JUST-IN:UN officials meet Nawab Marri unofficially

Nawab Khair Baksh Marri

Nawab Khair Baksh Marri

Many of the readers of this blog keep asking me: “What is your source?” C’mon guys. If a Pakistani citizen asks me this question then I won’t mind it because we do not have a popular and widespread culture of blogging in this country yet. However, in the countries where blogging has established itself as a medium of freedom of expression, each blog is taken seriously and considered as a media-house. So do not worry about my sources. The information I will be sharing here comes mainly from the first hand sources. Treat this blog as reliably as you would trust any Pakistani media house, except for the Pakistan Television.

My sources tell me that the United Nations officials have unofficially established contact with Nawab Khair Baksh Marri as a part of their constant efforts to get John Solecki’s released. A two-member UN team called on the 90-year old Baloch leader today (Tuesday) at his Karachi residence at around 16:30pm. Nawab Marri is a very rare communicator with the media. He does not meet a lot of people either. Those who have met him can confirm that Nawab Sahib is a very good listener.

I met and interviewed him last year. You must go through his interview to see how disappointed he is with Islamabad and its repressive an exploitative polices.

“The Nawab said he had no knowledge about the kidnappers. He didn’t know who the kidnappers of John Solecki were, nor had they contacted him directly. He, however, asked the UN officials to have a look at the gross violation of the human rights taking place in Balochistan,” said an insider, “the meeting lasted for almost 30 to 45 minutes. The Nawab listened to every thing. He spoke only a few words.”

The source said there was, however, no direct assurance by the Nawab that he would directly appeal to the kidnappers to release John Solecki. “The UN officials requested that the meeting should be kept secrete. No information should be given to the press for security reasons. When we got out of the home, I saw the press corps already present there. We wonder who had informed them about this meeting,” said the insider.

We have also learnt that the UN has expedited its efforts to meet everybody and anybody in Balochistan. Some officials would be meeting Balochistan governor Nawab Zulfiqar Ali Magsi on Wednesday morning. On his part, Nawab Magsi is quite worried about the long list of ‘missing persons’ that the kidnappers of John Solecki have extended. “The Governor has approached us and requested for a copy of these demands. We will provide him a list of 872 missing persons in a meeting scheduled for Wednesday,” confirmed a Baloch nationalist leader, who informed that the list also included the name of 23-year old missing school teacher Zarina Marri who is supposedly kept in the Pakistani military torture cells as a sex-slave, as reported by the Asian Human Rights Commission.

3 Responses to “JUST-IN:UN officials meet Nawab Marri unofficially”
  1. Najeeb Qazi says:

    I understand that as a father figure in Baloch politics, Nawab Marri can play a significant part by using his personal influences in making feasible John Solecki’s safe release. I, however, guess that he’d better directly get involved in this complete episode for the very simple reason that John’s killing would eventually do more harm than good to Baloch struggle internationally!

  2. jahanzaib shahwani says:

    i belive as a master figure .NAWAB marri can play a vital role by utilizing his significant infulence in solecki s matter. what i personally anaylize killing can harm the balochs and the movement

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