Qambar Baloch goes “missing”—II


The Baloch Students Action Committee of the BUITMS protested today against the disappearance of Qambar Baloch in front of Quetta Press Club. Its members also addressed a press conference saying that they feared that the university management was directly involved in getting Qambar arrested. They gave an ultimatum of 24 hours to the Vice Chancellor of the University to use his good offices to ensure the release of the missing student. Qambar’s annual exams are scheduled for 20th of this month.

It is very disappointing that a brilliant Baloch young student, who has been struggling for the rights of his fellow students, has gone missing. Deliberate efforts are being made to destroy his academic year. We all know about the anti-Baloch policies of the BUITMS.

This seems to be a part of the newly unleashed cycle of arresting political workers. Previously, we saw the disappearance of Dr. Bashir Azeem, Chakar Qambarani and Jalil Reki, key leaders of the Baloch Republican Party (BRP). Barely in his early 20s, now Qambar Baloch has perhaps landed in some torture cells.

Ironically, Rehman Malik, the Prime Minister’s Advisor on Interior Affairs, told a press conference at the Chief Minister’s House that the figures given about the missing Balochs are “unrealistic” and “exaggerated”.


If these are false figures then one is justified in asking where these people go once they disappear. The PPP government should realize that such acts are likely to further alienate the Baloch. This wrong policy was enthusiastically pursued by the military regime of Pervez Musharraf but it, expectedly, backfired. The resurgence of the phenomenon of disappearances during a so-called democratic government is highly deplorable.

I feel dejected about Qambar’s disappearance for the reason that he is a personal friend of mine. I have deep respect for his commitment with his people. He is a man with a very respectful character. He comes from my area, Panjgur. I can not forget the lovely dinner Qambar and his friends had hosted for some journalists a few months ago. We had a wonderful time that evening. Now that my friend has gone missing, I consider it my duty to protest his ‘disappearance’. This is completely undemocratic to whisk someone away for the simple but illogical reason that they harbor dissenting and divergent social and political views from that of the government.

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