The BUITMS deadlock

By Malik Siraj Akbar

The deadlock at the Balochistan University of Information Technology and Management Sciences (BUITMS) continued on Friday as Balochistan Governor and University Chancellor Nawab Zulfiqar Ali Magsi refused to concede to the students’ demand of replacing open merit with a district-based quota system. Hundreds of students from the BUITMS boycotted their classes and took out a protest rally from the Quetta Press Club, which culminated in a sit-in in front of Governor’s House. The students shouted slogans against the governor and the open merit policy at the university, arguing that the current admission policy favoured the non-Baloch ethnic communities.

They criticised the vice chancellor of the BUITMS and added that if the doors of the BUITMS were closed for the Baloch students they would not allow the non-Baloch to study there either.

Representatives of the governor asked the protesters to send four of their representatives inside Governor’s House for talks, but the students demanded the governor to come out of his residence and make his stance clear in front of everyone. Magsi gave in to the demands and rally organiser Qambar Baloch informed him that the students had been struggling to get the admission policy changed for past many months.

When their demands were rejected, the students announced an unto death hunger strike in front of the Quetta Press Club. Magsi said he had already formed a committee consisting of all political parties, which would meet in the next 15-20 days to discuss the matter.

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  1. Don Faisal says:

    this is extreme of ignorance, if 1 nation cant commpete with other so whos falut is it? i never understood the thinking of these people.

  2. gmcmissing says:

    Mr. Self-proclaimed “Don”!

    I didn’t understand whose ignorance you were talking about. However, I think the argument you have put represents your own ignorance towards the whole issue. It is not the matter of one nation being able to compete with the other. It is the issue of privileged versus deprived sections of the society.

    No matter if you are a Baloch, a Phatan, a Punjabi, a Sindhi etc. But if you live in remote areas of Awaran orZhob, to give you one example only, you will not be able to compete with the child of an elite studying at Quetta’s City school, BaconHouse or Tameer-e-Nue schools.

    The son of elite remains the son of the elite even if he is a Baloch or a Phatan or a Punjabi. Try to understand the crux of the matter. Those who initiated this strike are not the ones who COULD NOT compete with the OTHER NATIONS, as argued by you. Rather, these three young Baloch are the ones who DEFEATED many less competent students ( which of course included Baloch, Phatan, Punjabi students as well). But they are fighting for bringing the deprived sections into the mainstream.

    Societies do not survive and thrive only on by catering to the needs of the elite. The poor ( in terms of educational facilities) equally deserve attention.

  3. Talha Masud says:

    I agree with Mr. Siraj on this and I think this issue should never be made political. If this is the fight of young students to bring justice in admission policy for the students of the remote areas of Balochistan, then this ought to confine within the boundaries of the Institute and higher officials of the University should present an admission programme, which would be just for the students who really wants to work hard and prosper in the their respective departments. There should be check on their initial performance that are they really there to minimize the gap between them and the Elite class or not? On the other hand if they notice that the student is just involved in useless activities and dirty politics or is trying to be the leader of the masses, there should never be any delay to through him out of the Institute. This I feel is a very good way to examine a student’s overall performance, attitude, zeal and determination towards the core motive ( Offcourse Education ) who is admitted from the smoother admission system to avoid political saboteurs in the process. I am not in favor of ethnic or communal riots on this Issue.

  4. Zakira Baloch says:

    I agree With Talha Masud. They need to make some commite for the policy.

  5. Najeeb Qazi says:

    The argument put by the man who have been pronounced earlier as a self proclaimed “Don,” that, “If a nation is not competent enough to compete with the other one then whose fault is that?”, really seems ridiculous. The words are not actually that of his own but are of the segment of the ethnic community from which he belongs to.
    We, the Baloch people, over all as a beleaguered Nation are deliberately being dealt as less competent and barbarian by the exploiters of our motherland’s resources. The motive behind affixing the label of dullness and ignorance on the back of us, the Baloch people, they, the people in guise of “Don” are obviously making abortive efforts to provide justification to their colonial like approach against the full of aptitudes and talented Baloch people.
    Any way, I am almost at a loss to understand that why a man like ‘TALAH’ is so allergic to students’ politics. Let me add that by proposing the student community to sideline itself from politics is not actually the solution to Baloch’s problems. We should instead help guide the Baloch youths to actively partake in politics. Because most of the problems that we, the Baloch people are facing, are of political in nature.

  6. Talha Masud says:

    I am not allergic to the Student’s politics. But this is something different from the other issues. Politics in studies is not a thing to be against of but if it is about Studies in the politics then study gets secondary.

  7. Najeeb Qazi says:

    Praise worthy Talha,
    It is no doubt a misconception that a student spoils his academic career while taking part in politics.
    You ken that very well that we are cretainly at a very crucial juncture where our national identity is at stake,and the colonial forces have already initiated a genocide launch against us in the form of military operations and enforced disappearances.
    For the time being we most probably need flamboyant and pretty committed politicians who can serve our great cause in a more promising manner comparatively than merely doctors or engineers.
    It is all about students’ politics that today we are proud to have leaders like Sana Baloch,Dr Allah Nizar,Dr Imdad Baloch,Basheer Zaib,Zakir Majeed and………many more.
    By the way,I am personally a staunch supporter of students’ politics,and I do not even think so that students’ taking part in practical politics loose the grip of their studies.
    Any how,we’d better now alter the conventional trend of prohibiting the students to do politics.
    In a nutshell,the student comunity is the ultimate ray of hope which can bring a revolutionary revolution to us.
    Najeeb Qazi

  8. Talha Masud says:

    Dear Brother,

    At one hand you say that Baloch has to capitalize on their arm struggle for the independence and then you remarked that the focus of their student life should be like taking an active part in politics.

    Baloch were as everyone knows, dealing this politically for the last few decades. What is the result? Please accept the fact that most of the political Baloch really spoiled the show by dealing it the way which only favoured them to their personal gains. I think the there are two motos at a time and Baloch nation is very confused on which track to follow. The one that to deal it by being a political stud or the other to just go for the kill to get the rights. I think things don’t happen that way. I myself being a lover of Balochistan observed that people have no choice but to vote for the leader who hates Pakistan having studied in Lahore and when the Government offers an attractive deal to them, they just change their tracks( Except few). My this statement is in connection with prevailing illetracy and blindfolded political approach of the Baloch nation. Why Don’t I see anyone pointing against Baloch in our Karachi University’s politcal discussions? Why I see many Baloch who are against of this BLA attacks and the prevailing Baloch stance over this issue.

    A nation which is well versed with the existing time can never go in the flow of negative approach. The only problem is lack of attention regarding uplifting their over-all stature but just being involved in politics as it is mandatory for them. This issue is not that simple. It carries many shores.

    Balochistan belongs to Baloch and to everyone who lives there. First of all we need to remove this label that Baloch are behind Panjabis or any other nation. If it is not true than we have to move forward with a plan to strengthen the struggle in a more resolving way. When we have lots of Doctors and Engineers and Information Technology savies etc from Baloch community then who the hell would dare to ignore them? They will be need of the masses. I mean that prospering in a respective field and with that, following a simple plan to highten the Baloch Image is more easier then gaining disrespect and answer_less when it comes to a real debate.

    I don’t see student politics as very harmful but time we are living in requires more strong approach. Their should be no difference in what is said and done. Politics with powerfull approach and high mass following only happens when you are pronounced to be ‘just’ by majority. And it only happens when you are the true embassador of Balochistan.

    Your Brother

  9. Talha Masud says:

    I respect your points. I love all the martyrs sacrificed their lives for the very issue and the leaders who are very sincere plus flexible towards the Baloch upliftment. I am sure that a Baloch who makes his name from his efforts regarding his own achievments for the Nation and then being politically vibrant will not be a bad destination of Baloch’s autonomy.

  10. Najeeb Qazi says:

    Dear Talah,
    I guess you have not picked my point properly.By emphasizing on students’ politics I do not signify at all that Baloch students’d better prepare themselves for parliamentary politics.I deem parliament an obstacle in the way of Baloch Movement.The reason due to which I want the Baloch students to take part in politics is crystal clear;i.e,the student community in every society does have a pretty pivotal role to play.It can stimulate the oblivious masses about their just rights in a far bette manner comparatively than the other segments of the society;secondly,I am pretty much cognizant of the fact that a grand cause can not be achieved by merely some hit-and-attacks.The political back up in streets is also mandatory to bring it to it’s logical end.
    As far as the query appertaing to the decades long students’ politics out come is concerned,you know it is all about students’ politics that today even a lay man Baloch has started realizing that he is a slave ,and most importatly,he is thoroughly aware about his just rights and knows this fact very well that how and by whom he is being exploited and usurped.It is said that when people start to sitting and thinking on a particular issue;they are inviting revolution.So today the entire Baloch Nation is all set to sitting and pondering into the issues of exploitation,occupation and usurpation all because of the commendable struggle of student community.
    To a certain degree your arguement holds weight that there have been or rather there are some so called Baloch politicians-cum-traitors in guise of JAM and JAMALIS(Jaffar and Saddiq) who are more loyal to the oppressor than the oppressed.But I am of the view that it does not make a pretty big differece as these sort of affairs are part of Liberation Movements.
    I am not actually sure on what grounds you claim that Baloch people are against BLA.Any how,let me clear your misundestanding that BLA is the only force in present day Balochistan which enjoys the ethical support of almost the whole Baloch Nation.
    After all,I consider it would be better if you kindly once again cast a very unprejudiced galance at the grounds realities in restive Baloch Soil.I am sure you will ultimately come to the conclusion that what ever the warring Baloch is demanding today is 100% justified.

    Sarmacharan sarmacharan,hatira deehay wathe
    Karan aashoobay baharan,hatira deehay wathe

  11. Talha Masud says:

    The way the issue is dealt till now, I really have nothing positive in concern that this is the way to achieve success. Let’s be clear and talk about the ground realities. Come over a street of Saryab road or walk through the Liaquat Bazaar. Just ask some baloch that is he in favor of this blood_shed in the name of a Nation? When I say that many Baloch do not associate themselves with the BLA misdirected movement just to attack innocent civilians when they fail to break the nexus of Government Official’s security, I REALLY HAD WITNESSED MUCH OF IT AND I MEAN IT. I can name and refer to many Baloch and tribes collectively, who are totally against this violent approach and negates the possibility that it can help much to their cause and with complete responsibility, attributes that BLA enjoys a firm support of intelligence agencies. I believe Foreign domination had a malign influence on it. Without being personal, if you ask a Baloch that will you kill your neighbour if his son was the reason of your destruction then if he is a sensible person his answer would be a FLAT ‘NO’?

    Off course none would answer it positively. The same way there are huge number of Islamic Ullamas who are totally against of Talibanization and the massacre caused due to their bull_shit approach. Who calls it ‘just’? Just look around and find an answer. Its not an analysis of a sudden.

    Why I see very few Baloch students (Though I have an endless Baloch’s friendly intimacy) doing good in studies and they themselves blame that the conditions in which they were brought up, they had learnt nothing but to be political giants?

    Why the same Balochistan University fellows speak the truth in an informal environment that we are not a part of this killing thrust?

    Why they say that many Baloch leaders did not even bothered to finance them( Few University Students) for studies as use to be die_hard followers of that particular leader( And the leader’s offsprings enjoys studying abroad?

    This is not me making self made statements but narrating you the actual ground facts you mentioned me to focus upon.

    Why the students avoiding this showy politics, secure distinctive positions in the Universities(Including Baloch) and most of the Baloch students are sluggish of studies?

    Why the Pashtun belt in Balochistan has lofty literacy ratio than the Baloch belt? (for instance Khanozai, Pishin has almost 90 percent of it).

    Why the Pashtun areas have developed more than the Baloch ones and why they(Pashtun) hold the key posts and are amongst business tycoons mainly?

    Who thinks that Pashtun would join hands with Baloch when it bells to independence leaving their everything at stake? As everyone knows that without their consent, no free Baloch sate is possible.(Just ask a nearby Pathan)

    I know there are differences of opinions and it varies from person to person but whatever I just wrote is what I had been grasping since I was born. Balochistan is my love and I really don’t mind being killed by another BLA coward sniper because of my blunt thoughts but avoiding to express the truth of my conscience .

  12. Talha Masud says:

    I am very sorry if I hurt anybody which I really did not want to do. So I won’t comment on it anymore.

  13. Najeeb Qazi says:


    In fine,who the hell are we to waste our energies to determining the fate of Baloch.I deem the best course of action for us would be to wait up for the very impartial judgement of time.

    Any ways,I am pretty much optimistic that the ultimate victorious will obviously THE BALOCH.

    Balochistan Ajoo Bath

  14. Najeeb Qazi says:


    In fine,who the hell are we to waste our energies to determining the fate of Baloch.I deem the best course of action for us would be to wait up for the very impartial judgement of time.

    Any ways,I am pretty much optimistic that the ultimate victorious will obviously be THE BALOCH.

    Balochistan Ajoo Bath

  15. gmcmissing says:


    Your subjective views stun me. You appear to be speaking as if you don’t live on this planet. If you have been reading some objective points mentioned earlier on this blog then you would not falsely believe that the BLA does not enjoy the support of the common people. Consider:

    a) In one of my previous entries, I quoted Balochistan Governor Nawab Zulfiqar Ali Magsi responding to a question of mine if he intended to disarm the Baloch who have taken to the hills, his response was why should the Baloch give up their arms? He sounded so sympathatic towards the armed groups that he went to the extent of saying that since the injustices of the successive governments of the past have obliged them to take to the hills why should we ask them to surrender? According to a born-Pakistani governor, not me or Najeeb Qazi, the Baloch groups have picked up guns justifiably because we, the government of Pakistan, have given them nothing in return but hunger, deprivation and frustration. This simply indicates that even a Baloch who serves as the governor of the province, supports the BLA from the buttom of his heart.

    b) When some spies of the ISI were killed by the BLA near the FIA office, Chief Minister Nawab Mohammad Aslam Raisani rushed to the hospital and his remarks were that the attacks must have come as the backlash of the antagonistic policies of the past governments towards the Baloch. This, he said, was a reaction of the wrong polices of the government towards the Baloch. Hence, a Baloch Cheif Minister from the PPP, not from BNP, NP, JWP, BSO etc, was unwilling to speak against the BLA and its operations. Yet again, his silence spoke loudly that he supported the armed groups from the bottom of his heart.

    c) I am sure you have heard of a weird creature called the JAMLIS who were Pakistanis even before the birth of Pakistan. They have been loyal to Islamabad for generations. If you are a regular newspaper reader ten I am sure you will know that the Deputy Chairman of the Senate of Pakistan is not a MARRI, MENGAL, Bugti or a BLA man. The Deputy Speaker of the Senate of Pakistan is someone called JAM MOHAMMD JAMALI [ of course a Baloch. I don’t doubt his Balochiat]. Now follow the below given link to BBC and read what he thinks of Pakistan’s policies towards the Baloch.

    Mr. Talha: What I am trying to show here is that every Baloch is tried of Pakistan even if they are posted on the top official positions. At the end of the day they think the people in the mountains are doing the right job.

    d) I don’t question your knowledge. You are a well read man who at least contends to know a lot about Balochistan. Surely, you know another great Pakistani called MIR TAJ MOHAMMAD JAMALI. This fellow served as the Chief Minister of Balochistan once upon a time. What are his views about Pakistan and the army’s policies? If BLA is still not justified then, read his interview:

    SUPPOSE: You don’t have much time to read all those interviews therefore I am hereby re-producing you some important extracts from his interview (whose link is given below the necessary citations.:

    1- ” In the National Assembly session of 2nd June, Taj Jamali, former chief minister of Balochistan and current member of the House, said that Musharraf must be tried for all the deaths in Balochistan and if anyone had to shoot him, he would be the first person to do so. These remarks, expunged by the Speaker, were by a Baloch leader who is considered to be the most moderate, and show that Balochis are at the end. Their backs are against the wall, and they have no option but to fight.”

    2- Sir, if you do not know Mr. Asad Rehman, let me introduce him with you once before quoting an interview of him. Mind you. He is not a MARRI, MENGAL, BUGTI. He is a very highly educated Punjabi: His introduction for you is:

    “Asad Rahman went to Balochistan in 1971 at the age of twenty to develop a programme for social development in collaboration with the National Awami Party (NAP). During the 1973-77 Baloch insurgency, Rahman led guerrilla forces in the Marri tribal area in their struggle against the Pakistan Army. After the ceasefire, he moved to Afghanistan where he helped organise a refugee camp for around 5,000 displaced Baloch families. His vast experience and knowledge, especially as an educated Punjabi, of the history and demands of the Balochi people is crucial to understanding the present scenario.”

    Now this PUNJABI was asked by THE NEWS ON SUNDAY [Dated June 15,2008]. I quote:

    ” So, what is the only option the Balochis have today?”

    “Secession. Under the circumstances, that’s the only option they have.”

    “TNS: Do the people of Balochistan support this cause?”

    “AR: If you visit Balochistan, meet the students, tribesmen, politicians, even the settlers over there, you will realise that 95 per cent of the population of Balochistan wants independence and self-determination, which was promised to them by Quaid-e-Azam. This is a very important point. The stand-still agreement between Quaid-e-Azam and the Khan of Kalat recognised the independence of Balochistan.”

    Can you hear him, Mr. Talha?

    From your point of view, i realize you people think that we the Baloch are all CHOTIAS. We have no knowledge of any thing and you are here to teach us what we should do and what we should not do.

    You said: “Come over a street of Saryab road or walk through the Liaquat Bazaar. Just ask some baloch that is he in favor of this blood_shed in the name of a Nation?”

    My friend: Why don’t you rephrase your question and put it this way: ” Come over a street of Saryab road or walk through the Liaquat Bazaar. Just ask some baloch that is he in favor of bombardment in Sui and Dera Bugti? Is he in favor of enforced disappearances? Is he in favor of killing 79-year old men [ referring to Akbar Bugti]? Is he in favor of the denial of handing over the dead body of a dead body to his relatives? Is he in favor of putting padlocks on coffins of fellow Muslims?

    Mr. Talha: Your further stated:

    ” When I say that many Baloch do not associate themselves with the BLA misdirected movement just to attack innocent civilians when they fail to break the nexus of Government Official’s security, I REALLY HAD WITNESSED MUCH OF IT AND I MEAN IT.”

    On the other hand, to borrow a phrase from your I REALLY HAD WITNESSED MUCH OF IT that even a Baloch Professor at the University of Balochistan is found supporting the Baloch armed group. [For further details read the newspapers of

    ” BLA enjoys a firm support of intelligence agencies. I believe Foreign domination had a malign influence on it.”

    Mr. Talha: If BLA enjoyed the support of the intelligence agencies then it would have liberated Balochistan much earlier. How short your memory is young man? When the ISI supported the supported the Mullahs they could:

    a) Defeat a world super power: The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR).
    b) It was the support of the intelligence agencies that the Taliban managed to control the whole of Afghanistan in a short period of four years.
    c) It was the support of the intelligence agencies that the Lal mosque transformed into a cache of weapons in the heart of Islamabad.
    d) It was the support of the intelligence agencies that hundreds of Pakistan armymen were abducted by some mullahs who even had no oil to grease their asses…. where did that support come from?

    If BLA was supported by the intelligence agencies then you would surely see very quick results in the Baloch movement. If the intelligence agencies supported the BLA then why

    a) does it not have a single helicopter while the Taliban had numberless of them.
    b) could it not kidnap even a DCO while the Taliban could kindape the pakistan ambassador Mr. Tariq Azizuddin?

    Talha…your comments make me believe that you, like every other Punjabi, believe that we Baloch are dumb asses….

    I am very impressed by your soft corner and generous appreciation of the Pashtoon progress in the domain of education. My dear, let me remind you that Balochistan also has the lowest literacy rate because of the “literacy control” policy of the Federal government, which believes that an educated and politically conscious Baloch population will not allow the looting of Baloch wealth. Seventy-six percent of primary schools in the province are shelter-less, 60% of primary schools have only one untrained and unqualified teacher. However, a 30% growth of religious schools has been recorded in Balochistan during the term of office of the MMA and Musharraf-led PML coalition. Baloch youths are kept deprived of almost all forms of contemporary educational institutions and few institutions have been established even in the capital city of Quetta capable of educating an elite and dominant class. The systematic denial of basic education and education-related facilities in Balochistan clearly indicates the disrespect and apartheid policies of Islamabad.

    The if you see Pashtoon guys doing better, the simple reason is that a vast majority of the Pashtoon districts are located close to urban Quetta. A lot of students from those districts have access to better educational facilities of Quetta. While their fathers come to Quetta early in the morning to do business in the ONLY CITY of the province, Quetta, hence the sons can benefit from better educational institutions due to the better economic position of their fathers.

    Better economic position of parents plays a much significant role in the education of their kids. Why do you become so innocent while looking at what you repeatedly describe as the GROUND REALITIES. There are two types of borders. One Chaman border linking Pashtoon areas with Afghanistan and the other is that of Baloch areas, such as Mand and Panjgur linking with Iran. Look at the double standards of the government of Pakistan. The Chaman border is open for Pashtoon traders to smuggle (1) wheat (2) drugs (3)weapons (4) electronics goods (5) expensive cars. On the other hand TALAHA FOR GOD’S Sake open your eyes and go to Panjgur for a visit. The Baloch economy is deliberately being destroyed. The edible goods such as cakes, biscuits, etc coming from Iran are not allowed to the Baloch bordering areas.

    Now in the midst of such circumstances why are you expecting the Baloch to you as stable an economy as that of the Phatans? Make sure a stable economy leads to better education.

    Then there is your next innocent question?

    “Who thinks that Pashtun would join hands with Baloch when it bells to independence leaving their everything at stake? As everyone knows that without their consent, no free Baloch sate is possible.”


    1-What are the Pashtoons fighting for? They are fighting for a PROVINCE which should be named as the LAND OF THE PASHTOONS not the FORNTIER PROVINCE. On the other hand, the Baloch are fighting for a separate homeland.

    2-How many districts do Pashtoons have? And mind you, the state is trying its utmost to increase the number of Pashtoon districts to give the impression that Balochistan is the land of the Baloch and the Pashtoons.
    I am hereby providing you the list of the districts of Balochistan then you can find out how many districts are Baloch and how many are Pashtoons.

    1. Quetta= BALOCH/PASHTOON
    2. Pashin= PASHTOON
    3. Killa Abdullah= PASHTOON
    4. Chagai= BALOCOH
    5. LoraLai= PASHTOON
    6. Barkhan= BALOCH
    7. Musakhel= PASHTOON
    8. Killa Saifullah= PASHTOON
    9. Zhob= PASHTOON
    10. Sibi= BALOCH
    11. Ziarat= PASHTOON
    12. Kohlu= BALOCH
    13. Dera Bughti = BALOCH
    14. Jaffarabad= BALOCH
    15. Nasirabad = BALOCH
    16. Bolan = BALOCH
    17. Jhal Magsi = BALOCH
    18. Kalat = BALOCH
    19. Mastung = BALOCH
    20. Khuzdar = BALOCH
    21. Awaran = BALOCH
    22. Kharan = BALOCH
    23. Lasbela = BALOCH
    24. Kech = BALOCH
    25. Gwadar = BALOCH
    26. Panjgur= BALOCH

    Sir, for your kind information, I wish to add the Pashtoon areas have no natural resources or a coast. All they have are a few gardens of apple and grapes. The Baloch are fighting because Sandik, Rikodick, Dodadar, Gwadar, Chamalong, Sui etc are all on BALOCH LAND. Since the Baloch resources are being exploited.

    Furthermore, I can see you trying to create rifts between the Baloch and the Pashtoons. Please don’t do that. Baloch and Pashtoons are like brothers and they have lived together for centuries. We have regards for them.

    Hence, I am providing here some quotes from Mr. Mahmood Khan Achakzai’s interviews or speechs where he expressed his support to the Baloch…


    QUESTION: Baloch nationalists fear that they will be outnumbered by the labour force employed at Gwadar. Drawn from Punjabis and Pushtoon, this labour force will turn them into Red Indians?

    MKA: Their fears are not misplaced. This is the reason for their resistance. What happened to the gas discovered in Sui? … The Baloch have no interest in Gwadar becoming another Switzerland. They know that it won’t belong to them any longer. The entire population of Balochistan is hardly six or seven million. The entire local population of Gwadar can be wiped out easily. They are right. We should support the Baloch.

    QUESTION: What can be the best solution as far as Gwadar is concerned?

    MKA: Giving political power to the natives or the local people. If the people of Karachi are politically empowered, it can become one of the best cities in the world. We can defend and protect ourselves only if we are politically. Nobody should be outnumbered. No area’s geography, culture and history should be changed through political power and engineered population movement.

    We should seriously address the Baloch concerns on these issues. We must work towards addressing their apprehensions. If we are able to address their apprehensions, then we do not have to listen to anything else they say. But we must entertain anything reasonable that they say.

    We must accept first that Gwadar belongs to the Baloch. The provincial government should control the Gwadar project.

    Question: How do you view the on-going mini-insurgency in Balochistan? The Baloch have allegedly taken up arms against the state and are targeting national installations and assets.

    MKA: We need to identify the reasons behind it… When people have taken up arms, it means they have been pushed to the wall. If we assume that a majority has taken up arms, it means the channels for the resolution of the issue have been closed down. Drawing lines is always dangerous. They can never be erased.

    Do you think whatever Attaullah [Sardar Mengal] has been saying is untrue? A liar, no matter how flamboyant an orator he may be, will never have an army behind him. Those who are struggling even for two meals a day and have taken up arms have cogent and profound reasons for doing so.

    DT: You support what the alleged BLA and BLF have been doing in Balochistan?

    MKA: I may not support taking up arms. But, as a political person, I may support the cause.

    DT: Will you shed some more light on their and other nationalists’ reason for taking up arms?

    MKA: Balochistan has been producing gas since the 1950s. But the Baloch or Pushtoon living in this province are not benefiting from it. Even today, a Baloch woman collects wood for fuel while people living 1,400 miles away are benefiting from the gas. The Pushtoon province produced the largest amount of electricity before the One Unit was established. It costs 25 paisas to produce hydro electricity sold for five rupees. Why should a Pushtoon pay for the costly Quetta power plant? If you talk of Pakistan, then you should also make me a partner in the other areas of Pakistan; make me a partner in prosperity. But the amount of electricity Balochistan gets equals the electricity loss of Lahore’s industrial units.


  16. Talha Masud says:

    Sir firstly I am sorry of being harsh and it is unlike me but please let me explain what I have written.

    I always believed that Politicians have to sit and work with the same people supporting the killing strive and they will never utter a word which lead them to any decisive side. This is very clever approach and they are scared that they will be harmed and targeted if they eventually end up displaying a protest against these activities in the name of freedom struggle.

    I was never against of freedom struggle nor I count myself as a person who can ever create rifts amongst one another. I myself support the Baloch notion but it’s a very sad part that I was always considered wrong.

    There is much difference in holding a gun for a cause and to join an organization which is just creating the lives of the common people a very well hell and everyday people are being killed uselessly, the ones who can hardly earn hand-to-mouth are targeted just because there is a freedom struggle underway?

    I never negated the fucking policies of Islamabad and federal Government against the Baloch but what I am constantly arguing that why they are trying to be fierce than Government. Why they think that by supporting an organization who is just harming the name of Baloch would finish with the inception of free Balochistan. Why they are showing that they are not the ones who can justify their demand without killing innocent people. I only have serious arguments when I see young pathans, Hazaras, Panjabis and other are on a hit-list who are merely minor Government employees or belong from a nation other than Baloch. When you say that everything is fair in love and war then why the Jamlis and other Baloch tribes are not targeted even being involved in Bugti’s killing? Why only poor policemen, Sabzi walas, boys playing cricket, cousins shopping from market, people coming after saying prayers etc are attacked and which style of freedom fight is this?

    I can hear Asad Rehman but does it mean that BLA is now emerged to fulfill Quaid-e-Azam’s promise by this strategy which is being adopted since it’s occurence?

    I don’t associate myself with those ‘People’ you just meant to wrote. And I am the biggest chotia of the world if I consider Baloch as chotias and furthermore If I ever thought like this, then what would I be doing in this blog and presenting my views. I beg to disagree with you sir. I was born and brought-up in Balochistan amongst Baloch and it really made me dis-hearted. Who said that Baloch are not in known of anything? It’s just you who derived it(Offcourse in anguish mood). I am none to teach a Nation it’s pattern. But no one can snatch my right to express what I feel is not acceptable and for this I am not running away from a discussion. Again, this I really don’t get that why somebody qualifies for a teacher if he/she has something different to express than the listener. I am not a well read person and I never contended that I have a great knowledge about Balochistan. I am just a lay man and that is the only reason, my points are considered as I intend to start a conspiracy.

    A common Baloch as you pointed out, should be against the bombardment in Sui, Killing of Nawab Akbar Bugti, for the ones who are listed amongst the countless missings from Baloch, which I also support and I am also against of but if you ask the same person that because of there cruelties, are you in to kill whoever you want as your revenge and proving you to be a brave nation who never forgives it’s enemies then his answer would certainly be somewhat the same, as were of above mentioned questions.

    The next counter argument you posed that BLA does not enjoy the support of intelligence agencies and you have given an example of Taliban movemnet which helped them to secure full occupancy in Afghanistan in the span of mere four years. I agree with you but Sir just think that an organization emerges from Balochistan very few years back and in very quick succession, it is said to be the representative organization without even bothering about it’s actions and it creates a great hype among the people just the same way Taliban movement did and moreover, is considered to be one of the terrorizing front of Armed groups as the Government even being aware of the culprits of killing, is reluctant to publicize their names. What does it show? It clearly shows that there is a hand from the Intelligence agencies and as a fact of the matter, they are controlling it.

    I have no issues either with the Pashtoon, demanding the name of the province as per they suggest or the Balochistan striding towards independence.

    Now here again. You are again suspecting that I am a kind of the same folks who are just against Baloch for no reasons. No, Sir it is not like that and I strongly disagree from you here. Again my intention was never like that which one word of yours depicts.

    I am not anyway a panjabi, just to clear the minds. Educated People should keep difference between two different castes. Apart that, my roots are from Balochistan from the last hundred years, my ancestors had lived their lives in this very part of the soil. If I hate Altaf Hussain (which I do) being a Muhajir and living in Karachi where MQM has the last say, just because I have seen and observed how he spoiled the new generations then does it mean that I am a pimp of my caste and I am not a part of it just because I am against of my own community?(Offcourse everyone has reasons)

    I am not in arguments about the fertility or natural resources of Pashtoon land but according to the stats you provided, pashtoon finishes thirty two percent of Balochistan which not a small proportion that won’t influence. They have their reservations about Balochistan Independence and Come on Sir,”””””””””””””””” Why you think that I am trying to create any rift between Baloch and Pashtoon? Who am I to do this and what is my entity? You should not blame like this and I know that Pashtoon and Baloch have lived for centuries with harmony and I concur that, even before this hatred movemnet, all of the nations living in Balochistan lived with utmost brother_hood, which you won’t disagree but coming back to the point that if you think that by this, I ever intended to sabotage in favor of my views then you are surely mistaken. Still if it reflected like the same you wrote then I am ashamed and sorry for that.

    I have been to Panjgur last year and I am aware of the problems there but Sir low economy don’t need to pick guns as primitive precaution.

    I always tried raised my voice through your blog about the serious problems Baloch are suffering and everyone in Balochistan is a Blaoch geographically and is attached with the deprive conditions of the Baloch. I just have strong reservations when I hear the cries that the strategy of killing innocent people under the ashirwad of people who are not sincere to Balochistan and just believe that by killing passers-by, they prove their worth leading more families in mourning.

    Summing it up, I again am very sorry but believe me, because of my own emotional reaction, my views smelled like against Baloch. I can’t separate myself from Balochistan and Baloch for various reasons which is not necessary to describe. If you are angry Siraj bhai, then I hope as a big bother of mine, you will forgive my rash attitude. But please don’t count me as someone other as you yourself once stated that ‘Diversity is the beauty of Democracy’. It was just a discussion and I won’t put the arguments like the transformed Najeeb have for me.

    I hope each reader has no offense now.


  17. Talha Masud says:

    I have written my reply and explanation and waiting for them to see here.

  18. gmcmissing says:


    Why do you only feel sorry for the INNOCENT non-Baloch?

  19. Talha Masud says:

    Because I feel for them as I do for my Baloch brothers.

  20. Najeeb Qazi says:

    I am proud of you dearest Malik.

  21. gmcmissing says:

    Talha, then doesn’t the Quran recommend an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth?

  22. Talha Masud says:

    It certainly does. But it is also advised that if you, possessing the power and authority to take revenge, forgive to adopt the same pattern practiced by your enemy for the broader interest of your people, than you are bestowed as the greatest and it also reduces the chances of further violence which can cause non-stop revenges for unsaid period. Taking revenge is not the solution. It will lead to even more disasters. I really don’t think that a matured and well thought-out freedom struggle of Balochistan ever needs the dummy organizations to carry their legacy.

  23. Talha Masud says:

    I am proud of you too….

  24. Imran Baloch says:

    Every individul has to work on his level for the Baloch Cause.

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