Ittefaq Nama—from The Friday Times

Courtesy; The Friday Times, Lahore

I know, I know, I know. You are all stunted at the brilliant success of the Long March and restoration of Chief Justice. And now hippo crickets of the PPP are saying that it was Benazir Bhutto’s dream to restore Chief Justice. Hmmph! I am telling to you that if Long March had proceeded to Rawalpindi, the destruction would have been worst than in Japan’s great cities Hirohito and Naganshahzadi in World War II. Chief Justice had written a long speech to mark culumination of Long March. He showed it to me and said it is such a brilliant speech, it should be purveyed to all peoples through a worldwide channel. I said of course, and ignored. Which channel? Which channel? He kept asking. Finally, I said, dekho ji, this is such a brilliant speech that the only suitable channel I can think of as an outlet for it is the English Channel. CJ said that’s fine, please proceed. You-you, me-me has broken out among some lawyers. They came to meet me and said we are the ones who sacrificed and marched on the streets, braving lathi charges and loss of income for two whole years and TV channels are giving mubarak to Faujis for historic restoration of CJ. Why, ji? I am saying, are you asking me? They are saying, yes, you. Fust I didn’t know what to say (newly, newly I am talking to Faujis – naee naee sulha hui hai meri) then I said mind your own business. Then the young lawyers recited a poem:

Let the army pay compensation,
For all the ruined cultivation,
Wells and borings undone,
Farm embankments overrun,
See how a poor nation’s drained,
While the boys were being trained

I told them please be quite. You want another problem? But lawyers they are not listening. Mind has turned. Dimagh phhir gaya hai. Ali Ahmed Kurd, leader of lawyers, said I will call General Kayani and complain that why they have taken credit for our movement. I said don’t be silly. Kurd asked for phoon number of Kayani. I said I don’t have. Kurd said bring Directory. I said are you mad? What Director will say, that Kurd is wanting my begum? Kurd is also saying that everything is finished, even PIA. When he finally got on to the flight from Quetta to Islamabad, they did not serve a meal on the flight but instead served a snake. What this is, he asked air hostess. She said, “it’s a snack”. He did rudery by returning the snake. I told him, look here, you should just have recited Allama Iqbal’s poem:

Aye tayr-e-lahooti,
Uss rizq say maut acchi,
Jiss rizq say aati ho parvaaz mein kotahi

If he had recited this poem, he would have got the clap.

Mera PIA ghar aya,


2 Responses to “Ittefaq Nama—from The Friday Times”
  1. TAZEEN says:

    Friday Times is not in public domain right?
    One needs a subscription for that, isn’t it?

    • gmcmissing says:

      Yes, but when you go on the website and register yourself they will give you a password and user name. You don’t have to pay but register with them once.

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