Home Sweet Home

I will be out of Quetta for the next three to four days. Presently, I am back home in Panjgur for some domestic reasons.

4 Responses to “Home Sweet Home”
  1. Talha Masud says:

    Hope everything is allright there…… Should we prepare ourselves for a good news? lolzzz Must answer this to clear our minds because you do things with complete secrecy… Home is always sweet and soothing…

  2. Yes Talha, there is good news. My elder brother, Siddiq, is getting married. So I m home to attend it. as simple as it is. hehe.

  3. Talha Masud says:

    Wow… Pay my heartiest regards and Congrats to him…Siddique was also a nice person I used to interact with.. He came our home when he used to teach at Quetta with Sir Khaleel… So having a good time…. Traditional marriages have their own charm.. After Siddique, you file would certainly come up for further persual… lolz

  4. waleed hashmi says:

    hi now i am n oman now will b rite bak n panjgure after 6months.i was a student.

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