Sorry everybody

I have woken up after a 48-hour sleep. I have had a bad fever. In the meanwhile I have missed some very important stuff. I had turned both of my phones off as I wasn’t feeling very well. I am sorry about:

* Not attending a talk that I was supposed to deliver with a team of UN officials on the missing persons of Balochistan.

* Not attending President Zardari’s press conference and not filing it for my newspaper

* Not attending the rally of Baloch Women’s Panel which I am told was a very large and impressive one.

* Not meeting my friend Ghulam Nabi from Daily Aaj Kal who had come to Quetta from Karachi. I had promised with another friend, Shoaib Aziz from ActionAid Islamabad, who is currently in Quetta, that we would meet but I was badly sick.

* Not attending an important session of the Balochistan Assembly which was supposed to be held in the afternoon due to Zardari’s press conference.

2 Responses to “Sorry everybody”
  1. Najeeb Qazi says:

    May you recover soon!

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