The murder of a Professor

Unidentified persons gunned down the acting pro-vice chancellor of Balochistan University on Tuesday outside his residence in Sariab Road, police confirmed.
Mohammad Akbar, Capital City Police Officer, told his blog that Professor Dr. Safdar Kiyani was taking a routine walk outside his residence on Sariab Road when unidentified persons riding a motorcycle fired three shots on his head and back. Consequently, Kiyani, who was serving as the acting pro-vice chancellor of Balochistan University, died on the spot. Kiyani, Dean of Students’ Affairs, was a Botany professor and was tipped to be appointed as the vice chancellor of the university.
The firing incident took place at around 19:00pm near Sariab Road’s Green Town, where the professor’s house is located. Sources in the university said Kiyani belonged to District Rahim Yar Khan of the Punjab province. Holding a PhD in Botany, he joined the University of Balochistan in 1979-80. It was learnt that he was in the final stages of being appointed as the vice chancellor of the University of Balochistan. He is survived by 3 sons and one daughter.
The Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA), a banned Baloch separatist group, claimed responsibility for the killing of the professor.
Bibarg Baloch, a spokesman for the BLA, which has been engaged in target killing of Punjabi-speaking professionals, told me last night that his organization accepted responsibility for the killing.
“The professor was working as a spy for the ISI (Inter-Service Intelligence) and some other agencies to provide disinformation about the Baloch people,” said the spokesman, adding that the BLA had been warning him to concentrate on his job rather than spying for the intelligence agencies. “We told me since you are professor you should confine your activities to the university alone. But he did not pay heed to the warnings and continued his ‘objectionable’ activities.”Since the killing of a former Baloch governor and chief minister, Nawab Mohammad Akbar Khan Bugti, in August 2006, differences between Baloch and Punjabi ethnic communities in Balochistan have dramatically intensified.
The underground BLA has repeatedly warned the Punjabis to leave Balochistan as it holds them responsible of having links with the military and the intelligence agencies. On their part, the Punjabis argue that they have been living in Balochistan for several generations and they have no where to go but to live in Balochistan.
BLA has refused to talk to the newly inducted provincial government in Quetta despite an offer by Nawab Mohamamd Aslam Raisani, the new chief minister of the province, to sit on negotiation table.
The BLA spokesman also claimed to have killed eleven army personnel in Dera Bugti district in three different incidents of landmine blasts. However, there was no confirmation by the government of landmine blasts.
While the Balochistan governor and chief minister have strongly condemned the killing of the senior professor, the University of Balochistan as well as the other universities would remain shut for three days to mourn the killing of Dr. Kiyani.

8 Responses to “The murder of a Professor”
  1. Saleem says:

    He belong to Pind Dadan Khan (tehsil of Jhelum), not Rahim Yar Khan. Please correct on your blog.

  2. My source of information was the university data.

  3. TALHA MASUD says:

    I have no doubts on the weakness of Government but this is very shocking indeed. A person on the neutral side gets horrified by this.

  4. and how do you say he was ‘neutral’?

  5. Talha Masud says:

    I am not saying that he was neutral or not. But a person, be it of any community take this very negatively and frustration creeps in the mixed society as has been the case of Quetta. I am not sure these target killings would help.

  6. Balach Sheikh Hussaini says:

    It was really a bad news that there are people who are being targeted since the killing of Akbar Bugti, but we should also think that why these people are being killed. If BLA has warned this professor several times, then he should not do the job of a spy, but professor. If he was a real Balochistani then should also be buried in Balochistan, but he was sent to Punjab. I request the Punjabis that live in Balochistan, they should call themselves Balochistani.

  7. Talha Masud says:

    I am not taking any partiality for Punjabis Or BLA. But the brief synopsis of this problem gives a good view of war without any direction. Burial of Late Professor was his family’s personal decision. There are numberless Outsiders who are never willing to even get buried out of Balochistan, its only the matter of the soil they are inclined to love. Coming back to the point that when BLA kills young Hazara Students and Government Employees, blaming the same pre-defined allegation, then no one would be amazed when tomorrow they kill school going kids or infants. At one hand we are gloomy on the loss of precious lives and on the other hand we are also labelling the deads that they were spies for the agencies.

    Another very important point that there are not only punjabis living in Balochistan. Many Pashtoon tribes are considered to be migrated from other areas and if they target a person wearing t-shirts and pants, without knowing wether the person is Punjabi, UrduSpeaking, Mahajir, Siaraiki, Sindhi, Pashtoon, Hazara or else, how can they discriminate. Polishing everyone with the same brush is what the history is evident. ‘EVERY OUTSIDER IS NOT PUNJABI IN BALOCHISTAN’.This right is person-specific to show his caste. I have solidarity with the Baloch suffering much, but this is the dark history which is being created. ( With due apologies )

  8. Talha Masud says:

    And an outsider has the same love for Balochistan, as anyone else has. Therefore most of them are not willing to leave the place where their ages had spent.

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