SabzBath Balochistan

SabzBath Balochistan literally means Long Live Balochistan. It is also the name of the first ever Satellite news channel in Balochi language. Headquartered in Quetta and having studios in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, the news channel has started its test transmission and would formally go on air from the first day of the upcoming Eid.

The channel invited me tonight for an interview. Unlike many news channels that have come in Pakistan since the liberalization of the media in Pakistan, SabzBath still lacks a lot of technical facilities. Yet, this is a joint leap towards the promotion of Balochi language.

All of the ethnic groups, except the Baloch, benefited from the liberalization of media in Pakistan. During the show, we received several phone calls from all over Balochistan. The public response was enormous to the newly launched Balochi channel. I have been on a number of TV shows but never saw such a flow of phone calls from the viewers. I was very impressed by the public response and the feedback. Honestly, some people called from such remote union councils of Balochistan that I had never heard of them despite being a journalist in Balochistan.

I wish SabzBath all the best in its efforts and request all the Baloch people to play their role in making this first effort a success. The Baloch people have desperately needed a separate Balochi channel. Now that it has started, we need to extend them our support in whatever way possible.

21 Responses to “SabzBath Balochistan”
  1. atif baloch says:

    i congratulate u all for this act of emarging a tv channal of balochi
    proud to ba baloch
    sabzbath balochistan

  2. Ashraf Ali Shah says:

    Dear Malik Siraj Akbar
    Assalamu Alaikum,

    Congratulations! I greatly appreciate the efforts regarding first successful satellite news channel and pray for its bulk enhancement. Here in Toronto the Canadian Baloch Community highlighted this good news as special part of EID celebration and wished for its global success.

    God bless.

    Ashraf Shah,
    Toronto (Canada)

  3. gmcmissing says:

    Thanks a lot Ashraf. I also keep my fingers crossed for the new channel in Balochi.

  4. Najeeb Qazi says:

    I too solemnly deem the launch of the one and only Balochi satellite TV channel a gust of fresh air for the promotion of the browbeaten language and culture of the beleaguered Baloch nation. I wish the entire body of SABZ BATH BALOCHISTAN TV channel best of luck for their sincere efforts.


    SABZBAAT BALOCHISTAN pa BALOCH raja yak mistage.Ma BALOCH har wada ishi kumaka bekan enth……ie dore o nobat haalrasanie[media]ieg enth baied enth ma pushta makapanth.

  6. ali says:

    love to hear about our tribe

  7. anony says:

    any idea what happened to the channel?

  8. This is best channel for baloch commenity but our baloch villages area malir cable operator is not given this channel on air your are requested to please ask cable operator to start sabzbath balochistan in villages area of malir balochi area.


  9. ALLAH Balochistana Azaath bakan,sabzbaath balochistan

  10. nida says:

    assalam oa laikum sir if some one want to join sabz bath channel so where have to contact …. plz tell me if any one know whete i have to contact …. tnx

    • gmcmissing says:

      Nida, if someone is interested to work with Sabzbath or seek any other related information, please contact Mr. Naeem-ur-Rehman. His cell Number is: 0322-8253022

  11. nida says:

    assalam o alikum well thnx mr malik siraj to giving me the no … coz i m selected on sabz bath as a newz anchor … n my first newzwas onair last day thnx alot again..

  12. nida says:

    assalam o alikum well thnx mr malik siraj to giving me the no … coz i m selected on sabz bath as a newz anchor … n my first newzwas onair last day thnx alot again..
    yasmeen ghouri

  13. Jahanzaib shah says:

    well iam happy that balochs are having a such wonderfull chanell .the chanel has been take from ours girage name as sabz bath balochistan for this satellite chanell.

  14. Ghulam al balushi says:

    Sabz bath baluchistan channal in balouchi very nice and congratulatin all baloch for the new channaland also Bolan channel is good channel more is better.

  15. mani dua hamuk wahdha pa Balochi zuban o pa balochi charokaan nokien misthag e byarathan.Sabz bath Gulzameen cha hon e haaraan o gon aashobi rangan.

  16. sardar parvaiz says:

    biyhe biratha hor bahe wathi haqqa zeerey

  17. Karchi main ager 2day tak. Oprti0n end nahi hua tho. .peer karchIE MAIN JO B HUA. Os k zimadar khud h0n gay.Greater balochistan

  18. Karchi k. Mas00m baloch pay zulm nahi karo..warna bandook ka jawb bandook say dena paday ga……..Tanzeem_e_azadi.e.Greater balochistan. Chakaray azum.baluch.

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