Nov.2007.
    No doubt Mr. Kurd is the leading person, in the same time we will not forget the efforts of all other parties, under the pressure of them Presedent of Pakistan Mr. Asif Ali Zardary allowed Mr. Galani to announce the RESTORATION of judiciary.
    I would like the mail of Mr.Ali Ahmed Kurd, and his Mobile contact.
    Pakistan Zindaabad and Honest Judiciary Paendaabad.

  20. Zeeshan says:

    The nation where people are like Kurd lives can not die. He is the symbol of life and justice.

  21. gmcmissing says:

    CONGRATULATIONS Mr. Kurd! You have done it! You have made everyone proud of you.

  22. wasif says:

    Can anyone provide me the contact information of ali ahmad kurd. I want to thank and appreiciate him for his unbreakable stand on judges restoration.

  23. Muhammad Shahbehkani says:

    great lose for baloch peoples when their own leadership dont want to fight their rights I dont know how many times Mr Kurd raised the matter of baloch disappeared activist of diferent political parties he just want to be famous and now he is succeed congratulations but he is not famous in baloch community

    • gmcmissing says:

      How would you say that he is not popular among the Baloch people? Secondly, can you not remember how many times he raised the issue of Zarina Marri in the public gatherings of the chief justice of Pakistan. Why are we Baloch so intolerant towards each other? Why do we always think we are better and more committed people of the Balouch cause as compared to the others?
      This is the biggest problem with the Baloch. Rest of the people in the world keep bringing the others into their movements and the Baloch keep accusing each other of being ISI spies etc. This is bad. We have to tolerate each other. A man working as a lawyer surely cannot do the job of a sarmachar. Similarly, a journalist can not do the work that a Baloch MPA, MNA or a senator can do.
      Everyone has his limitations. We people can easily criticise the others. I would humbly request you to stop thinking on such lines.


    Mr Ali Ahmed Khurd due to your loyalty and hard working
    makes this happen to restore CJP.

    If You need help we are avalaible anytime,any place.

    we are proud to be with you…..

  25. Advocate Asmat uallah yasinzai says:


  26. Zaib-u-rehman achakzai says:

    he is the man of his letter.

  27. waseem khan says:

    he is the man of letter

  28. annam azeem says:

    i think that the reason why the lawyers movement actually succeeded was because of people like ali ahmad kurd.some people may like to view him as a person with leftist leanings but i say that he is a true revolutionary and one patriotic man!life truly seems boring without his energetic speeches!!!!!!!!!

  29. annam azeem says:

    i think that the reason why the lawyers movement actually succeeded was because of people like ali ahmad kurd and countless others who gave us all the hope and confidence in the power that we hold!!!!!it made us believe in ourselves and reaffirmed the faith that if you believe in a cause then just go for it irrespective of the consequences and success will be yours ultimately!!!!!!

  30. Ali Kurd…Baloch qoumiat ke hero hain…

    Zinada Baad kurd,,,thra Salam

  31. Ahmed says:

    Ali Kurd, you are a brave person, I appreciate your efforts for the restoration of judiciary with a hope that Bench will play its positive role for the people of Pakistan but now Judiciary becomes a party in politics. I read your statement about Pharaoh in bench, it is true. This only you can say, a person of integrity and devotion.
    Please continue your struggle for the people of Pakistan.

  32. Nawaz ali says:

    I really admire Mr kurd & his fellows who fought against such evil Musharaf & kicked him out of pwr but the restoration of CJP did any changed in Pakistan? Is this the same CJP which he was before or during musharafs rul? NOOOOO dont know what happaned to HIM but he is not the same MAN not the same CJP ! I really dont understand and dont know why HE is doing the same thing which he was doing before?If we say about the Missing peoples by agencies in Pakistan He stand for those poor missing ppls family was great and that was the main point where he got the recept of PEOPLE in pakistan but know he left that issue behinde totally forgetten by CJP why? was he treatan by agenceis? I love to ask this qus to Mr Kurd what he think of CJP stand about this issuei?

  33. Dear Mr. Kurd

    I am writing book about the old Iranian nations. Going back 11 thousand years. I write about Magi (wise Man). I am Kurd too.

    I like to establish contact with you but I not have your email.

    Here is my email below:

    If you have time read my article below:
    This is sample of my book

    Iran and the Spirit of the Airyanem Vaejah Nation

    By Hamma Mirwaisi

    For OpEdNews: Hamma Mirwaisi – Writer
    The sun has gone and darkness covers the sky. I, the Spirit of the Airyanem Vaejah [1] nation, sit alone on the peak of Mount Damavand [2]. The location of this proud mountain was

  34. omer says:

    chief justice iftikhar chaudry is doing best for pakistan and poor people.he is last hope for us

  35. imransoomro says:

    AOA to all respected friends here.guys anybody know how can i meet ali ahmed kurd or atizaz ahsan …to share my problem with u i want justice mere abu jb mei 4 sal ka tha fot ho gaye aur mere cacha aur dada ne humay dhaky mar ke nikal diya mera aur aj tak huamre hisay ke property se humay nikal diya na tu mere dada ne mere abu ko AQQ kia property se na mere mother ne unke bad dosre shadi ke ise tortutre ke waja se mera bhai mentally patient hai mere studies kahtam ho gaye mei bhut logo ke pechay rha jo muje khete thay hum tumhay insaf dilwaye ge liken her kise ne pesay kha ke kuch na kiya mere bhen ka zewar tha shadi ka akhri wo bhe sale kerna para ise waja se muje insaaf dilwa de koi koi tu hoga is duniya mei ..ali ahmed kurd yeh log baray log hai hum jese log kese ponchay in ke pass …. muje aplogo ke comments ka wait rhe ga .. thanks

  36. NOOR AMIN5 says:



  37. ali zaidi says:

    Indeed Mr Kurd is a bravo and this country need leader like Mr Kurd who are honest,dedicated and sincire . Though the lawayer movment was great but they can not emancipate our people from these politicians and fudels. Mr Kurd we want u to organise political party – long live mr kurd

  38. imran soomro says:

    yeh site sirf dramay bazi hai …kise ke madad tu ho nahi sakte yhan na koi advice de sakta hai koi jiye ya maray kise ko kia faida wese bare Allah ke bttain kerte hai kise he help tu ker nahi sakte yeh log…

  39. sardar Ayaz advocate says:

    mr kurd is a great pakistani hero he is very much sincer and devoted to the cause i know him personally i have lot of respect for him

  40. Imtiaz Balooch says:

    Kurd Sahb mai ap ka bohut bara aashiq ho please mujhe apna phone number of email address day dain

  41. gAZ says:

    love him. imran khan should make him no.2

  42. Carson says:

    Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wished to say that
    I’ve really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. After all I will be subscribing
    to your feed and I hope you write again very soon!

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