Why is John Solecki’s release important?

John Solecki

John Solecki

We are the poorest province of Pakistan overburdened with hundreds of thousands of Afghan refugees. The provincial government of Balochistan and the local people have not been very forthcoming towards the relief of these Afghan refugees who have been languishing in the refugee camps. Hats off to John and his team at the UNHCR who have travelled a long way from different countries and cities of Pakistan to help these refugees.

How bad we are, right? We even do not not properly treat those who come to our help. Those who provide us food, shelter and, in other cases, kites to our children for enjoyment. There is no positive image of Pakistan left in the whole world. Our people blow themselves up to clinch passport for the heavens.

However, the main reason for my anguish is why on the earth we become so inhuman that we kidnap those who come to our help? Who will ever trust us again? Who will next time go to a place to provide shelter and relief to the suffering humanity.
We are told that the Frontier Corps (FC) has been given the task to ensure John’s recovery. Around 15 people, surely all Tom, Dick and Harry, have been rounded up by the local police. Then an American team of investigators is expected to arrive in Quetta to investigate the case.

2 Responses to “Why is John Solecki’s release important?”
  1. Najeeb Qazi says:

    Whosoever the perpetrators of that unsympathetic omission are, nevertheless, deserve to be denounced in every strongest possible term.
    I, however, on the behalf of the hospitable natives of Balochistan, wish ‘John Solecki’ and as well as his traumatized family best of luck to recovering out of this torment as expeditiously as possible!

  2. Karen Strickholm says:

    I remember John from childhood in New Jersey, and my whole family has fond and warm memories of him. Let’s all use our power of visualization and prayer to bring him safely back to us all. i have created a prayer sheet for him for people to download, you can get it for free at http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=dg85mjqg_0cwp2dwfj&hl=en

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