A Prayer, Meditation, Visualization Display


This is a request for your prayer, meditation, visualization, burning of incense, sending of white light, or whatever it is you like to energetically do, for the safety and speedy return of John Solecki to his family, friends and colleagues……..

On Monday, February 2nd, John Solecki was kidnapped in Quetta, Pakistan, by either the Taliban or an unknown ransom-seeking group. Click news link above for details. John does wonderful humanitarian work with refugees for the United Nations. Our family remembers him fondly from his childhood in New Jersey and his friendship with my brother Douglas in their younger years.

Let us all use our collective energy to support John Solecki right now! I’ve created this page for anyone who wants to print it out to set beside a candle, place on a shrine, use in meditation. Also, please forward to as many people as possible, so that John can be surrounded with as much positive energy as possible – Thank you!


  1. DDC says:

    Thank you! We need to publicize John’s kidnapping! I am so glad you put up this blog. I pray for John’s safe release many times a day and so does my family. I have been searching the web for news everyday since the 3rd but for many days there has been nothing. I am glad to read the information you have gathered. I will check back often.

  2. Anonymous says:

    We are also hoping and praying for John’s safe return. We feel helpless, but if anything can be done, we will help.
    Eileen and Gus Reeve

  3. Karen says:

    I spent many a day and wonderful evening at the childhood home of John Solecki. Over dinner, John and his family always pleaded the case for the innocent victims on many sides of the long conflict in the middle east and I learned much from these discussions. It was knowledge from experience and from reading, always nuanced, rooted in humanitarianism, and never just analysis or self justification.

    I knew John would dedicate his life to working for peace in the region and wanted to “move back”. The family had lived in Lebanon when he was a little boy and his happiest memories were from there. I remember his deep love for the geography, the food, the peoples. In all his academic studies in New York, he never lost sight of “the heart of the matter”.

    I recall the hours he spent studying Arabic to prepare to “go back home”.

    Many are praying for good to come out of this crisis and for God’s light to shine on John and captors. We ask for alleviation of human suffering, for the Spirit of forgiveness and kindness on all sides, for justice sprinkled with much mercy, and for wise choices when powers negotiate dilemmas.

    What else can we do to help? …Gods grace on all.

  4. Anonymous says:

    God bless you John, you and your family are in my prayers.

    Kathy Kehr

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