Interview on News TV One

Dr. Danish of New TV One interviewed me last night for his late-night talk show. The subject was to analyze the progress made by Balochistan’s new government towards bringing peace in the province. My argument was why we pretend to ignore the crux of the matter when we talk of negotiations between Baloch rebels and the government. The other day, BLA spokesman, Bibarg Baloch, was telling me that neither they were in contact with the government nor were they interested in talks.
Balochistan chief minister, soon after taking the vote of confidence, said his first priority would be to bring peace in the province. Now I wish to put a few questions before the CM:

a) How will you deal with the people who do not want to talk?
b) Will you carry out another operation to bring peace in the province after all your responsibilities also include protecting the ‘national installations’ and the poor police personnel who are being constantly target killed?
c) What do you mean when you say everyone who carries arms is not a terrorist? By the way, does that mean that you, as the chief minister, endorse the violent acts?
d) Can the chief minister of a province sit and talk to the people whose demands are to seek independence?

These all questions need to be earnestly answered.
Personally, I believe Nawab Aslam or Nawab Magsi are not among “us” when viewed by the BLA. Instead, they are categorized among ‘them’. “Them” refers to the military, I.S.I, civil and military bureaucracy. If Balochiat was the sole supporting point for the Baloch CM and Governor then Jam Yousaf ( also a Baloch) would not fail. Raziq Bugti (a Baloch hero, once upon a time) would not get killed. This is complicated, I must say. I have always argued that misruling Balochistan is easier than ruling this huge province.

7 Responses to “Interview on News TV One”
  1. Baloch says:

    If being a Baloch was the only criteria, then currently, a Baloch is the Chief Minister of Punjab (khosas are baloch, right?), and a Baloch is the Kingmaker of Pakistan (Zardari).

  2. Yes, so are the Lagharis….

  3. Talha Masud says:

    Sir do you mean that both the key rulers are not IDEAL to resolve the issues in a right pattern?

  4. Exactly. I mean there is confusion on both sides. The Baloch are not clear as to what they want. The government is uncertain what it can give to them in return.

  5. Talha Masud says:

    yes little confusion is certainly there. Government is being very cautious first up. But there is no straight line making the issues solved. A good interaction of both sides is very likely to make it to good extend.

  6. Saraj you did a great job. thank you for being a part of the people who are breaking the ice.

  7. gmcmissing says:

    Thanks Mukhtar. I visited the BIRD website. Great job. Do let me know if you think I could be helpful to you in any way…best wishes

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