Accept us or we will get rid of you!


I am not big fan of Sardar Akhtar Mengal, a former chief minister of my province, nor that of any other Sardar. What always irks me the most is the repeated reminders from Pakistan which nastily question our loyalties to the state. Pakistan has billed every Baloch a a traitor, anti-national, Indian agent and God-knows-what-else-not. There you go. They have released a convicted Indian agent. Good for him as well as for his family. Contrarily, a former Baloch chief minister, who has been languishing in a Karachi jail in a politically-motivated case, is being denied proper medical treatment. This head of the Balochistan National Party (BNP) is denied access to his family even at a time when his family fears that the state is gradually poisoning him to death. It’s too much. Enough is enough.

My friend, Senator Sanaullah Baloch, very rightly says: “Accept us (of course, the Baloch) as equal federating units or we will get rid of you!”.By God.

2 Responses to “Accept us or we will get rid of you!”
  1. Khan Jan Baloch says:

    The truth of the matter is that Pakistani Military & her leisure class is..unintentionally, unconsciously and blindly following the track to
    get rid of Balochistan from the Pakistani train just like Bangla-desh.

    1) Balochs turned the tables of Musharaf`s mafia military and Mullhas.
    2) Balochs shall push the democratic government of Pakistan in ditch, if they (Balochs) are deprived to be the masters of their own land…Balochistan.

    3- The continued troubes in Balochistan shall break the economic bone
    of Pakistan, which shall lead to mutiny to other parts of the country.

    4. Probably, again military and Talibans appear and then again big problems which shall lead to persuade Panjab to get rid of Balochistan and
    some other parts of the country.

  2. Get rid of? Hello! Who joined Pakistan? Do you see Punjab doing this favour of ‘get(ting) Balochistan rid of Pakistan’. I don’t understand your argument. C’mon, I am not taking any position. But as far as I know, the Baloch think that Punjab is a burden on them and their resources. It is not the other way round. Therefore, they must get rid of Pakistan (read Punjab) as soon as possible. Why would Punjab think so? After all, it is immensely benefiting from the Baloch gas and other natural resources.

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