Future Imperfect

Was having a discussion with my ‘guru’ about the upcoming coalition government in Balochistan. Both of us sounded pessimistic with regards to the future of the government. Many people are simply astounded to see Nawab Raisani gain so much power in the province. I see it differently. It is reminiscent of Sardar Akhtar Mengal’s government of 1990s. I presume this government is going to collapse before the other three provincial governments.

“You know what,” said my guru, “when Akhtar Mengal was forming his government, I put two questions in front of the Elder Sardar, (Attaullah Mengal).”
“And what were those two questions?” I questioned.
He said he had asked Sardar Mengal:
“Sardar, has I.S.I (Inter-Services Intelligence) bought you? Or has it overpowered you to destroy you?”

According to guru jee, Sardar Mengal laughed and said, “You have rightly analyzed the situation. I.S.I has overpowered us simply to destroy us.”

Nawab Raisani has failed to identify his friends and foes. Those who struggled with him during the hard times, including the BNP, NP, PkMP, are not with him. And those, whose wrong deeds fueled the PPP movement, of course the PML-Q, are today sitting with the Nawab as allies. He has joined hands with very strange bedfellows. Look, they are so strange that I mean PPP and PML-Q don’t make a gay couple what to talk of forming a coalition government.

There you go. The veteran cliché goes: Power corrupts but absolute power corrupts absolutely. Now, it is the absolute mandate that is going to corrupt Nawab Raisani. Let’s wait (not for very long) and see (how Frankie is going bring him down ..down..down)

2 Responses to “Future Imperfect”
  1. Baloch says:

    Is Shoaib Nausherwani going to be interior minister?

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