Dear Departed

“OK doctor, over to you. I am going. Bye,” I said before stepping out of Ziarat Hall of Sarena Hotel in Quetta two days before the murder of Dr. Chushti Mujahid, a senior fellow journalist. As the veterain cliche goes: I didn’t know it was our last meeting. Dr. Chushti Mujahid, a senior fellow journalist, and I jointly worked to formulate the recommendations of our team in a pre-election conference. Federal Minister for Information Nisar A Memon had turned up as the chief guest.

As the program ended, PTV walas came to us and said they wanted to interview us. I had to rush to my office to file my story. Thus, I asked Dr. Sahib to deal with the media and tell them what recommendations our team had given to the minister. That was it. Then I didn’t meet him on Friday until he was shot dead by some BLA men on Saturday morning.

I can’t remember how and when we met for the first time. But I will always remember him as a friend who had respect for fellow journalists. He was very helpful to me. We will miss him very much. No doubt, his gap will not, as I can’t, be filled in the coming years. He was an outstanding journalist, press photograper of international acclaim and a medical docotr.

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