Bad-e-mudat usay dekha logo!

A friend of mine and I did not speak to each other for almost one and half years. Surprisingly, she gave me a call this afternoon. Though the voice sounded very familiar, many things had changed since we had talked to each other two years back.

“So what is new in your life,” she asked.
“New? Well don’t know what is ‘new’ or ‘old’ in my life. After all, we spoke to each other long time back. Many things came and went away. Even the ‘new’ ones are ‘old’ now.”
“But I heard you had been to Germany. How was the trip?” she inquired.
“Oh…haha,” I giggled, “but that was long time back,” I added.
That said, life keeps changing. The conversation reminded me of what Perveen Shakir said somewhere in Khushbu.

Yea jo ajnabi ban ka guzra hey abi
Tha ksi waqat apna logo!

A lot appeared to have changed in our lives by now. It seemed we no longer had anything of mutual interest to talk about. No longer was our conversation enlivened with the old jokes. Those jokes that we used to crake at the university canteen had even now become old-fasioned jokes. Bugti had gone, so had Benazir Bhutto. How odd would it sound had I told her: “Hey Sid, you know what? They brutally killed Benazir Bhutto,” After all we used to discuss a lot of politics. Even I forgot to tell her that Sri Lanka had lost the last world cup. That may have been old for many people but still we had not talked about it.

I learn if friends do not keep in touch regularly, they, unfortunately, get replaced with new ones. I know many of you will strongly disagree. I felt the same today in our conversation. Of course, it was a wonderful pleasure, as usual, to hear from this old friend. But honestly, I think it is too late for both of us now. We have learnt to adjust ourselves in our own worlds. I am in the media and she is in the telecom industry. That I realized when both of us, who used to talk for hours, ran out of words as soon as we started to speak.

“ Or app kay say hain?” she asked.
“ Main teek…Or aap?” I added.
“Or app?”
“Bus teek taak…Or App”
“All ka shokar…aap batho”

Friends, I must tell you don’t ever lose track of your friends. The more we keep away from each other, the more distances increase. Let no dust allow to sit on the shelf of friendship.

5 Responses to “Bad-e-mudat usay dekha logo!”
  1. Talha Masood says:

    This is the most touching piece you ever wrote. It has much much hidden in it.. And you highlighted a very good point. We stay away with our friends considering that they will always be like the same.. But it never happens. Nothing is permanant but change. I also practice this theory that we are always there for our friends but infact we avoid all the ways that can tie up a friend all the way through. May be its out pathetic thinking or we get that busy in our lives that we forget the charms of our lives. Thanks alot for giving a good lesson. It is not only a theory but a practice as well.. We should be friends to have friends…. all other excuses are useless….

  2. Dear Talha,
    Many thanks for your comments, as always. The reason that you found this one as the ‘most touching piece” I have ever written was because I really wrote it from the bottom of my heart.

  3. Talha Masood says:

    Yes no doubt about that.. cheerz and lets not yield ourselves to adversity.. Many good ways are still waiting for us.. In near future we will have rocking time together. InshALLAH.

  4. Talha Masood says:

    Tujhse Naraz nahi Zindagi !! Heraan hun Main…

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