The end of BSO?

By Malik Siraj Akbar

The largest and most militant wing of the Baloch Students Organization (BSO-Azad) is plagued with worst defection and infighting since its creation in February 2006 over the activists’ dissatisfaction with their Chairman, Bashir Zeb Baloch.

The BSO-Azad, a sympathizer of the armed struggle in Balochistan and a proponent of an Independent Balochistan, was abandoned by around 60 workers during the ongoing week. The activists whine that they have been disappointed by the ‘undemocratic’ and ‘domineering’ role of their chairman Bashir Zeb Baloch who refuses to quit his office of chairman in order to pave the way for the budding leadership to assume the charge of the organization. As a result, around 25 students quit the Azad faction of the BSO and joined the Pajar faction. The next day, 30 other supporters of the BSO-Azad announced their resignations from the militant student wing and joined the Mohiuddin faction of BSO, which is loyal to the Balochistan National Party (BNP-Mengal).

Currently, there are three factions of the BSO –Azad, Pajar and Mohiuddin. While the last two are the student wings of the Balochistan National Party (BNP) and the National Party (NP) respectively, the Azad faction, as its name indicates, does not associate itself with any political organization. However, its support for Nawab Khair Baksh Marri, the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) and the Bramdagh Bugti’s armed struggle is an open secrete.

The BSO Azad came into being in February 2006 when three separate factions of the organization, BSO Muthida, headed by Dr. Imdad Baloch, BSO-Mengal, headed by Chairman Amanullah Baloch and BSO- Hai group, headed by Chairman Asif Baloch, reunified and formed the single BSO which disassociated itself from any mainstream nationalist party. Yet, the BNP and NP did not view the unification of the BSO favorably as an independent body. Thus, both the nationalist parties created their own student wings and gave them the name of BSO. Two factions of BSO, called Mohiuddin, under the influence of the BNP, and Pajar, under the influence of the National Party, could not in combined challenge the strength and organization of the BSO-Azad.

The annoyed activists of the BSO-Azad complain their chairman has been hiding underground throughout the year. Now, they want to replace him with a more committed young leader, Sangat Sana Baloch. But the Chairman refuses to give up his office despite the demand of the majority of the party workers. “The BSO is a democratic student party. We want the leadership to be present among its workers. Elections should be held regularly to choose a new chairman. We have been badly disappointed by the undemocratic and rigid role of the chairman and decided to quit the organization and join BSO-Mohiuddin which is more democratic in its orientation,” said Imran Baloch, a BSO defector.

In a detailed meeting with me in my office over a cup of tea, Chairman Bashir Zeb Baloch, rejected the allegations against him, saying that the BSO had always come under the influence of ‘invisible forces’ which tried to exploit some ‘immature workers’ to cause the break-up of the organization. “I still enjoy the support of the majority of the ideologically committed comrades,” he remarked, “Those who have decided to quit have proven how immature their political vision is. BSO-Azad stands for an independent Balochistan and rejects parliament. My friends have made their commitment with the Baloch cause questionable by joining factions of BSO which are subservient of the political parties that support parliamentary politics.” Zeb argued that the BSO would not destabilize or disintegrate by the defection of ‘unknown and immature workers’.

Originally, the BSO, founded for the first time on 26th November, 1967, was a replacement of the Warna Wannda Gal (The Educated Youth Forum) that was founded in 1961 in Quetta with Siddique Azat as its first president. Since its outset, the BSO has been divided in two and, in some cases, more than two factions. Differences and divisions have always been there. But this time, a former chairman of the BSO, Dr. Imdad Baloch, pointed out: “These differences are going to prove to be fatal. This is likely to mark the death of BSO for good. BSO has become irrelevant today because it lacks scientific tools and techniques needed to represent the students in today’s age.”

Imdad, who as the chairman of the BSO spent seven months in a hidden torture cell during the Musharraf regime, predicts the newly created Baloch Republican Students Organization (BRSO) is expected to replace the BSO.

BRSO emerged on the students’ political scene of Balochistan soon after the formation of the Baloch Republican Party (BRP), a broke-way faction of the Jamori Watan Party (JWP) of late Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti. The BRSO supports Bramdagh Bugti and champions the cause of an independent Balochistan. Its organizer, Ilftaf Baloch, told me that the BRSO was a relatively new outfit as compared to the BSO but he was optimistic that it would soon gain popularity among the Baloch youths.

“We are in touch with the annoyed workers of the BSO-Azad. If they want to join us, we will welcome them provided that they agree with our ideology,” he remarked, arguing that people across the province had lost faith in the nationalist partiers that espouse the cause of parliamentary politics. Therefore, they were joining the BRP and its students’ wing, BRSO.

33 thoughts on “The end of BSO?

  1. (Gramatical mistakes should be ignored coz my english is not that much good)
    Honourable MR Malik Siraj,
    i really like the way you update your viewers on Balochistan issue as compare to other journalists coz you as a journalist search things with naked eye especially on Baloch politics.i as a political worker of BSO azad update my thoughts from the reports availabe on net and while browsing your web page i saw a new topic of you about BSO’s end as you were asking.Sir, i went through your topic discussed about the members of BSO azad who left the orginization and joind pajjar and Mohiudin group and the shown the reason that the Chairman of BSO Azad had not given time to the organization after the 17th council session sir quetion i arise here is that chairman was acceptable for them before the 18th council session and at that time they didnt left the org and why they felt now that the constitution of pajjar and Mohiudin group is favorable for them.Sir after the council session ex vice chairman of BSO azad sangat sana Baloch accepted the dicission of council on media and for the first time in the history of BSO after going through council session didnt divide and this credit goes to Sana sangat and Imran Baloch also accepted his defeat in the same press conference and now according to him with 30 members he joined mohidin group.The quetion is why he changed the ideology coz there is lots of difference b/w the ideolody of BSO azad and other groups.And chairman’s second time fight for the chairmanship is his counstitutional right and coucil elected him as the second time chairman by giving vote.And the strength shown was 30 and 26 repectively in list of quiting from organization but lots of member gave counter statments that thier was given without asking.council also knew that Chairman Bashir zeb was not on ground so why the gave their vote to him.

    1. abrother bahram.
      Sana remained an active member of BSO & was suspended from BSO by Bashir Zaib, Chairman BSO Azad for blame of criticizing on BSO at Public place.
      if you will say that Bashir Zaib countered his sana’s suspension then let me tell you Shahzaib(Former president bso azad shal zone who was also suspended with sana) wrote counter suspension statement with his own hand and sent it to media. Is there any clause in azad’s constitution that a suspended member is authorised to do so??

  2. Behram,
    Thank you very much for your kind words and the observations. I tried my level best to put the point of view of all sides involved in the fresh crisis in my article. I sincerely hope that your friends who have now decided to join the other factions of the BSO will respond to your valid questions that you have raised. Thank you again for visiting the blog and putting your comments. Come again. Minatwar.

  3. As i wanna inform all of u tht i was attend the setion of BSO AZAD so i know all of the story about setion…
    Bashir Zeb used BLA n BLF 4 his victory.He made a lot of diffrent types of stories n used the name off great leader Dr.Allah Nazar 4 his chairman ship.I dont think so that in this way the pure orginization will get good success in his future.Even he used the girls wing of BSO AZAD to guid the counslers in setion the wrong track……….
    Even he did a lot of things that i cant tell u…..

  4. So now the result after the setion is in front of u….
    now the Students realise that they did a mistake thats why a lot of mature students submittsd his resigns n how he used the girls against SANGAT SANA

  5. So now the result after the setion is in front of u….
    now the Students realise that they did a mistake thats why a lot of mature students submittsd his resigns n how he used the girls against SANGAT SANA.Now after one n off year the result will come out in front of u….
    i wanna ask all of u that why BLA n BLF n other great leaders interfare in the setion of BSO (AZAD)

  6. My Dear Faisal Shawani…

    first you have to introduce your self…

    He is Faisal Shawani who write shawani with his name better then Baloch. he is first cousin of Sanghat Sana, he was not elected as councilor from Karachi. but some 1 didnt camed to session due to his personal problems then we get him with us and with the permission of a great chairman bashir zaib baloch… he was able to sit in session, i didnt seen any thing like they use name of BLA/BLF or BRA, if sana sanghat didn’t got any problem why u guys creating problems.

    Please Stop this Propaganda, u should know you making our enemy successful with this kind of cheap propaganda.

    If Still Somebody have question, Then go and ask Shahzeb Baloch President of Shall zone, what happened in session, he was fighting for Information Secretary. but loosed

    1. Dear Jawad!!
      as you said “He is Faisal Shawani who write shawani with his name better then Baloch. he is first cousin of Sanghat Sana, he was not elected as councilor from Karachi. but some 1 didnt camed to session due to his personal problems then we get him with us and with the permission of a great chairman bashir zaib baloch…”
      Is it Democracy??? Can You tell my thae clouse of constitution where a situation, like this, is possible??

    2. Jawad
      “i didnt seen any thing like they use name of BLA/BLF or BRA, if sana sanghat didn’t got any problem why u guys creating problems.”

      proof of it are with me at Block 2 Room 57 Boys Hostel UoB(if still there after FC Raid b4 3 days) i can show it to you where DR ALLAH NIZAR PANEL is written above Bashir Zaib’s panel list

    3. One more thing. as u said faisal is Sana’s cousin, it means u want to say that all these propagandas belongs to sana himself. i’m not cousin rather relative of sana even i heard his name when i admitted in UoB but i totally agree with faisal. dear i was a member of BSO since that time when bashir zaib was fighting election for unit sec. b4 MERGING all BSO’s we(me and bashir zaib) were member of muttahida. once he said “Amman agan dobara chairman wasta aoshtat guda ae i siasi mouth beth” at Aman’s infront off many people. Shaheed Sohrab Marri smilled and said “Harkas wathi qabra routh, charan dema che bith”
      now what does it means????

    4. as you introduced faisal, now let me tell you a short introduction of Sana:
      Sangat Sana started politics in School life; his friends never knew that he will be one of the great leader of the Baloch Nation.
      He served his qualities in BSO (Amaan), Later, all three BSO`s got merged with each other. He was elected as Senior Vice Chairman of MERGED BSO. Later on it became BSO (Bashir Zaib). He played role to change the name from Bashir Zaib to Azad. He leads BSO for 18 months as the Chairman when Bashir Zaib was aside from the Organization.
      He made an alliance with his political friends & named it BNF (Baloch National Front). He is the founder of BNF.
      He was defeated in election of Chairman by Bashir Zaib in the Council Session of BSO in 2008. He remained an active member of BSO & was suspended from BSO by Bashir Zaib, Chairman BSO Azad for blame of criticizing on BSO at Public place.
      He joined Baloch Republican Party with Dr. Imdad Baloch (Former Chairman of BSO Muttahida) & now he is serving his qualities in BRP as a Member Central Committee.

  7. Usning tribes or caste with ur name is not a sin in baloch community my brother jawad baloch its not a matter that any one wrote baloch with his/her name like u or shahwani like faisal and as far as basheer zaib’s chairman ship in bso is concern this is purely interior matter of bso azad but when it came in the media it is not a interior problem of them any more so we can discuss it here and as they are claiming to struggle for an independent balochistan and baloch peoples as being a baloch we all have right to ask them about their sins which they did why chairman bashir didnt sat in the cabinet meetings of bso from 06 to 08 but when elections or counsel session announced he suddenly come in front and started taking part in bso activities why only bso azad using baloch sarmachars name while brso’s own leader ship like brahmdagh is on mountains for baloch independence but he never interfear in brso’s matters why only bashir zaib is acceptable for BLA or BLF as he always says in his debets.

  8. Baloch

    Dear brothers whats wrong with you ? why u guys cant come togather & be a Baloch? all of U saying we want our motherland ! I am wondaring is there 3 Balochistan (Azad,pajar & Mohiudin?) if not,then why u can unite ur self & sitt togather & take this fight against our unite enemy? Look on ur Shaheeds who was these great freedom fighters were they from azad pajar or Mohiudin ? they were Baloch from diff party, diff area , diff ages, diff tribes but they were Baloch like Bugti, Balaach,Dr Khalid, Ghulam Mohammad , Sher Mohammad , Lala Munir,Dilwash,Fida,Majeed,Islam,altaf.Lango,Mengal, list is long but the had 1 thing comman the were Baloch ! so U can try to become Baloch frist then azad,pajar,Mohiudin.BNP,BNM,BRP etc.
    Please have some respect for our great freedom fighters who offers theirs comfortable life & jawani for Balochistan !! Forget all these nonsans & try to come over ur fride & have some forgivness for ur Motherland! Think about those heros of Balochistan and try to do is they were doing for Balochistan if u are faithfull to ur motherland otherwise have some murcey on our Balochistan live us alone let this Toofan go against our enemies.Thank u for ur listing me sorry about my poor english! I am in pain today since I heard my Teachers Ghulam M & best childhood friend Sher M & Brath LaLas shahadath ! Zendag Bath Baloch Nation .

  9. Hi

    I want to raise some Questions, that have been ignored by Baloch students present in Campus politics esp. in Balochistan University and other institutes located in Balochistan, whether they are in Azad, Mohiden or Pajar. The Question is, without proper Education how one can get real freedom or Knowledge,
    as per internal source in UOB Among 120 students getting scholarships in various international Universities, there is a single Baloch getting his Diploma course in AIT Thailand, and facing lots of problems due to lack of UOB interest Because he is a Baloch, and remaining 119 are belong to Other ethnic group of Baluchistan esp. Pakthons and Punjabies.

    My Question is why don’t Baloch Student groups raising this issue?
    Why they don’t force Uni officials to send Baloch position holders to world class Universities while its Balochisan University?
    Why they close there eyes on this matter,
    i know many Baloch students even they have top GREs selected by HEC but there case is Pending due to this Ethnic Group.

    It is time to forget your internal problems and be united, educated your Masses esp. Students,
    Because with out Knowledge you can just produce Raziq Bughties type things.

    BSO zindag Baat Balochistan Azaad Baat.

  10. hello, i am a punjabi, and it is sad to see that Baloch are so divided.what is their problem,?? they vew everyone as a traitor. It is a shocking state. Why dont they themselves go and fight. Fighting can never be the solution, but we punjabis r more surprised at the mistrust among all factions. Balochistan s suffering, and everyone is aware of this. Can we move forward, and those who dont trust, can sit and build a dreams empire home, as they are doing no good to the cause, and are instead divding opinons.

  11. basically i am a member of BSO (pajjar). but BSO is BSO there are no factions. all BSOs are struggling for independence but their way of exertion are different.i cant bear a single word against BSO. i totally disagree with Malik SIraj, he had not exposed the facts he had just blamed and criticized our leaders. when he came to Noshki he saw the condition and also BSOs they are very active and will struggle till victory. being a baloch think before you speak.

  12. I just want to say that as BSO was first of all founded in 1967 and till date it has got many factions> Why?
    We Baloch are already less in numbers and if the cause is same so why these different factions.
    Most important of all BSO is A student organization No matter its aim is sovereignty but what that any faction of BSO now a days specially the strongest BSO AZAD has done noyhing for students and education in balochistan and for baloch students
    We should think about it.

  13. Brumsh Baloch

    maybe its not because he is a Baloch but because he is not a hard-working or deserving student.Maybe those other 119 are deserving….there could be many reasons….however YOU chose ethnicity….but you wouldn’t care as people like you see little further than one’s linguistic group when you try to strengthen your (alleged) views on ethnic discrimination.

  14. hello guys sarmachars fighting in mountains, brothers are killed everyday, sisters are ……. in pakistan cells and baloch well educated people are chit-chating about BSO-Azad, Basheer,..etc.

    my good bloch brothers please leave these non-profit talks and please help sarmachars to free our motherland

  15. BSO is a reality having a tremendous past.undoubtedly, it is a nursery most of our leadership is brought forward by this forum. The comments of Dr Imdad are not trustworthy because he is himself a very confuse personality. In deed he is a sincere leader but not a solid decision maker. certainly, he will support BRSO because he himself is a member of BRP but i am dead sure BSO Azad will nourish and will never fall down.

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