Gillani and shutter down strike meet in Gwadar

The Baloch Hal Editorial December 30th, 2009 By Malik Siraj Akbar Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani visited the Baloch port town of Gwadar on Tuesday. In his two-day visit, the primer would inaugurate an international airport in Gwadar and many other “development projects”. It was the first visit of the head of the federal … Continue reading

The price of ‘Pakistan Khapay’

The Baloch Editorial December 28th, 2009 By Malik Siraj Akbar The assassination of former Balochistan chief minister and governor Nawab Akbar Bugti in August 2006 was a golden opportunity for (President) Asif Ali Zardari to learn some strategic lessons from his Baloch cousins living in Balochistan. Had Zardari not pretended to be oblivious to the … Continue reading

Raisani must be kidding

The Baloch Hal Editorial December 21, 2009 By Malik Siraj Akbar If historians and journalists were waiting for a haunting quote from Balochistan’s chief minister, here it comes. Nawab Mohammad Aslam Raisani, the chief minister, astounded everyone in Khuzdar during a press-talk by saying that most of the missing persons had “deliberately gone underground to … Continue reading

Editorial: Release Sangat Sana and other Balochs

The Baloch Hal Editorial December 18, 2009 By Malik Sira Akbar There is strident hue and cry in Balochistan’s nationalist circles over the mysterious disappearance of Sangat Sana Baloch, a member of the Central Committee of the Baloch Republican Party (BRP) as well as a former Vice Chairperson of the Baloch Students’ Organization (BSO-Azad faction). … Continue reading

Baloch journalist under terrorism charges

The Baloch Hal Editorial December 17th, 2009 By Malik Siraj Akbar Implicating political opponents and dissenting journalists in cases of ’sedition’ and ‘terrorism’ are two old-fashioned but regular tactics applied by governments. Such tools have been applied across the world, mainly in repressive regimes, in an effort to muzzle nonconforming opinion and put the key … Continue reading

Rapprochement with Baloch leaders

The Baloch Hal Editorial By Malik Siraj Akbar Pakistan’s most reputed English daily carried out a misleading news story the other day. The newspaper reported President Asif Ali Zardari meeting with some leaders from Balochistan. The heading of the news report said, “President Zardari meets Baloch elders.” The contents of the news report contradicted the … Continue reading

Learning about Pakistan

Business Standard Balog December 11th, 2009 Aditi Phadnis Attending a conference of Indians and Pakistanis hosted by the German NGO Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) which is affiliated to the Social Democrat Party (SPD) in Germany, I realized how little we know about Pakistan generally, but specifically about Balochistan. This region has been in the news … Continue reading

Pakistan’s “anchrocarcy “

News One, a Pakistani private news channel, invited me last night to speak in one of its one-hour talk shows. The topic of the discussion was Indian’s involvement in Balochistan and the state of security in the province. The reason I agreed to speak in the show, despite knowing that it is the same channel … Continue reading