Interview on VoA


I spoke in an hour-long talk show on the Vice of America (Urdu Service) tonight about the abduction of John Solecki. Reputed broadcaster, Nafisa Hoodbhoy, hosted the show. The other guests included Dr. Hakeem Lehri, the central leader of the Baloch Republican Party (BRP), Irfan Saeed, the bureau chief of Online News Agency [ which received the first phone call from the kidnappers of John Solecki and the video of John Solecki], and Rahet Malik Kakazai of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP).

The discussion revolved around the oft-repeated question: Have the Baloch insurgents really kidnapped John Solecki? Will it bode well for the Baloch movement?

While articulating my views, I said there were two things to be seen. One, the abduction of the American UN official, which many describe as contrary to the Baloch traditions. It is unprecedented in the history of the Baloch nationalist movement that a foreigner has been kidnapped.

the demands of the Baloch separatists are equally supported by all Baloch nationalists. Because the PPP government is not addressing the Baloch issue seriously. Therefore, the intervention of the international community is very important. As far as the disbelief of many people is concerned that no Baloch organization can carry out such an act, I think we seem to be forgetting the point that the Baloch movement is fast going in the hands of the disillusioned middle class educated youths. It is no more confined to some tribal elders.

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