BUITMS students for change in admission policy

By Malik Siraj Akbar

Jeopardizing their future, two Baloch students from the Balochistan University of Information Technology and Management Sciences (BUITMS) sat on an unto death hunger strike in front of Quetta Press Club on Saturday to protest the admission policy at their university. While the final year examinations are scheduled to kick of after two weeks [on July 21st], the Baloch students, who claim to enjoy the support of around 400 university fellows, are also boycotting their classes besides sitting in a hunger strike camp.

Qambar Baloch, who is heading the hunger strike camp, told this writer that the purpose of the camp was to protest the admission policy of the BUITMS which aggressively believed in ‘open merit’. The Baloch students, on their part, want the open merit to be devolved at the district level so that the representation of students from all districts of the country’s largest province is equally ensured.

The admission policy statement of the university states: “Balochistan University of Information Technology and Management Sciences is an equal opportunity institution and admission in all our programs is purely on merit without any distinction of race, religion, color or ethnic origin provided the learner meets the entry requirements in various programs. However, being a public sector University, it is created to serve particular needs of the Balochistan province by virtue of its location.”

Thus, the six-year old university provides seats on open merit to 70% students of Balochistan while 30% open merit is fixed for the whole country. Around 3000 male and female students are enrolled in the university which offers courses in five faculties – Information Communication Technology (ICT), Engineering, Management Sciences, Biotechnology and informatics, and Environmental Management

“Our objection is that this policy discriminates the Baloch from attaining higher education,” whined Qambar, who elucidated that only 9% students admitted to the Spring 2008 Program of the BUITMS were Baloch. “Though 70% open merit is fixed for the entire province, 62% of the seats were grabbed by the students from Quetta city only. In and around Quetta city, the majority of population is that of non-Baloch elite from other ethnic groups.”

Qambar argued that if 70% open merit system in the admission policy was not revoked, it would deprive the 70% of Baloch districts of higher education. “Children of the elite in Quetta, where the Baloch are in minority, have access to top grammar schools and private colleges. They will, understandably, beat the students from the far-flung Baloch districts. We are not opposed to the idea of open merit. What we want is that such tests and interviews to select students on merit-basis should be conducted at district level while keeping in view the ground realities of the province,” he suggested.

Khurshid Baloch, the other companion of Qambar for the unto death hunger strike, said the admission policy, based on open-merit, at the Bolan Medical College (BMC) and the Engineering University in Khuzdar, both technical colleges just like the BUITMS, had been devolved to the districts. Therefore, such admission policy had blocked to way for students from Quetta city to grab all the seats of these universities. “If these universities are meant for the people of Balochistan, then they should give equitable representation to all the districts of Balochistan. It is unfair to keep the other districts backward. The current admission policy of the BUITMS is favoring the non-Baloch people who have the advantage of better schools and tuition of Quetta.”

He noted that the number of recognized public universities by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) was 38 in Sindh province, 36 in the Punjab, 21 in North Western Frontier Province (NWFP) but the number of public universities in the large province of the country was only five. “Even if you look at the Sindh University, it has rural and urban quota fixed for the aspiring students. Why can’t the same be applied in Balochistan?” he questioned.

The Baloch Students Organization (BSO) and the Baloch Republican Party (BRP) are also supporting the Baloch students’ demand for the change in the university admission policy. Qambar says they would continue the strike camp until a copy of the demanded notification issued by the government is handed over to them which announces the district-based open merit system at the BUITMS.

A representative of the BSO, Abdul Qayyum Baloch, announced that his organization would fully support and cooperate with the students for their demands. According to him, the very basic objective of establishing an information technology university in Balochistan was to equip the Baloch youths with technical education in order to run the Gwadar Port.

“We don’t understand why institutions are established on our name but we are deliberately denied access to them. The largest beneficiaries of the BUITMS are the non-Baloch students coming from the Punjab, NWFP and the settlers of Balochistan,” he remarked.

Mr. Baloch, who is also the president of BSO Quetta zone, said the state of education in rural Balochistan was so deplorable that students cannot speak Urdu and use computers. As a matter of fact, the government should have firstly ensured better education at the school and college level. Now that a university has been established with hefty costs, there is no justification of the government allegations that the Baloch are incompetent, he added.

The students said they hoped that the new democratic government, which had promised to resolve the problems of Balochistan, on priority basis, would take the matter into consideration.

Ahmed Shah Durrani, the director of students’ affairs at the BUITMS, was not available for comments despite repeated requests by this writer. However, another official of the University, requesting anonymity, said the Baloch students were unjustified in their demands as they were painting the whole issue as an ethnic matter. “We don’t understand why the Pashtoon students have no problems with our admission policy. Even, competent Baloch students manage to secure their seat at the university on open merit,” he said.

16 Responses to “BUITMS students for change in admission policy”
  1. buitems says:

    When there is nothing else to do for a baloch except teasing and disrespecting galz! Getting failed more than 3 times in each semester in almost all of the subjects (expect few who offcourse are the top position holders). Than now they decided to get in to politics. There is someone working at their back who is helping them out forsure.

  2. gmcmissing says:

    BUITMS: I feel sorry for your remarks. I wish you met educated and respecting Baloch. There is nothing wrong with being involved in politics or being backed by someone from the political quarters as long as your struggle is meant to benefit your people.
    The current admission policy at the BUITMS does not favour the Baloch people.

  3. Najeeb Qazi says:

    Buitms:Your jerk remarks are actually far from enough to reflect your colonial approach towards the painstaking Baloch students.It is so badly disheartening to see your partiality,and it deserves to be condemned and denounced in every possible terms.
    As far as your claim,that Baloch students come to university not for the purpose of getting education but for the purpose of harrying and disrespecting the girls is concerned,can not be justified.Second,that the protesting students are those who have adopted politics as a last resort for their self survival in the university because of failing in more than three semseters is concerned,is nothing,except,maligning the courageous students.
    By the way,I am 110% optimistic that you will bow before these protesting students,and ultimately.you will materialise their genuine demands.

  4. gmcmissing says:


    Zinda bebeeth inqilab!!!!

  5. ihthram mengal says:

    if any panjabi or patan claims that balochs are narrow mind, illitrerate, nationalist and we are being using by political groups,so be confident and kindly kindly set an open debate over it.we will see that who are we and what are peak leves,,,kindy contact ,,,,,,, qmangle@yahoo.com

  6. Talha Masud says:

    Buitems got little over excited here. This is not true in general. There are many many Baloch students, who are very much into studies and are very intellectual and they do give great respect to any one they meet. All of the Baloch friends of mine ( The counting is huge ) are I can say the best examples of very good humans and people to be inspired from. There are only few fake Baloch who are doing such actions and dis_reputing the name of their respected Nation. As far as this protest is concerned, I am not totally against of it.

  7. gmcmissing says:

    I am always opposed to generalizations. You see you can’t say Baloch, or Punjabi or Phatans etc are aggressive, illiterate, etc. Such generalizations are not applicable to any of the nationalities. These qualities are more or less individualistic rather than collective.

  8. Talha Masud says:

    yes I agree. It’s just like the way you see to it as per you experiences and observations about people or a Nation.




  10. gmcmissing says:

    Ys, Jamal send them to me.

  11. saleemrajput says:

    balocho kuch tu khyal karo apne ap ka kya kiya tum logo nae ab tak. 100 sal pechee ho aap log education main sirf politics nahi chalti agar taleem sath main kartee tu teak rata magar tum logo ka haqooq tum logo kae nawab lae gyee hain yun sea insaf mangoo na ka pujab sea

  12. agar koi kayee ka baloch kamzoor hain education main is wajah sea woh log kota system ka hami hain. main in batho sea itefaq nahi karonga baloch b taleem main kisi sea pechee nahi hain hain log jo kta system kae narayee laga tee hain main in kae haq main ho 65 percent kota system hona cyaee or baqi open merit par hona chayee.kue ka balochistan balocho or pathan ka hain na ka dosree settler ka.agar mere sath is par koi base karna chata hain tu mujee email karee musafir_1432@yahoo.com

  13. ‘assalam o alakum sab pele main un logo sea sawal karta ho ka jo merits kae ami hain chayee wo jo bi ho. merits ka piyda sab sea zada non local logo ko hota hain jo punjabi bean chod hotee hain un ko paida pochta hain or quetta kae randi pashton ko paida ponchta hain or baqi baloch or pathan dosree alakoo ko koi paida nahi pochta main hain kana chata ho ka kota system hona chayee na ka merits system thinks punjabi main mera lund

  14. Sibtain Haider says:

    is there any problem for a punjab resident to get admission in Balochistan university of information technology, engineering and management sciences (BUITMS)? explain it please.

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