Munir Mengal/ Sherry Rehman: Who is lying?

I spoke to Munir Mengal on Sunday evening. Besides firmly standing on his previous statement he had given about Zarina Marri in the interview with Reporters Without Borders, he had a few new things to disclose. He said he been threatened and offered attractive privileges by the Pakistan People’s Party (PPPP) government in return of keeping his mouth shut.

He said he had received a threatening phone call from the Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Sherry Rehman, last week who had asked him to keep his mouth shut on Zariana Marri case. If he agreed to the demand, the government would, as quid pro quo, provide him a ‘reasonable job’ and reopen his bank accounts which were frozen during the Pervez Musharraf government. However, if Mengal, who was himself kept in a military torture cell for around 22 months and subsequently managed to take refuge in France, did not comply with the official offer, his family members living in Pakistan would be harassed and arrested.

“Sherry Rehman asked me to keep quite at this situation because Pakistan is facing external threats [from India]. Once the situation with India normalizes, she promised, the government would take up the issue of Zarina Marri,” said Munir.

He added that the information minister had persuaded him to abandon the Baloch Voice plan and return to country where he would be provided a reasonable job and his bank accounts will be reopened. “I can not come to Pakistan due to security reasons. My biggest concern is the safety of my family living back in Pakistan. I am willing to testify before any court and human rights organization about the ordeal of Zarina Marri outside Pakistan,” he commented.

While recalling his stay in Dubai, Mengal said he had been repeatedly contacted by the provincial PPP authorities, including the provincial president of the party, Nawabzada Haji Lashkari Raisani, in order to entice him to return to Pakistan.

These threats or allegations are very serious. No journalist, including myself, would report them without verification. Hence, I SMSed Sherry Rehman on Monday morning and wanted her to clarify her position. Firstly, she replied saying that she had never spoken to Munir but then gave me a call and spoke at length.
According to Ms. Rehman, she hardly knew who Munir Mengal was. The only time she had heard about him was through journalist Beena Sarwar who had asked Ms. Rehman to help Mr. Mengal in whatever way possible.
She said she had never spoken to him. She wanted to know how she would be able to trace Munir Mengal back in France and why would she contact him given the fact that both of them never had to interact with each other in the past. Sherry accused Munir of telling lies and added that he could have been out of his mind.

“Maybe someone from the ministry, supportive of the previous regime, called him up and pretended to speak on my behalf. But I tell you honestly, I don’t know much about this person and I am appalled how could he go on saying things about me,” she protested.
Later on, I spoke to my editor Najam Sethi and asked if I should go on with the story inclusive of Munir’s allegations and Sherry’s response. Najam’s point of view was rational: Why would the PPP or Sherry threaten Muir Mengal given the fact that PPP never had a role in the latter’s arrest which took place during Musharraf regime. Secondly, the PPP government had a major role in ensuring Mengal’s release. Thirdly, if Mengal is a Baloch nationalist then what could be his possible grudge against the PPP.

Thus, we decided not to go with the story about Munir Mengal’s allegations on Sherry Rehman.

Now, I thank God for not going ahead and filing my story. Consider.

Sherry’s tone was filled with such confidence that I had to trust her that she had never spoken to Munir. However, I once again wrote to Munir Mengal in France and inquired if Sherry Rehman had really spoken to him and gave threats. This time, to my utter surprise, Munir budged from his statement and said: “plz do not writ anything about Sherry Rehman contact to me.”

I simply do not understand who is telling lies. The reason I am putting this piece on my blog and Facebook is to keep the records straight. I do not know what truth is likely to come out in the future regarding Zarina Marri case. But I surely want people to know about these contradictory statements. Similarly, I sincerely hope that Mr. Mengal, who has undertaken the gigantic task of exposing the truth about Baloch women being kept as sex-slaves in the Pakistani torture cells, would clarify his statement. If he really did not speak to Sherry Rehman then why did he level such charges against her? If those charges were false then how are we going to trust his testament on Zarina Marri account? If he spoke with Sherry Rehman then why did he ask me not to write about it?

We have reached at a stage where Munir has to tell one more truth.

I want Munir Mengal to stand on his statement because it would be very embarrassing for us that soon after the publication of such a report Mr. Mengal disowns his own statement. However, I would be a very disappointed man if there is either some exaggeration involved in this regard or the person of Sherry Rehman or Munir Mengal are guilty of telling lies.

11 Responses to “Munir Mengal/ Sherry Rehman: Who is lying?”
  1. ilyaswalibaloch says:

    i fully support mr mangal s statments which he has given so far zarina marri ‘s case. i trust him becaz he is a bold man and he is determined about it,as for as sherry rahman ‘s threats to mr mangal concern its mangal has disclosed the zarin marri’s case anything can hapen to mr mangal,if mr mangal withdraws his statments in future it means he is threatned and force to do so.


  2. Mah Baloch says:

    i not only support the Munir’s statement, i also condemn the act of pakistan state officials, when they need to investigate the Zargul issue but they are trying to hide this issue from public, what it mean?

    after the confirmation of education department, their is no reason of disbelieve Mr. Munir the victim of human rights abuses. and the whole world knows the dabble standard characteristics of Pakistani officials, there are many example of lying, if analyze only Ajmal Kasab’s issue 26/11’s terror, how they deny his nationality,

    there is no need to discuss about Pakistani states lays!

    now the new statement of AHRC, answered your question who is lying!


    Mah Baloch

  3. Najeeb Qazi says:

    Of course,one to a certain degree ought not to doubt the designs of a man of Muneer Menghal’s stature in terms of his previous track record and as well as attachment to the Baloch cause in the scenario of disclosing the nerve racking ordeal of our victimized Baloch sister,Zarina Marri. But meanwhile, realizing the actuality of his allegedly leveled allegations,I put the onus on Mr Menghal to make his in question position clearer by shedding some more light on the matter. Vise versa, it would exactly be no easy for him to closing the people’s mouth by putting a very big question mark on his uprightness in this entire episode!

  4. pakistanpal says:

    Mr Mengal, was planning to start a anti-state propaganda Tv channel. This was probably going to be funded by RAW. Mr Mengal’s allegations seem totally bogus. He is one anti-state individual bent upon destroying country’s image for his own personal gains.

    Now he is comfortably sitting in some foreign country with unlimited financial assets.

    All atrocities being conducted on the Baloch people are from the uncaring tribal chieftains who want to keep the Baloch people uneducated and helpless. To top it all, Indian agents are doing a great job of spreading anti-Pakistan sentiments across Balochistan.

    Mr Mengal should be thankful that he is still alive after doing so much damage to people of Pakistan for his own selfish personal gains or maybe he is just doing his duty as a RAW agent… All that is left for Mr Mengal to do is to say “Jay Hind” (“long live India”)

  5. Najeeb Qazi says:

    If even the slogan of ‘jay Hind’ can help the Baloch get rid of the
    Punjabi occupation. They would wholeheartedly acknowledge it.

  6. Mubeen Baloch says:

    I accept Sir That Muneer Mengal is Wrong and is telling lies for his own intrests…. Sherry Rehman is Right and She doesn’t know who Muneer Mengal is.

    Muneer Mengal, All the world knows that who is Muneer Mengal… But Information Minister of Pakistan Doesn’t Even know that person who was planning to launch a Tv Channel Against Pakistan. She denies.

    And absolutely she is right she really doesn’t know who is Muneer Mengal.

    Whatever Pakistani Media or Pakistani People say that is true…. and Whatever we say that is Wrong and requires Punishment….

    Pakistani People are just deaf and Blind. Like Pakistani Govt Pakistani people too want to sea those things which are beneficial for them.

    Lets Look,

    Abusive acts done to Muktara Mahi was bad. They condemned it. But Abusive acts being done with our Baloch sister is Good, They even don’t accept that any Zareena Marri Exists.

    Not to go Far….
    Recently a video has been released of Punishment of a 17 years old girl in Swat by Taliban. Pakistan condemns this act. And says that it is an unbearable act and All Pakistani People are protesting on this issue….


    When in 2006, Pakistani Army Officers Raped a Lady Doctor, who belongs from sindh, in Sui cantt and baloch protested on it, And lost their legend Nawab Akbar Bugti on this issue.

    Where was the Pakistani Nation???? Where was the government???? Why those officers are still living happy life????? Where was the media?????? Where was justice?????

    Yes All the pakistani Nation is right but we Balochs are wrong.

  7. srk says:

    well the pakistani people were not in government during Musharraf`s time. His party lost during elections. Justice Chaudry (punjabi) took case of missing people in balochistan he was deposed. All pakistani civil society backed by people deposed president musharraf. and got justice chaudry back. musharraf said mukhtaran mai and many want to have publicity to get american visa. Just be cool and see where pakistani people stand and where musharraf. even the new army chief didnt do anything to stop govt from reimposing chief justic. wasnt it nawaz sharif who fought most with musharraf? wasnt his govt removed by martial law? are baloch people against the cruelty and injustice or against pakistan? thank you for reading.

  8. ShahZai says:

    i want to be clear and tell what i have shoertly. pakistani people ( i mean all except baloch and pattan ) are cheaters and blind and their governer are blinds. dont u see Mr Pakistanpal what is happinig in balochistan and what pakistan special forces doing in balochistan and their aweful crime against baloch people. and i want to remained u that pakistan was an indian region and balochistan was freedom and roled by baloch people. but when pakistan separated from indian they come to balochistan and they made an agreement that the baloch people will role their country as they want but they will (1) joint the same currency of pakistan and (2) pakistan will take care of forigen affairs and (3) deffens affaire and execp that the balochistan will be for balochs and pakistan will not invove him self in balochs affairs.
    did u know that before u wrote what u wrote.

  9. Nawaz Ali says:


    I belive Mr Munir Mengal 100% its happning in Balochistan Because I my self have seen such case in Balochistan when my posting was there it was during Musharaf 1st election time in Kech distric there was such case of FC in one voting center (school ) when the FC soldiers who were on that school, near that school a Baloch family living who was giving these soldeirs cold water & tee day time is Baloch uselly do ( hospitality ) and in night time when every body go to sleep then 2 soldiers jumped from the wall & came insideof that Baloch house, but Thanks God that the men of house was alert they see these soldeirs & run after them the soldeirs run to the roop of school & start shooting toward these Baloch gentalmen but one of those Baloch made at up to the roof of school & he was alone so the beat him to near death and fushed him from the roof he was near death & the do repport this to the Majer of FC but Majer contrary take one of those poor baloch in custady that u blamed my soldiers is raper ?! So please dont think that our soldeirs are angel ? Why munir mengal dont want to talk about Shirry Reham because he is afraid of his family in Pakistan we have seen what the did to his self & he know that the can do any thing to keep him shut his mouth, so he want to protact his family in Pakistan.
    The insted of blaming the Baloch try to understand the Balochistan problem & help them is one brother do for others Because we know the army the are not angels the can do any thing the want because the know that there is no one who can dare to ask us or do any thing to us. Fuji ghumrah aur be lagam hain.

  10. Bor Sawar says:


    Dear All

    It is not the only matter concerned with munir megal , we as baloch Beilieve munir mengal and his sayings because Munir is a man wwho had disclosed this matter in France By an Intternational Media Confrence , where the media of the whole world was available . Our sister ZarGul is not the only lady who was abducted by the military regime of pakistani intelligencee agencies, the are many other ladies who have been arrested and kept in hidden military torture cells. Pakistani Establishment accepted the abduction of 141 baloch ladies what about them, why BLUF demanded for the relese of these Baloch Women. All these are wrong ? nopss and one more thing that how is it possible that the information minister of pakistan denies to recognise munir mengal the one of the most popular Baloch journalist who has also been in military torture cells for more then 26 months .
    Unity Struggle Till Victory

  11. Multani says:


    Why Baloch Sardars dont condemn Target Killings of Innocent people in Balochistan?

    Why they destroy provincial resources like railway tracks, electricity installments?

    Why they oppose developement in Balochistan like Gwadar deep sea port, Makran coastal Highway, Mirani Dam, Kacchi Canal etc.

    Why they dont want to educate people?

    In my opinion, education can develope Balochistan and education was also vision of Mir Gul Khan Naseer.

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