Govt withdraws all perks to ‘renegade’ Bugti commanders

The government of Balochistan has announced a withdrawal of all perks and privileges – including the use of state vehicles and security – enjoyed by ‘renegade’ commanders formerly associated with late Nawab Akbar Bugti.

According to the sources, the announcement was made following a decision by these commanders to draw back support for the government, which they had extended in return for the government’s unconditional support for Nawabzada Brahmadagh Bugti, the guerrilla commander and grandson of late Nawab Bugti. While the commanders reviewed their support for the government in the wake of an unrelenting cycle of target killings of ‘traitor Balochs’ by separatist Baloch groups, the government, on its part, had to take the decision to coerce the former to continue their support for the government in the sensitive area of Dera Bugti.

The previous government had, during a military operation, used incentives to lure Nawab Bugti’s loyalists to ditch their tribal elder and instead support the government to ensure a smooth recapture of Dera Bugti by security forces. According to reliable sources, most of these commanders are now interested in joining Brahmadagh’s newly formed Baloch Republican Party (BRP). A source close to the BRP said however that Brahmadagh was not interested in rehabilitating these renegade commanders.

During Nawab Bugti’s life, the commanders were enjoying various facilities. They were given vehicles and free fuel, paid salaries from the PPL [Pakistan Petroleum Limited] and other gas companies. They still had the guts to desert the benevolent Nawab,” said the source. The lives of these commanders is believed to be at serious risk with the upsurge in resistance in Dera Bugti.

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