We will miss you Nazia Hassan!

Nazia Hassan (1965 – 2000)

Nazia Hassan (1965 – 2000)

Nazia Hassan was my childhood crush. Today, it was her 9th death anniversary. By the time I became a fan of hers, I came to know that she was suffering from cancer. The day I got the news of her tragic demise, I cried a lot. It was the first time in my life I had cried so much, of course in a closed room. I remember how I had made a large file comprising of newspaper/ magazines clippings, reports and interviews of Nazia.
We will miss you Nazia

23 Responses to “We will miss you Nazia Hassan!”
  1. Talha Masud says:

    Nazia Hassan is a pioneer of Pakistan Pop Music. I have listened to her english songs, sung by her when she was studying in England. Those songs remained on top charts too. I still remember her last interview on PTV. The only reason that Pop music here has set new trends is just because of her innocent voice, which is alive even after her. This “Sweetheart” will always be remembered.

  2. buitems says:

    She was almost perfect at everything. Beauty, style, glamour, music the whole personlaity and her voice! but unluckily married to a very curel man…..Yet she will alwaz be in the hearts of all her fans. I still listen to her and my all time fav is her song “lekin mera dil” and “dil mera”

  3. gmcmissing says:

    Yes BUITEMS, and I hate that fellow [ Nazia’s ex-husband] each time I see his columns in Jang newspaper.

  4. Talha Masud says:

    Sir who is he actually? And I heard that his treatment was not good to her.

  5. gmcmissing says:

    He is a leading industrialist of Pakistan, Ishtiaq Baig

  6. Talha Masud says:

    Yes he is very active with Dr. Aafia Siddiqui’s case. I thought he is a good man.

  7. gmcmissing says:

    Why do you say ” I thought he is a good man”? Maybe he is still a good man.
    I don’t like his articles due to his right-wing leanings.

  8. Talha Masud says:

    I am unsure of present actually but his past was not praise-worthy. Anyway he is a good man or not, why should I bother? lol

  9. Jahanzaib shah.chiktanpangjur says:

    well iam a reall fan of nazia hussain. nazia with her glamerous personality .i thing she still deserves to be the queen of pop music with her innocent heart she sang one of the pops in the sub continent for me she still exist as a favourite in my heart. it makes me emotional whenever i hear her sweet voice as sweet as palm date of panjgur it really creates a natural excitement of hope in my innocent heart.wish her to be at the top of hers eternity life. from jahanzai shah .panjgur chiktan bazar

  10. Zaim says:

    She was, is and will always be the Queen of hearts.

  11. rahul says:

    i miss her so much. its really hard to describe how much pain i feel for her. i really wish to meet her after i die as im a believer in life after death.

  12. ahsaa rehman says:

    she was the most beautiful girl in the world aur ye mujh se barh kar kon jan sakta hai mein ne us ke sath pure 10 yrs guzare hain she and me were best friend aur hamesha rahien ge

  13. ahsaa rehman says:

    mein us ki best friend to zaror thi lekin hum bohat dor rehte the mein canada aur wo pakistan meri aur uski dosti bhi wahin hui thi may God give he place in heaven ameen

  14. JAMIL says:


    Is there any truth to the story that Altaf Hussain forced himself on Nazia Hassan and thats why he murdered one of his close aides, so he would not spill the beans.

  15. Kuch Log Kabhi Nahin Marte
    NAZIA Aap Hamesha Zinda Rahen gee.

  16. Hafeez Hasrat says:

    mera dua hy ka allah ap allah ap ko hamesha khush raky

  17. maqbool says:

    im fan of nazia hassan since at the age of 6year.she is very special and prominent figure of pakistan.she was very honorable lady.

  18. manoranjan behera says:

    nice to hear the song BOOMBOOM by naziahassan.But I felt
    very sad when I came to know that the singer of my favourite song BOOMBOOM is not alive today.I will miss you

  19. Abdul says:

    its been years that Nazia Hassan left us , but i still listen her songs , i miss her a lot , i wished i met her in real life ,but its just impossible , i never felt that much pain loosing an artist ,how i much i felt for her, she was great in every way , very good singer , very good person , i was kid when she left singing ,got married and left Pakistan , so there was no chance that i could go to her concerts and see her ,,but i always wanted to see her, it was my dream , and when i heard that she passed away in 2000 , i really felt like hell. it was my biggest dream to meet her. what became impossible. now i have her songs in my iphone and computer . i listen them . but whenever i listen to them i feel sad, Nazia you will always be alive in our heart , Allah Bless you.

    • Abdul: I have similar feelings. My biggest regret is also not having had the opportunity to meet her or attend her concert. I was also a teenaged boy when Nazia passed away and the news of her tragic demise deeply saddened me.

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