A new political crisis in Balochistan


I spoke tonight in a 30-minute talk show on the Voice of America (VOA), Urdu Service, about the new political crisis that has developed in Balochistan. Five Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) ministers were sacked today by chief minister Nawab Mohammad Aslam Raisani. However, the notification for their resignations was withheld at the eleventh hour after Senior PPP leader Nabil Ahmed Gabol intervened.

The disillusioned ministers – Sadiq Umrani, Babu Mohammad Amin Umrani, Jan Ali Changazi, Agha Irfan Karim and Isfandar Kakar –had accused CM Raisani of mismanagement, nepotism, supporting the drug mafia and being incapable of maintaining peace in Balochistan in a press conference on Wednesday evening.

Before they could submit their resignations, all five ministers were fired from the cabinet by the chief minister. They keep reiterating their grievances.

In my interview, I argued that the basic problem was the undemocratic trend of accommodating everyone in the provincial cabinet on the name of reconciliation. Presently, 50 members of the 65-memebr Balochistan Assembly are serving as ministers. Some ministers lack portfolios, offices and houses. Therefore, when the government tries to please everyone then such people would always stand up to blackmail the government.

I said Nawab Raisani was still a very powerful man in the province though he had been remarkably embarrassed by some of his own party men.

One Response to “A new political crisis in Balochistan”
  1. dinbuzdar says:

    Present Baloch resistence it a defencive one .Baloch are struggling for survival.It is a war of survival. The rurals want to completly dilute us.They settled two million Afghan Jehadies in Balochistan just to neutralise us. They need our resources and our sea coste.Baloch chilldren has no right to study in their mother tongue.Daily one, two dead bodies of political Baloch workers are thrown on the streets.We appeal all human loving people and free word to come our help.

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