From Dr. Shahzia Khalid to Fardous Bibi

By Malik Siraj Akbar

Four highly influential functionaries of the Defense Security Guards (DSG) and the Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) were implicated by Sui Police in Dera Bugti district on Sunday in connection to the alleged rape of a Baloch widow.

According to the police details, a Baloch woman, Fardos Bibi alias Gulzar, registered a case with the Sui police on Sunday against four personnel of the DSG and the Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) saying that the men had stormed into her house and gang rapped her besides breaking the things inside her house.

“She came to the police station at around 12:00pm on Sunday with her clothes torn and marks of torture present on her face,” confirmed a local police personnel, requesting anonymity, with this scribe.

The woman informed the police that she had been living outside her native town for a long time due to the conflict taking place in Dera Bugti district for the past couple of months. Her husband, Mohammad Ayub Bugti, who died eight years ago, had formerly served at as a peon in one of the gas company. Recently, she had returned to her old house with the improvement in the state of law and order in the area. On her arrival, the woman’s house was stormed by the personnel of the security and the gas companies.

In her First Investigation Report (FIR), the mother of six said the chief security officer of the Pakistan Petroleum Limited, Colonel (Retired) Farooq Pasha, admin officer Jamshid Chawona, Malik Sagheer Ahmed, deputy security officer and Shera of the Defense Security Guards walked into her house and physically harassed her.

Police sources said the 40-year old woman is a residence of the Labour Colony of Sui and on her insistence the police had registered a case of rape against the four persons. Besides, the FIR NO 3208/337/354/452/451/504/147/149 had been registered with the local police and the search for the accused had started. However, no arrests had been carried out until late Sunday evening. All the accused are non-locals.

The gang rape of a doctor of the Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) back in December 2005 had triggered unprecedented violence in Dera Bugti district. In a similar instance, Dr. Shahzia Khalid, the victim, had nominated a captain of the DSG, Captain Hamad. The local Baloch protested against the gang rape of the Sindhi doctor and fired several hundred rockets on the gas installations to vent their anger. However, the accused military officer was protected by the former president and the then army chief, General (retired) Pervez Musharraf who said publically that the accused was completely innocent.

2 Responses to “From Dr. Shahzia Khalid to Fardous Bibi”
  1. ali abbas says:

    Why dont you write the date of your article?
    how can any one knwo on which date it was uploaded ??

  2. gmcmissing says:

    Ali, dates are mentioned below the articles. Just look at the first sentence in blue stating September 16, 2008 which is the date of the publication of the article.

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