Charsadda carnage

A suicide bomb attack at an election rally in Charsadda killed at least 20 people.

The Voice of America quoted eye witnesses as saying that activists of the Awami National Party were listening to speeches. The explosion injured scores of people and doctors say the death toll could rise.

The message is clear: The secular and liberal forces in NWFP, or elsewhere in Pakistan, must realize that they are not exempted from the warth of the militants. Anyone who challanges their aggressive plans and wishes to change this society will either get the consent of Bathullah Masood and his likes or face the consequences. ANP did nothing different. It left its friends from PONM and opted for elections so that it could pave the way for some democratic change in the society. Democracy? What is that? Can you explain that please, asks one of the Mullahs from the NWFP.

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