EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Nawab Khair Baksh Marri

“I can co-exist with a pig but not with a Punjabi”, says Nawab Khair Baksh Marri
By Malik Siraj Akbar

89-year old Nawab Khair Baksh Marri’s meaningful silence over the past many decades has been a constant source of inspiration and guidance for the armed Baloch groups. Lapsing age has not crippled Marri’s attachment to the idea of an independent Balochistan. As the head of the largest Baloch tribe, the Marris, Khair Baksh has become a legendary figure even in his life time. Along with late Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti and Sardar Attaullah Mengal, Nawab Marri forms Islamabad’s axis of ‘three anti-development sardars in Balochistan’. Khair Baksh Marri remains a mysterious figure because of his unadulterated silence; the belief that he is in fact leading the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) and that he is a staunch proponent of the idea of a Greater Balochistan, a free Baloch state comprising of present day Pakistani Balochistan province and the Baloch areas controlled by Iran and Afghanistan. A rare communicator with the media, Nawab Marri recently spoke to this blog at his Karachi residence.

An ardent advocate of militant Baloch nationalism, Nawab Marri admitted being a ‘late-comer’ into politics due to the comfortable life he spent at Lahore’s Aitcheson’s College. Though the Marris were widely regarded for their aggressive battles against colonial Briton generations after generations, flamboyant Khair Baksh, the son of Meherullah Khan Marri, was indifferent towards politics in the early days of his life. It was President Ayub Khan’s gas and oil explorations in the Marri tribal areas which aroused his political consciousness. He has always been opposed to the idea of ‘outsiders’ coming to Balochistan and developing the local Baloch population.

Instead of buying the argument that the Baloch tribal chiefs are anti-development, Marri accuses the government of being simultaneously the accuser as well as the judge. Since the very inception, he had been offered ministries, the post of governor but he spurned such offers. “If I were mad for money then I would not go to Afghanistan [on exile] or spend time in jail. I was offered all comforts of life by successive governments. Even some people get sold in return of minor amounts. I don’t want to glorify myself but these comforts never attracted me,” he clarified.

The white-bearded and red-skinned Marri believes that the present Balcoh movement is far more matured than the ones waged in the past. The Baloch have been under suppression of the state for the past sixty years. Every ruler, he said, tried his utmost to muzzle the dissenting Baloch voice. Today, the Baloch have, nonetheless, become cognizant of their future. One can see maturity in Baloch politics, the guerilla warfare-tactics and availability of more information.

“Our movement has constantly been making headway. We are unlikely to compromise on any thing less than the freedom of the Baloch nation. We are optimistic to achieve our goals, though gradually,” said the veteran nationalist leader.

The hardliner Baloch said none of the present day political parties in Balochistan qualified as a true ‘Baloch nationalist party’ because they did not have what it took to be ‘a true son of the soil’. In his views, when the Baloch parties begin operating like the Tamil Tigers, Hamas or the Irish Republican Army (IRA) then they truly qualify as nationalist parties. The only force in Balochistan which today qualifies as a nationalist more than the others is the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA).
“I am pleased with the BLA. It expresses the desire of the oppressed people. They (the BLA) are truer and ‘better sons of the soil’ than many others because they are sacrificing their lives for the Baloch freedom,” he remarked, adding that the Balochistan National Party (BNP) of Sardar Akhtar Mengal was merely a political party but it was not right to bill it as a Baloch ‘nationalist’ party. “The BNP only talks of Balochistan, which is today a province of Pakistan, while a nationalist party should speak of Baloch people as a whole. Baloch live in Iran and Afghanistan as well. How can you ignore them and only talk of the rights of a Baloch land controlled by Pakistan?”

When Marri was asked how he would respond to the impression that he was the real man behind Balochistan’s armed movement, he retorted with a loud laughter: Why are you asking me to confess my guilt at this old age? If I were younger, I would not be sitting and giving you an interview. I have always said that the real fighters are the ones who are doing it with weapons. I wish I were younger so that I would go straight to the hill and fight for the Baloch cause.

“Baloch are a big nation. We are fighting for Baloch national liberation. We want a Baloch state which is not dependent and subservient to any other nation. Within the Baloch, some people are fighting on the political front who believe that they can achieve their goals by participating in parliamentary politics but I subscribe to the other school of thought which talks of independence and supports the armed groups.”

Citing his immaturity and lack of political sagacity at an earlier age, a disappointed Marri said now he regretted his participation in parliamentary politics on the platform of the National Awami Party (NAP) as it did not yield any fruits in terms of achieving the rights of his people.

Marri was asked if he would agree to talk to the government provided that all Baloch forces, including the BLA, nominated him as their chief negotiator for talks with Islamabad, he moved his thumbs down (meaning no way would he talk to Islamabad). Immediately, however, he said if the BLA viewed him as the elder of Baloch nation and asked him to sit on their behalf to talk to Islamabad then he would present his terms and conditions. When asked what those terms and conditions were, he replied with a single term: Punjabis must vacate Balochistan.

“The others issues are all domestic which could be discussed later on but the foremost thing is that Punjabis should quit Balochistan… I can coexist with a pig but not with a Punjabi,” he revealed, explaining, “The Punjabis view the Baloch as a very inferior people. They think we are not competitive in any domain of life. They say the Baloch can’t fly an airplane. Thus, they justify their involvement in our maters by saying that they want to develop us. I keep asking who the hell they are to develop us. We are the masters of our land. Who are you to come and teach us? If we can’t fly an airplane today, we will learn it after ten years. If we don’t have qualified doctors today, we will have them tomorrow. But this does not provide you an excuse to exploit our resources on the name of development.”

Alluding to a recent meeting of his with the recently released Sardar Akhtar Mengal of the Balochistan National Party (BNP), Nawab Marri said he had asked Mengal to identify the ‘mother issue’ before the Baloch people due to which the Baloch were regularly going to jail. According to Nawab Marri, Mengal said if step “A” was taken then the men fighting in the mountains would give up arms. “I don’t think they [Sardar Akhtar Mengal and his father, Sardar Attaullah Mengal] have magical powers to disarm the men in the hills. The BNP does not have a majority on the mountains. God knows it is not the BNP giving arms, shoes, support and money to those fighting in the mountains. I asked Akhtar Jan to stop beating drums. We should know what we are fighting for.”

Nawab Marri, whose well-known hobby of cockfighting has somewhat been replaced by internet browsing these days, explained the reasons for Baloch distrust with the federation of Pakistan. “Here, we are ruled by a class which does not recognize logic, history, ground realities, democracy. The only language it knows is that of violence and brute force,” he maintained, “The Baloch claim ownership on their land and the state does not accept our logic. Our ancestors have been living on this land for ages. They faced hardships and poverty but did not quit their land. Now, the rulers come to us and say they want to develop us. They want to populate our cities. Our argument is: Can’t we develop ourselves? When the State can’t respond logically to our commonsensical stance, it resorts to use of force. Even the supporters of democracy should see that the just demand of the Bengalis was not conceded by this state despite all logical arguments supporting them. On the top of it, they say the Baloch are rebels, getting money from the outside world.”

According to Marri tribal chief, a number of internal as well as external factors have heavily contributed to the failure of the Baloch movement(s) to successfully achieve all targeted goals: Internally, the Baloch living in Iran and Afghanistan were not politically as mature as their Pakistani counterparts. “Some Baloch are oblivious of their freedom. They have sold their loyalties in return of minor amounts, ministries and other facilities. Now there is an effort being made by the State to present the fake representatives as the real preventatives of the people… These people (referring to Balochistan governor Nawab Zulfiqar Ali Magsi and chief minister Nawab Mohammad Aslam Raisani) were born in Baloch households but they have become the salaried men of Pakistan. They do not act like Baloch.”

On the external front, Nawab Marri said the Baloch movement was being suppressed by ‘colonial America’ which was following the footsteps of England. “The US wants the people world over to be subservient. The kind of damage the external forces have caused to the movements of smaller nations has no parallel in the world,” he said. Giving the example of the Gwadar Port, Marri said the very idea of excluding the Baloch in the development process was the brainchild of the United States. “Give them a share,” was what the Americans told the government of Pakistan because “they are opposed to freedom. We have warned the US that you can’t win guerrilla warfare. Therefore, you should not involve yourself, regardless of the fact how fair or unfair a war is. Baloch people will not suffice with a ‘share’ we want ownership on our land, resources and our sovereignty.”

Replying to a question as to which of the old comrades of the Baloch movement he remembered the most, an old Marri suddenly busted into tears. “I remember those who sacrificed their lives for the Baloch land,” Marri referred to his son Nawabzada Balaach Marri, the suspected head of the BLA, who was killed last November in mysterious circumstances. There was complete silence for around three to five minutes. Then he resumed, “In the past we often used to say that the Baloch are very brave men. They do not cry. But sometimes pain becomes so prickly that tears naturally come out– even sometimes in public.”

Another son of Nawab Marri, Nawabzada Harbayar Marri, was arrested last December by the police in London on the charges of possessing illegal weapons; he was released on April 17 this year. In addition, the government of Balochistan froze the bank accounts of Nawab Marri and his sons. On July 10, 2007, the Intentional Police (Interpol) on the request of the Balochistan police issued the Red warrants of five sons of Nawab Marri, namely Hamza Marri, Zamari Marri, Harbayar Marri, Gazeen Marri and Balach Marri.

Squinting at his past, Marri, who is currently the topmost Baloch political and tribal leader, said he wished he was remembered in the history as a real son of the soil. Though some Marris consider themselves as the vanguard of Baloch rights, Khair Baksh Marri says he is not contended with his contributions. “I occasionally feel ashamed of not having done enough for the Baloch land. What my children and I have done so far is a minor contribution. We are all indebted to the land.”

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  1. Baloch says:

    Siraj, Thank you for this interview.

    I wish it was my blood, instead of his tears that poured.

  2. Faisal says:

    Dear Malik,

    You did great job. The interview is exclusive and the Sardar Marri broke the culture of silence as well in the said interview. I hope more efforts from you in this regard.

    With Love

  3. Dear Baloch and Faisal,

    Thank you very much for your kind comments.

    Baloch, you can’t imagine what efforts were not made to ‘kill’ this interview. I struggled hard to bring it to you. And I am thankful to brothers like you who visited the blog and read the interview. Please recommend it to more of your friends.

  4. Adel Baloch says:

    dear u did a great effort to publish this interview n i think u r so lucky or the luckiest person to meet the most respectful Person of Baloch Nation. Long Live Baloch Liberation Movement

  5. gmcmissing says:

    Thank you Adel for your kind remarks.

  6. Saeed baloch says:

    welldone,,akbar jan proud2bi a baloch longlive nawab marri&brahmdag bougti

  7. It was a wonderful interview which clarified a lot of things. Thank you so much, Malik for presenting such a brilliant interview and Nawab Marri thank you from the whole Baloch nation for putting our vision so clearly in front of the world that “Baloch people will not suffice with a ‘share’ we want ownership on our land, resources and our sovereignty.”

  8. Inayatullah Gichki says:

    I am glad that we have Baloch journalists like Siraj who are pushing our cause ahead. Nawab Marri, we will not let you down.

  9. Abid Ali says:

    The part when Nawab sahib started to cry was the most touching in the whole interview… Our politicians who are eyeing a seat in the parliament must open their eyes and see that a towering leader like Nawab Marri says he occasionally feels ashamed of not having done enough for the Baloch land. “What my children and I have done so far is a minor contribution. We are all indebted to the land.” Nawab Marri, you are no doubt a real son of the soil. History will never forget you.

  10. Dear friends,
    Many thanks for your kind words. We have also made an audio CD of Nawab Sahib’s interview in Balochi. Those interested in attaining a copy should contact me on 0300-9384751

  11. Ibn e Balach says:

    you doing a nobel job,keep it up!
    we (baloch) respect our elders and Mir Marri is symbol of Baloch dignity.He sacrified his blood.He is among most respectable persons in Baloch history.I hope you willcontinue your labour of love for motherland.

  12. Good to see you ibn-e-Baloch on this blog. Wanted to add that the Urdu version of this interview was printed in Daily Tawar on 19 June, 2008. Anyone interested in getting a copy should check Tawar out.

  13. ghulamjan says:

    I really feel proud to be your cousin.. Becuase the job which you have done is really praise-worty. as you said it was your burning desire to interview Kher Baksh MAri and finally you did the job.. in my point of view it was a very great and difficult job . but because of your talent and efforst you could easily do it. i am as sure as a dead body that you would continue performing you job as well as you have been doing. After reading the article i really was impressed in to-to. .

  14. Najeeb Qazi says:

    Praise worthy Malik,
    It is my pleasure to receive your mail and that too with an exclusive interview of my ideal radical leader, Nawab Marri.
    As a concerned individual of Baloch nation,I am too, of the view that the only solution to Balochistan issue is separation.Because,since the very forceful annexation till the date,we, the Baloch have ever been the worst victim of the illegitimately established Pakistan and we have always been treated as third class citizens of this third class country.
    I really pay homage to Nawab Marri for his unprecedented contributions that he, with his sons and tribe had been making to Baloch separation movement.
    Any how,I would adore to ask you some queries pertaining to occupied Baloch soil’s long standing and very complex problems with the very hope you would share your bona fide opinion with me.
    Is it possible for the Baloch nation to make possible the attainment of it’s usurped rights by adopting parliamentary sort of politics,or you do justify armed resistance as the only mean of rights’ acquisition? Did martyred Nawab Bughti sacrifice his life at the age of 80 for provincial autonomy or ……. for another greater cause?Isn’t it a great matter of worry that the titular cabinet of Balochistant is not in the position to announce it’s budget with out seeking the charity assistance of the so-called center,if yes, then till when we have to swallow this bitter pill of inequality? Are you optimistic about the outcome of the ongoing Baloch struggle?Apart from that,Once again I would love to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind efforts.
    I hope you would always fall to sharing such valuable literature with your younger brother.

    Take care and keep in touch

  15. Karl Stuart Kline says:

    Dear Malik Siraj Akbar;

    I appreciate your interview that introduces Nawab Marri to me – of course I know of his sons, Balach and Hyrbyair, but I have heard very little of their father.
    My interest in greater Balochistan is from my perspective as a Human Rights activist and I
    perceive the baloch to be as divided and persecuted by outsiders as ever was the case in Germany, Vietnam or Korea.

    I do have a question about your interview, though. In the next to last paragraph, you refer to the Balochistan government as freezing the Marri accounts and you refer to the Balochistan police as influencing Interpol to issue red warrants upon his sons. You do not say so, but do you not mean the Balochistan provincial government and police as directed or influenced by the Punjabi or Pakistani government???

    Thank You,

    Karl Stuart Kline

  16. Dear Karl Stuart Kline,
    Thank you very much for your observations. Your questions itself seems to have successfully responded to the very query that you posed, though with a bit of uncertainty.
    The reason for inserting that second last paragraph in the interview was to inform the readers that the State is not only engaged in a full-fledged military operation against the Baloch, mainly the Marri and Bugti tribes, but it has resorted to a multi-pronged approach to pressurize these people. Thus, the government has frozen the bank accounts of these people, enlisted their names of the Exit Control List (ECL) and issue their Red Warrants. The problem with Balochistan is that it does have its own government and the state parliament. However, the provincial government and the parliament are absolutely powerless. Balochistan is a province remote-controlled by Islamabad. On the top of it,
    Islamabad is a capital controlled by the PakistanMilitary. Worst still, the military is overwhelmingly manned with Punjabis. The problem is that the police, army and the
    intelligence agencies operating in Balochistan mainly comprises of Punjabis, who keep telling the federal government that Baloch need to be dealt with an iron hand because they are anti-nationals and getting money from the outside world, as also pointed out by Nawab
    Marri in his interview. I hope I managed to respond to your questions.

  17. Dear Malik;

    (If I may greet you more familiarly – no disrespect intended)

    I think that it is a combination of my powers of observation and my ability to ask good questions that led to my being invited to participate in the Baloch cultural group on Yahoo. I’ve found it to be a closed group with very few westerners being invited to participate. I therefore take it as an honor and a sign of respect that I have been invited to participate.

    As you say, I very much perceived the answers to my own question, but only because I have some familiarity with the Baloch situation, the provincial geography of Pakistan and the the overweening control that the Punjabi government, military and security services exercise over the Baloch.

    If someone reads your paragraph without having some knowledge of these things, then they will be left with the impression that it is Baloch government and police that are doing these things to Nawab Marri and his sons.

    I realized that my interpretation was probably correct, but I couldn’t be certain that you would respond to my question, which is why I worded it the way that I did.

    Thank you for your response,

    Karl Stuart Kline

  18. Dear Karl,
    Let me thank you again. Well, anyone with a little knowldege of Balochistan should ideally know that the heavy presence of the Punjabis or the strong presence of the military establishment is the major source of discontent among the Baloch people.
    You are more than welcome to participate in Baloch groups.

  19. Thank you, Malik;

    Unfortunately many people here have little or no knowledge of Balochistan. Sadly, many are extremely challenged even when it comes to the geography, history and ethnicity of their own countries!

    Of course, the children of Balochistan do not need a formal education to be aware of the heavy handed presence of the Punjabi who rule Pakistan or of the Persians to their West. That presence also limits their educational opportunities and then turns around and considers them to be inferior simply because they have not been allowed the education that they should have had. I recall that Balach Marri was an engineer who had received a Western style education in Moscow. Such men will be invaluable Whenever there is once again an independent Balochistan.

    I may not have the reach of the Associated Press or the influence of Amnesty International, but I do maintain a unique human rights web site ( http://www.scaredsafe.ORG ) at my own expense and thus far I have entertained over 35,000 visitors from 145+ countries. Some of the pages there relate directly to the plight of the Baloch people.

    I also have three books to my credit and my work is circulated through other outlets on the internet, the most recent development being that Poemhunter.com currently has me listed as one of the 70 most popular poets in the US and one of the top 200 in the world. That is out of their archive of 310,931 poems by 24,752 poets.
    If you care to access it, you can simply go to the address http://www.scaredsafe.COMand it will forward you directly to my pages there. “The Onion Man” might be of special interest, since it refers directly to Pervez Musharraf.

    If you wish to know something more of me from a third party, there is both an interview and a biography available online at Leicester Review of Books.

    Karl Stuart Kline

  20. Askani Baloch says:

    Respectfully M.Siraj Akbar

    Thank you for this good work . We wish Sardar Marri a good and healthy life. He is the light of vision and freedom for us Baloch.
    We allready lost on of our Great leader and sembol of Baloch Nation, Martyr Akbar the great bugti ( God Bless him ) .
    We are so sorry for our Great brother Balaach Jaan marri baloch but his martyrdom is light of vision for all those baloch who care for Baloch Nation .
    We jest wanna say to Sardar Marri that now one can take the place of Balaach Jan marri but belive me that Balaach jans Martyrdom made millions Balaach for Balochistan and Sardar marri . I am talking about those young Baloch who are burnning for the freedom of Balochistan who respct the Balaach jan mission and vision.
    Long live Balochistan .

  21. Mazaar says:

    Hambalen Siraj
    Rodenoken Rabb tara pa anchen rochan bekant ! Raajani hyrdast kanaga sardasten raaj eywaka teero topang kaarmarz nakanan balken aayaana Elmo Zaantkaarie peda ham aayaana prosh dahege johda kan ant. Ey pandalo gon ma balochan ham chakkasag bootag. Warnahen zaantkaar shoma et balochani Kaarwaane Raahshon shoma et. Wati gaaman roch pa roch trondter kanet k ma o shoma Baloch tane wahdee man danzo mojaani taha gaaren. Hoda tara Balochani wasta yak rozhnahen cheraage bekanat. Nameeran baatet. Balooch Aajohie Jonz Nameeran Baat O Greater Balochistane waab peelo bebeet. Anchosh baat.

  22. Talha Masud says:

    Good Job. I am just adding to the publicity and appreciation you got for your effort and the thing I liked about it is you touched almost everything which people wanted to know. . .

  23. Sangat Mazaar,

    Man chay dil hey jolankiya thi manatha gireen.

    Talha: you are a very regular visitor and commentator on this blog. But I really missed you this time. I mean you took a long time to put your comment on this entry. Plus, i wonder why this comment was so short and it lacked your own analysis. Do write again, please.

  24. buitems says:

    Hi there. I did not said that u wrote this article by urself but infact i discussed it in my blog that those were the words of some one else written by you thats all. Also! i would like mention the part where i wrote Help urself. It was in a manner to make them understand of what they are doing. Segmenting the university into political groups. The Help urself line wasnt written with an attitutde of thinking I AM INGENIOUS and that i dont need r view about anythg. it was infact making these muslims realise to not to let us live in boundaries and restrictions on reasonless conditions.
    Anyways, i get to know alot oabout balochistan from ur blog. keep up with the good posts. Have fun bye

  25. My dearest Malik Siraj Akbar! Assalam-un-Alikum

    I hope these words of mine would find you in the best of health and high spirit. I extend my excuse for sending belated feedback about the interview. First of all, I wholeheartedly appreciate and encourage you for presenting the views of seasoned politician Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri who has almost remained behind the scene.

    To your writing: It was written beautifully and perfectly. Your meticulous, methodical and systematic writing has given legitimately the rights of the interviewee and true Baloch nationalists. You have also given the right of your being the true son of this soil, if not more than those who (are in hills) make sincere efforts and struggle for getting the genuine rights of the province, I believe, you have equally rendered your duties, rights, dues and shares, with them. (The pen of a scholar is greater than the blood of martyrs & the nation cannot progress without its writer).

    To the text of interview: I agree with the viewpoints of Nawab Marri. Two forces are responsible for failure of the Baloch struggle i.e. external and internal. I believe internal forces and lack of unity among the ranks Baloch politicians are more responsible than the external suppression. I have witnessed with my naked eyes (absolutely unbelievable) the Baloch Sardars who receive incentives from agencies………………………….how do you believe that they raise their voices for the genuine rights of the province. If once you visit ISPR Quetta office then you yourself observe how Baloch Sardars wait for holding meetings with the top military brass of the province.

    Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri is extremely respectable for me and I honour his viewpoints, but I do not believe his dream will be fulfilled. Because, the top-most priority of foreign policy of Pakistan is, safeguarding and ensuring territorial integrity of the country and it never want its disintegration. On the other hand, Iran and Afghanistan also never want their disintegrations……to let creation of greater Balochistan. While, majority of Balochs are not ready to render sacrifices of their lives for the cause of independence as such revolution can never come without sacrifices of lives.

    I believe, Baloch nationalist parties are the political parties who raise their voices for the rights of Balochistan. But, it is Nawab Marri’s personal opinion who believes these parties are not real Baloch political parties. Above all, Nawab Marri has rendered his dues and rights for his soil.

    I myself have an extensive desire to meet Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri and Sardar Attaullah Mengal in person. Because, my one desire could not fulfill as I did not meet personally Nawab Akbar Bugti.

  26. Talha Masud says:

    First of all I am extremely sorry for my delayed response and lots of thanks for your kind words about me and providing me good confidence of reading, understanding and analyzing the issues, which are more than mere issues in the present times.

    Your Interview was fabulous. I myself came to discover new things in it. Nawab Marri, is undoubtedly the most prominent Baloch leader after Nawab Akbar Bugti. He uttered many points which made sense, despite the Government’s rebuttals all the time. I was always annoyed on Nawab Bugti’s killing. because I always considered him as the symbol of wisdom, bravery and solutions. He is not amongst us but I must say that his point of view about the Baloch movement was far more applicable. I mean he was always willing to talk with the establishment and no one would deny that he was uncrowned king for all the Baloch in the world just because he never refused to sit on chairs to resolve the problems of Baloch and leading to the most realistic mode.

    I always repeat that arms cannot resolve the present Issues. This gorilla movement is against the Baloch perspective and realistically, earning hatred and disrepute rather than appreciation. Most of Baloch separate themselves with this gun-powder way of dealing with the sensitive Baloch rights and problems. This fight can never be won by the arm movements and amongst the common masses, the campaigns like Tamil Tigers are never acceptable and admired. Many folks may grin on my this statement but I am not reluctant to state that if Baloch people negate the policy of hatred and dis-belief, their issue will be acclaimed by masses and it can either get resolved on political front or at least they influence and can bring change in the minds of the people who can turn the tables over. I know they have been doing this for past many decades but that dimension was very different from the current scenario. More wise and unified efforts by Baloch community will make this Issue a more of everyone’s problem as they say that “Love begets love and force begets hatred”.

    Baloch have to be part of big institutions and have to prosper in science and technology to get acclaimed and then their say would certainly make big difference as a whole, getting their aspirations redeemed in more prolific understanding. I know that Baloch were always neglected and treated as “others” by almost all the Governments just because of a simple reason that they lack unity amongst themselves and they were almost stuck with these issues and remained behind with the thoughts of hatred and prejudice. You can not blame a whole community to be good or bad but when it comes to watching the real picture of the story, then people are required who should be from Baloch community. Problems between communities is not out of course these days, in fact it is very much in course but when we can convince people that out fight is just, then the fight is almost won.

  27. Karima Baloch says:

    I appriciate u Malik, God bless u.
    Long live Balochistan

  28. gmcmissing says:

    Thanks a lot Karima

  29. Farooq says:

    Dear All,

    Iam a urdu speaking person. Hail Nawab Marri for saying what we all think.

    We have to get rid of these Punjabis.



  30. javed says:

    Before getting rid baloch from Panjabis Nawab should finish difference between baloch themselves

  31. khalid from gulf says:

    Just to emphasise on the fact that,currently,thousends of baluchs -espicaly in arab gulf countries- became pilots,doctors,university professors,engineers,acountants, bank ceo’s,high ranking military officers and even ministers and embassedors(e.g Bahrain’s ammbasedors to pakistan).In short, we have a lot of highly educated people but we need to be united and reach to political maturity.

  32. Punjabi Awan says:


    • chaaker khan Baloch says:

      i think we BALOCH know what is our poblem and what we have to do.Dont give us lecture about concept of nationalism in islam.we know better than you.
      it is jihad to fight against occupiers like pokistan and we are doing the same to get our freedom.
      pakistan is the same islamic country built by imperials to gain their interests in this region.
      is this is islam?
      after the forced annxation of Balochistan when Agha Karim Khan led the national resistance movement ur pokistan called him for negotiations taking oath on Holly Quran that he will not be harmed ,but when he came he was arresed along with his followers.
      i dont think this is islam.
      In 1958 you blowed the minarate of the mosque of Kalat .i dont think this is islam
      you again called Nawab Nauroz Khan taking oath on Holy Quran that his demands are accepted and he will not be harmed ,at that time hewas leading the resistance movement,when he came down he was arrested along with his companions.later seven persons who were his sons and relatives were hanged and he and his some other compainions were given life imprisonment . i dont think this is islam.
      Even today pokistan is killing our children ,women ,men ,old to keep people far from achievement of their freedom.does islam says to kill innocents.i dont think this is islam.
      On the other hand u occupied a muslim country Balochistan on the orders of ur non muslim masters.does this is islam?idont think so.
      you the evil creation of imperials ,pokistan,will teACH US ISLAM?

      • Nazeer says:

        Does he include Hindu and Sikh Punjabis or only Muslims who live in the pakistani province of Punjab (defined by geographical peculiarity and not race) of which every tenth person is a Pushtun?
        think you are aslo talking about the secularist coup that brought in Kemalist Generals to the fore and destroyed Pakistan. Pakistan is a state of mind and a noble idea. The brave Baloch people have limited their vision to heir own watering holes. Should they enlarge their ambitions they could be master of Central Asia and Pakistan. They need to bring back Islam in to their political ideas. It is far more modern and advanced than the mullahs or Marxists would have you think. Marxism has failed and capitalism is on it sway out. Geographical nationalism is a European idea of self worship it brought war and terror. Look what they learnt after centuries of such strife, the EU! The present day Baloch leaders have afield their ancestors who were the vanguards of the Abdali campaign.

      • Islam? What Islam? Islam entered the current region known as Pakistan through Balochistan’s Mekran region. It is ironic that Pakistanis want to teach Islam to the Baloch people. Most Balochs are secular Sunni Muslims and I think you would be serving the ‘idea of Pakistan’ by refraining from teaching the Balochs to be ‘better Muslims’. Balochistan reflects an excellent example of secularism where Hindus have lived peacefully for centuries. The Zikri community lives in peace in Mekran. Had they lived in the Punjab, they would have been either converted into Whabism or killed.
        I would appreciate if you visit Balochistan and learn more about the land instead of saying things that you are unaware of.

  33. Zahid Nazir says:

    Dear brothers,

    I dont know where did Nawab sahib learn that “The Punjabis view the Baloch as a very inferior people. if its True then how could General Abdul Waheed kakar be Pakistan’s Army chief, being a punjabi I strongly believe that Balouch are very intellegent and talented people. Musharaf ( Murderer) was not punjabi who order to kill Bugti sab.

    • chaaker khan Baloch says:


      • ,uhammad hammad khalid says:

        Brother I ama punjabi by birth ,I have lived in quetta for few years.I have lived through out in army institutions .I am currently based abroad .I do not see any difference in baloch nation or any other pakistani based nation . If there has been any horrors perpetuated by the few punjabi figures than the blame should not be made to the whole punjabi nation .I love my baloch brothers and sisters .Myself an millions of other paskitsani will not let our baloch brothers live separatly from us.I ceratinly agree with claims the baloch nationalist make against islamabad . However i do not agree with most of them .There is no doubt i want baloch brothers and sisters to have a prosperous future and INSHALLAH they will .

        Please i ask forgiveness for any bloodshed caused by the politicains in the past .
        Lets forget the past and head for the better future

        long live Pakistan

        Muhammad Hammad khalid

      • gmcmissing says:

        @Khalid: Thanks for dropping your comments. I respect your views. I know you represent the generation of ours, the young people, who are suffering or hating each other mainly due to the wrong policies of our politicians. However, I think the Baloch greviences will not fade away against the Punjabis until the Punjabis take to the streets and express solidarity with the Baloch and tell the whole country that young Punjabis are not with the anti-Baloch Punjabis. I regret that no Punjabi has ever marched in support of the Baloch.

  34. advisor says:

    dear readers,
    i completely agree with the grievances and pursuits of the baloch nation, but i do have some reservations especially about the absence of political knowhow in the baloch youth for which the educated baloch, if there are, are to be blamed. i hve been to Lahore University of Management Sciences and earlier to the University of Balochistan, and found that political philosophy seemed to be an unknown domain for political activists of the university in quetta. While at the lahore based institute, students appeared to have a deeper understanding and were more apt to become active intellectuals. what baloch youth needs is an injection of political philosophy and good books. an acquaintance with bakunin, russell, kropotkin, marx, lenin and the lot is a serious requisite and the educated class must play their part in this regard. they baloch have the benefit of being a deprived class which makes the conditions perfect for harboring learned, principled and committed individuals. slogans and chants are not the way, nor is the heart, but the mind.
    ethen raheel.

    • gmcmissing says:

      Dear Ethan,
      Thank you very much for your comments. I fully agree with some of the issues you have pointed out. Many of your observations and questions will be addressed once you are willing to differentiate between politics and political science. It is of course important to know political theories and the history of politics but one does not necessarily have read political thoughts to become a good politician or agitator.
      Without giving you an impression that I disagree with you, how many parliamentarians in Pakistan or elsewhere in the world do you know who are in fact acquainted with political theories?
      Your right more kids in LUMS know about political philosophies and the names of the big political scientists, how many times, except for Musharraf’s Emergency, they took to the streets and protested to the extent of the Baloch political workers.
      While I feel sorry for the young Balochs who lack a good understanding of political history, philosophies and movements, I still deeply admire them for proving themselves as the best agitators in the country. No where in Pakistan does one see such large number of cases of enforced disappearances, arrests and torture which can be seen during the Baloch movements.
      You see one gets time to read political theories and movements only when one lives in peace. The universities in Balochistan are shut or given in the control of the Frontier Corps. Balochistan is at a state of war. How come students from Balochistan go to learn political philosophies instead of struggling and protesting against state repression?
      You say chanting slogans is not the right politics while the others keep telling them that picking up guns and waging an armed struggle is not the right way. Are the non-Balochs clear themselves so to what in fact is the best suggestion they can offer to the people of Balochistan?

  35. Anonymous says:

    aoa, I remember my early teen age when there were so many extremely learned and devoted teachers in Islamia college Peshawar who belonged to other provinces and now over half a century all the faculty members are from our own province KPK. at that time it was required that suitable teaching staff not available among the the locals should be hired from other provinces; and this step was never considered an act of exploitation or suppression of locals.
    Resultantly the people of KPK are performing marvelously in all aspects of modern world.
    The present sufferring of Baloch is due to lack of development work carried out in there area, insufficient health, education and communication facilities. here most of the government jobs are available for the locals and there are examples that one individual is performing more thatn one jobs. the basic human rights to the poor baloch people is denied by their sardars; not the government.
    There is a need to promote Islamic principle of tolerance among the ummah and a Islamic , culture under the guidance of Quran and Sunnah.

  36. Nazeer says:

    This is an example of what nationalism based on race, genetics , tribes , and geography does to decent human beings. It brings out the Iblisi nature of man,’ I am better than you’, said Iblis. ‘I am made of fire and Adam of clay’. Substitute Baloch for Iblis and Adam for Punjabi or vice versa and you have the basis for strife in the world. This senior and respected Baloch nationalist leader exhibits extreme hatred and prejudice. He is not a leader of moderation , reconciliation, peace and co-existence.

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