Peace amid arms

Was talking to Nawab Zulfiqar Magsi, the Balochistan governor, at Asim Kurd Gillo’s residence. I am not sure from where he derives his confidence. Yet he is determined to negotiate with the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA).
“We are going to bring them on the negotiation table,” quipped the flamboyant governor.
“So you are going to disarm them,” I asked.
“No,” he corrected me.
“Then?” my curious eyes spoke louder than my words.
“Have you ever seen a Baloch giving up arms? How will a Baloch surrender? It is viewed as humiliation in the Baloch tribal culture.”
For a moment, Magsi seemed to be the most pragmatic person on the earth. At the same time, there was the paradox. Peace amid arms.
“But don’t we all have arms in our homes?” said the governor after realizing that he needed to give a more convincing explanation of what he had said.
“Yes we do,” I replied.
“Well, so let’s not insist on disarming them. The previous government used Danda (club) to punish the Baloch. They were very justified in losing faith in the system. This time we won’t use force but will earnestly talk.”
I sincerely keep my fingers crossed for Nawab Magsi, despite seeing too bleak prospects of his success.

12 Responses to “Peace amid arms”
  1. Baloch says:

    He said ‘WE won’t use force….’?

    See, how soon he became a part of ‘the other group’ Vs the Baloch?

    any news what happned in Dalbandin two days ago, or you don’t cover rural?

    asking two many questions, ain’t i?

  2. Talha Masud says:

    Magsi is a very calm person. I met him when he was the chief minister last time. I was not impressed by him as I was a kid that time but his way of tackling the current situation of Balochistan would certainly be more of dialouge and negotiation oriented. The thing which goes his way in the context of the article is that he holds very good relations with almost all the Baloch Leaders. He might create some oasis out of this…….. Lets wait and watch…….

  3. Talha Masud says:

    Hey what about Arbab Beaten publically today? It was very funny that a previous CM is treated like this. May be due to his anti-PPPP statements. The one specially in which he said that PPPP is responsible in the Benazir Killing. One slap nearly fallen his cap.

  4. Baloch says:

    Refering to your today’s lead at daily Times:

    who wanted to take the oath in Arabic?

  5. gmcmissing says:

    It was Abdul Haq Bashar Dost of JUI demanding Arabic oath…

  6. Baloch says:

    Is his mother an Arab or father?

  7. Baloch says:

    Refering to your today’s news at daily Times about BLA:

    Bibarg Baloch spoke to you? does he speak balochi or brawi? and Musharraf isn ‘t in the hit list?

  8. Yes, Bibarg spoke to me in Balochi. But he also speaks Bravi. They didnt’ say anything about Musharraf being in the hitlist.

  9. Talha Masud says:

    Don’t you feel that the killing of Mr. Safdar Kiyani is a brutal act of cowardice. I am not sure which agencies are against it but the name of BLA accepting the responsibility makes the things worsen.

  10. Talha Masud says:

    This person had served many years for Blochistan University. Now if this serial killing starts, it is destrying every polarized efforts too.. Please have a say on this..

  11. Look Talha, everything is fair in love and war. The Baloch insurgents are at war with the government. You can’t complain against it. What they do is considered by them as a ‘major achievement’. You have to put this question before the opposite party: the government. It is the responsibility of the government to protect its citizens. But when it fails to do so, you have to realize that it is the government’s weakness not that of the other group.

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