To those who know John Solecki personally

I am looking for a few people who have known John Solecki personally or professionally. I will be grateful if you could kindly drop me a mail at:
I will be very thankful to you if you DO drop a mail.

2 Responses to “To those who know John Solecki personally”
  1. Alex Fantoni says:

    Dear Mr. Akbar:

    I was a classmate of John Solecki’s in high school.
    As you know there are a great number of people around the world who are deeply concerned about John’s release and his health.
    I have not seen John in many years but I can assure you that he is truly a very decent, thoughtful and peaceful man who deserves to be released and given proper medical care.
    It is also very much appreciated that you have followed his situation so closely.
    I pray that your final account of John’s situation will be a happy one.


    Alex Fantoni

  2. Meredith Weir McDonagh says:

    Dear Mr. Akbar,

    I, too, am a former high school classmate of John Solecki (and of course Alex Fantoni).

    I would like to echo Alex’s letter in that I can attest to John’s caring personality. I remember John as above all, extremely calm, gentle and easy-going. Every memory I have of John is one of him smiling, perhaps after a witty comment or inside joke. John was in all the advanced classes at our college preparatory high school: he is very,very intelligent.

    I would like to underscore what has moved me to write letters to my congressmen, Sec. of State Clinton, the Embassy of Pakistan, Greg Mortenson and CAI, among others: this situation is absolutely tragic for John, for the people of Pakistan whom he serves as well as for all others who pursue careers in service trying to make this world a better place. John’s congenial personality combined with his strong mind motivated him to pursue much education and then to spend HIS LIFE using these skills to help others. John is a humantarian in the true sense of the word. He is a role model for my children.

    I agree with Alex that many, many people are watching this situation closely; I check constantly for the day John is safely released and his medical needs met. I am there for John in whatever I can do, and I optimistically look forward to seeing him again when he is released as it is “the right thing to do.”

    Thank you for whatever you can do, Sir.

    Sincerely, with peace,

    Meredith (Meredy) Weir McDonagh

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