Balochistan politics

WHILE Balochistan Governor Zulfiqar Magsi’s stated intentions of ending hostilities among various feuding elements in the province are welcome, it would be useful to recall that the heady, post-election phase is not yet over. True, in the days following the Feb 18 poll, a reconciliatory approach by the main political parties has brought former rivals together. In Balochistan’s case, the PPP’s apology to the people of the province for state-sponsored excesses perpetrated on them has been particularly poignant. But it would be a mistake to presume that Balochistan’s troubles will disappear overnight with the induction of a new political dispensation, however well intentioned it may be. For one, Governor Magsi’s ceremonial position may impede his reconciliatory measures as it is the assembly that will have legislative powers. Here, friction cannot be ruled out as it is unclear how far the two largest parties — the pro-establishment PML-Q and the PPP — will cooperate with each other in the assembly, given their mutual distrust. (Read More)

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