John Solecki killed….Not killed!


Several Pakistani news channels ran a false news report this morning saying that John Solecki had been killed. The report was aired as ‘breaking news’. No one mentioned a source. The ‘breaking news’ traveled with a light speed across the world. It said that the kidnappers of Solecki had announced that the latter had been finally killed and his dead body would be brought to the Quetta Press Club [by the murderers themselves] after two hours. How ridiculous!

I wonder who the directors news of these channels are. What the hell is wrong with them? Why do they play with the human emotions even without confirming a news report that includes a serious issue such as a human life? They even do not have the sense to ask their reporters if it has ever happened in the world history that the kidnappers have called, invited the whole world media saying “ Come over guys. Prepare your cameras. We will be coming up with the dead body at around 12:00pm in front of the Quetta Press Club.” Funny enough, several TV channels sent their DSNGs. Reporters were put on a “high alert” with mics in their hands in front of Quetta press club. They were literally waiting for James Bond-like kidnappers to come and throw the dead body and escape so that they could show it ‘ live’ to their viewers.

These TV reporters were not the only ones standing there just like dumb asses. Dozens of personnel from the Pakistani secrete services as well as the Frontier Corps (FC) rushed to the venue and guarded the Quetta Press Club from all directions. They all did not move an inch from their position for several hours. They looked at every van with the hope that it would bring the dead body. I don’t even have words to laugh at these stupid people. I have no tears to shed over the fledgling Pakistani electronic media.

A friend of mine rightly says that there are more private news channels in Pakistan than eveningers published in the whole country. Most of these channels are manned with stupid anchor persons and ignorant reporters. They are utterly oblivious to journalistic codes.

As the reports of John Solecki being killed reached across the world in minutes, even the kidnappers were obliged to make a phone call to say John was still alive and their custody. The BLUF spokesmen had confirmed that John was very ill, as he had informed previously. But they would not kill him before giving a final ultimatum. “ We are a civilized people,” claimed the BLUF spokesman.

4 Responses to “John Solecki killed….Not killed!”
  1. Baloch says:

    any news of Jan Dashti?

  2. Meerak Bugti says:

    The news about John Solecki was broken by TV news channels, was a crass action. Playing with the emotion of someone is a heathenish image of those who do so. They can not be humanitarianism.

    An unkown phone call comes and all of the TV news channels begins to give an extreme coverage without conformation. Whether it was true or not , media played a stupit role.

    John Solecki was doing a virtuous job, came from thousends miles away to work for humanity. I would call him a humanitarian.Why are they interested to see dead John Solecki? It seemed as if TV channels were interested and waited to show the “LIVE” footage to their viewers, as they sent their DSNGs Quetta Press club.

    It is so regreted, The united nation have not done commendable efford for the release of it’s kidnapped official. International organization working for human rights, are still silent and thoughtless about the serious condition of the health of John Solecki. Why are they all want to watch John’s death body?, as Pakistani Electronic media was interested to break that news with “LIVE” coverage to world first. Why are they wanted to leave Mr, John Solecki with dire consequence.

    The demands of the kidnappers, name themself the activist of Baloch Liberation United Front (BLUF), are licit. Because they want, thousends of Baloch people who were abducted by The government secrete services and still missing, released. They also want the solution of dispute between Baloch and Islamabad according to geneva convention.

    The United States is ruling over the world, the silence of US about John Solecki, who is too american, is worrisome for us. Why the US gevernment is not ready to put an ample pressure on Zardari’s government to concede the admittable demands for releasing it’s citizen.

    The UN, the US and Pakistani establishment are not sencere about the release of John Solecki. If something happen with John life then who will be the responsible.

    Both the UN and US should pay thier attention on the demands of BLUF. The stading of these demands of kidnappers are trivial for the US. It is time, the american can use their resources to secure John Solecki safe and sound.

  3. Mark T. Wright says:

    As one of John Solecki’s former high school teachers I check this site daily as the best source for news of his capture. If, by some chance, the kidnappers read these messages I would like to suggest to them that part of their purpose in kidnapping John may have been already achieved. Those of us who care about John now know of the Baloch Liberation United Front, its demands and the injustices it feels have been levied onto the people of Baloch. This is one of the news stories that is ignored by the media generally. I hope that the lack of coverage of John’s kdinapping by the mainstream U. S. media may be somehow related to sensitive negotiations that I hope are ongoing. It is a sad case when people feel so frustrated and unheard that they resort to violence. Of course, those of us who know John want, more than anything, to see him released and returned to health. The issues and injustices stated by the BLUF are now more evident to the world than before. Murdering a generous and peaceful man will not in any way help achieve the ends of the kidnappers if the mainstream news has given such scant coverage to the kidnapping itself. As others have said, to murder him will only turn world opinion against the BLUF and its cause. If John is treated well and released, he may raise public awareness of the plight of the people of Baloch. I can imagine him coming to understand his kidnappers, certainly grasping their extreme frustration. John is an honorable man and I know that, if the BLUF’s causes are just, John will support them.
    For the friends of John, I keep a small stone in my pocket to remind me to think of John a number of times a day……to keep him and his plight in mind. I am hoping that this energy, prayer, whatever you want to call it, may help resolve this sad situation.

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