And now there is Tehrik-e-Taliban Balochistan!


Wednesday, March 04, 2009
By Rahimullah Yusufzai

PESHAWAR: Pakistani Taliban have now surfaced in Balochistan by organising themselves under the banner of Tehrik-e-Taliban Balochistan.

Engineer Asad, claiming to be its spokesman, said in a phone call from an undisclosed location in Balochistan that their organisation had no link with the Baitullah Mahsud-led Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP).

It wasn’t possible to verify the claim made by Engineer Asad or to know more about his identity. The man, who spoke Pashto in an accent peculiar to Balochistan, explained that the members of the Tehrik-e-Taliban Balochistan (TTB) were all Pakistanis. He said the struggle of the TTB was against non-Muslims and Western forces that had attacked and occupied Islamic countries. He said the TTB was opposed to fighting the Pakistani security forces and law-enforcement agencies and turning Pakistan into a battlefield. Instead, he said, the TTB was committed to fighting the enemies of Islam.

The TTB spokesman termed suicide bombings un-Islamic. He condemned the suicide attack that targeted and missed the JUI-F provincial head, Maulana Mohammad Khan Sherani, and other party leaders at a seminary in Pishin district on Monday. The blast killed six people.

Engineer Asad said the TTB wasn’t involved in the Pishin suicide bombing. He said it had no dispute with Maulana Sherani or the JUI-F. “We respect the JUI-F and consider it as our ally. This suicide bombing is the work of our enemies,” he argued.

Maulana Sherani, it may be recalled, had blamed a group of the Afghan Taliban led by Mulla Dadullah, who was later killed by US forces in Afghanistan, for a previous attack on his life some years ago. His allegation created rift between the JUI-F and Afghan Taliban. It also caused differences in the JUI-F, as one faction of the party didn’t believe that the Afghan Taliban were behind the failed attack on the life of Maulana Sherani.

If one were to believe Engineer Asad, then the group of Pakistani Taliban operating in Balochistan is different than those active in the NWFP and its tribal areas. The TTB is the latest among the Taliban groups now functioning in Pakistan and Afghanistan. The TTP members are almost all Pakhtuns but it is possible that the TTB would have some Baloch activists. The militants hailing from Punjab and operating in the NWFP and Fata are often referred to as Punjabi Taliban.

2 Responses to “And now there is Tehrik-e-Taliban Balochistan!”
  1. arsalaan says:

    looks as if they have been hired by the agencies to do their dirty job in Afghanistan as well as counter their enemies in Balochistan!

    TTB= total tuberculosis

  2. Najeeb Qazi says:

    I see this ugly and as well as pretty much appalling development with too much concern.I guess it would be a daunting challenge for the genuine Baloch leadership now that how to manoeuvre to foil the evil designs of the so-called Taliban,who are ostensibly sponsored by the intelligence agencies as proxies to help sabotage the in progress Baloch revolutionary struggle for self-determination in one way or the other.

    However,on the other hand,I do not quite understand that by virtue of blind might,the barbarian natured Taliban can succeed in conveying their medieval stance and as well as tarnished brand of Islam.

    Above all,Islam is a religion of peace and it imparts the message of peace.It denounces anarchy and chaos.
    It is a widely well known fact that the Taliban are a wicked coterie of extremists who neither personify humanity,nor one can call them Muslims.

    I do not believe that the Taliban who are making a lot of abortive attempts to transform the holy religion of Islam to their taste can convince any one,and I am sure that they very much mistaken that their brand of Islam can be feasible at this civilized age.I recommend them that they’d better calibrate their horrendously antiquated and radical approach and make themselves role model Muslims first,dealing with the rest would be secondary at this stage.

    Finally,I am confident that the logical conclusion of the Taliban’s blindfolded movement would nonetheless be the disintegration of the banana republic of Pakistan!

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