Imran defends terror suspects

Courtesy: The Independent, UK

Imran defends terror suspects
Friday, 9 January 2009

The former Pakistani cricket captain Imran Khan has told a court he supported the right for people to take up arms against their government if there was no longer any other democratic alternative for them to pursue.

Mr Khan, now a politician, made the remarks at the trial at Woolwich Crown Court of Faiz Baluch and Hyrbair Marri, who deny inciting terrorist murder in Pakistan. Mr Baluch, 27, from Wembley, north London, and Mr Marri, 40, from Ealing, west London, are accused of gathering information for the Baluchistan Liberation Army, a proscribed group in the UK, and of inciting murder via websites they ran.

Human rights groups have accused the Pakistani military of human rights violations in Baluchistan, a western province of Pakistan.

Asked by Mr Baluch’s defence counsel, Baroness Helena Kennedy QC, whether the people of Baluchistan had “other avenues” besides military to “assert the will of the people”, Mr Khan replied: “Absolutely not. In Baluchistan there was military action going on, [so] there was no way of redressing the people’s grievances.”

The trial continues.

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