Change in Zimbabwe

The presidential elections of March 29 in Zimbabwe have finally brought a wave of change.
In its fresh report, the International Crisis Group said “Early results of Zimbabwe’s 29 March presidential, parliamentary and municipal elections were strongly disputed, underlining the risk that escalated repression and unrest may follow but also highlighting the possibility of positive change. As CrisisWatch went to press, reports suggested President Mugabe was under pressure from close associates to resign and/or negotiate a transfer of power.” [Read More]

Hans-Jürgen Bösel, a friend of mine from Germany, forwarded me this link to read about the change in Zimbabe. Do check it out to learn more about the polls out there.

I am glad that the presidential elections in Zimbabwe culminated in some change. 84-year old dictator Robert Mugabe is finally on his way to pavilion. I hope it will happen soon. Mugabe! Don’t forget to go alone. We have a friend for you. Take Musharraf with you, please.

In the meanwhile, I received this mail from my journalist friend Kuda Chikwanda Zimbabwe, who gave the updates from his country. He wrote”

“We are headed for a runoff. Morgan Tsvangirai just appeared at a press conference saying he won 50,3 % of the vote and that they are headed for a presidential run-off in the next 21 days. Our constitution requires one to have 51% of the vote. As with Yassir and Malik, we witness history in the making. I am positive Mugabe will lose though.”
Good for you, Kuda. Good for us. Good for democracy. Good for the oppressed people.

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