Baloch voice by Rahimullah Yusufzai

Baloch voice

A supporter of Baloch rights and provincial autonomy, Nawab Mohammad Aslam Khan Raisani now has a chance to do something for his people and province

By Rahimullah Yusufzai

The boycott of the February 2008 general elections by the Baloch and Pashtun nationalist parties in Balochistan was good news for the PPP and one of its provincial leaders Nawab Mohammad Aslam Khan Raisani. The party won more assembly seats than ever in the province and was thus able to form a coalition government with Raisani as the chief minister.

Though his family has been associated with the PPP for long, the 54-year old Raisani formally joined the party in 1994. His late father, Nawab Ghous Bakhsh Raisani, was a leader of the PPP during the time of its founder, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, and had served as Governor of Balochistan and federal minister in the 1970s.

Following the assassination of the elder Raisani as a result of a tribal feud, Aslam Raisani became the chief of Sarawan, the traditional headquarters of the Raisani tribe. He inherited the Raisani tribal feuds, including one with the Rind tribe which is ongoing and has kept former federal minister and PML-Q leader Sardar Yar Mohammad Rind out of the PPP-led coalition government in Balochistan. Rind, it may be mentioned, is the only MPA in the 65-member provincial assembly who is in the opposition as everyone else is part of the large and unwieldy ruling coalition comprising parties having secular, religious, nationalistic and centrist orientation.

Aslam Raisani obtained his masters degree in political science from the Balochistan University. He also served as deputy superintendent of police in Balochistan before entering politics.

The Raisani, according to some accounts, is a Brahui tribe but is now referred to as a Brahui Baloch tribe. In fact, certain anthropological texts mention the Raisanis as Pashtuns belonging to the Tor Tareen tribe. On their part, the Raisanis are now very much part of the Baloch tribal set-up and Aslam Raisani is a member of the supreme council of the Baloch Qaumi Jirga that was set up by the Baloch tribal elders to carry out struggle for the rights of the tribe.

Starting from 1988, the younger Raisani has been elected MPA a number of times. He has a constituency tailor-made to his needs as the Raisanis and their allies live in significant numbers in Mastung-Kalat that makes up the area Balochistan Assembly’s PB-38 seat.

Aslam Raisani’s younger brother, Lashkari Khan Raisani, was elected MPA in the past. He is presently the Balochistan president of the PPP. They have four other brothers, including one Aminullah Raisani from another mother.

As Balochistan is still a largely tribal society dominated by the Nawabs and Sardars, the chiefs of various tribes have taken turns to rule the province. Both Sardar Attaullah Mengal and his son Sardar Akhtar Jan Mengal served as chief ministers to set up a record of sorts. The late Jam Ghulam Qadir Khan, a tribal chief from Lasbela, and his son Jam Mohammad Yousaf also made a record as both remained chief minister of the province. Sardar Mohammad Khan Barozai, Nawab Mohammad Akbar Khan Bugti and the Jamali cousins, who are forever in power due to their pro-establishment politics, too have served as either governor or chief minister of Balochistan. Even now two Nawabs are ruling the province. Nawab Raisani is the chief minister and Nawab Zulfiqar Ali Magsi is the governor.

On Apr 9, 2008, Aslam Raisani was elected the 13th chief minister of Balochistan. His election was unopposed as every political party with representation in the Balochistan Assembly had already been won over with offers of positions in the cabinet. So broad was the support for him that no nomination papers were filed for his election as leader of the House by MPAs from his own party, PPP, and those belonging to the National Party, Balochistan National Party (Awami), Maulana Fazlur Rahman’s JUI-F, Asfandyar Wali Khan’s ANP and the PML-Q. In fact, a likeminded group was formed by the PML-Q lawmakers, who were 18 in number and had the largest number of seats in the Balochistan Assembly, to join the PPP-led coalition government and destroy any chance for the PML-Q to lead the provincial government.

In his first speech after his election as chief minister, Aslam Raisani described maintenance of law and order as the first priority of his government and said he and his colleagues would work wisely for restoration of peace in the violence-hit province. As President Asif Ali Zardari, the PPP head originally belonging to a Baloch tribe, was supportive of the peace initiative in Balochistan, chief minister Raisani was able to make some moves toward this direction and a number of political prisoners were freed. The armed Baloch separatist groups such as the Baloch Liberation Army and the Baloch Liberation Front responded positively by declaring ceasefire. However, these groups later began expressing dissatisfaction over the lack of progress in peacefully resolving the Balochistan conflict and announced an end to the ceasefire. The subsequent kidnapping of UNHCR’s Quetta-based official, John Solecki, by a previously unknown group claiming to fight for Baloch rights and the increase in the incidence of acts of terrorism showed that hopes for peaceful resolution of the problem had receded.

Raisani, who in recent years became afflicted with health problems and now faces difficulty in speaking coherently and clearly, has been a supporter of Baloch rights and provincial autonomy. Now in power, he has a chance to do something for his people and province. The whole Balochistan Assembly is behind him as there is practically no opposition in the legislature and the PPP-led federal government is supportive of his efforts. Raisani has also been campaigning for foreign investment in Balochistan and offering incentives to investors.

However, this goal would be difficult to achieve if peace and security wasn’t restored in the vast province, which is the largest in Pakistan in terms of area. A new headache for Raisani were the recent reports in the US media based on leaks by American officials about Washington’s plans to launch drone attacks to hit suspected Afghan Taliban hideouts in Quetta and rest of Balochistan. He reacted with strong condemnation of the move and the Balochistan Assembly came up a unanimous resolution against it.

But the US until now hasn’t cared about such protests by the Pakistan government or the public outcry and continued its policy of using the CIA-operated drones to fire missiles at any target suspected to be linked to al-Qaeda or Taliban. The Raisani-led Balochistan government would have to cope with the fallout of any such US attack. The provincial government, already facing problems due to the constant jockeying among the coalition partners for more powers and ministerial portfolios, would come under greater strain in case the US went ahead with its arrogant policy of undermining Pakistan’s sovereignty and attacking places in Pakistani territory with impunity.

14 thoughts on “Baloch voice by Rahimullah Yusufzai

  1. Some days back Rahimullah Yousufzai wrote an article about the puppet Chief Minister of Pakistani-occupied Balochistan. In which Rahimullah wrote a short biography of Mr. Mohammad Aslam Raisani, the Chief Minister.

    Rahimullah went even further, he embarked on giving sermons about Baloch race and ethnicity. Rahimullah said that Raisanis are a Brahui tribe. Okay, here we agree with Rahimullah that Raisani is a Brahui tribe or a Brahui speaking tribe. But he said: “but is now referred to as a Brahui Baloch tribe.”

    According to Rahimullah that as if Brahuis were not Baloch and now converting to be Balochs. He further says: “In fact, certain anthropological texts mention the Raisanis as Pashtuns belonging to the Tor Tareen tribe.”

    Well Mr. Rahimullah Yousufzai, you have shot down two birds in one bulit. You have named your article Baloch Voice to attract readership. The main purpose of your article was the would-be US drone attacks on Taliban terrorist targets in Pakistani-occupied Balochistan.

    Listen Rahimullah Yousufazi, you Pakistani-paid journalist, Raisanis are Baloch by race, it not means that one Raisani, Mohmmad Aslam Raisani, has sold his loyalities so the all Raisanis have become non-Baloch (Or Brahuis are not Baloch, they are! They are the running blood of Baloch people). We know very well that Aslam Raisani is working for Pakistani-enemy intrestes in Balochistan. But why you have the pain to call him a non-Baloch, you said that Raisanis are Pashtuns, if they are Pashtuns then why Baloch people and history call Raisanis as Baloch people? As Raisanis, like other Baloch people, call themselves Baloch.

    Baloch people have respact for their Pashtun brothers, and to this day not a single Pashtun said that “this Baloch tribe is a Pashtun tribe” nor the Balochs claimed that “this Pashtun tribe is a Baloch tribe”. But from which anthropologist you have learned that Raisanis are Pashtuns?

    We know traitors like Aslam Raisani, working against his own people with the enemy.

    And we also know people like you, with Pakistani-islamist ideology and your links with Pakistani secrets services, infact all your journalits collegues know that during Afghan war you worked for BBC but reported what Pakistanis told you.

  2. well ppp have always worked for the country and they are even working and trying their best to sort out the problems .,, it is not an easy task as we are facing problems , we have external threats and internal problems as well … If every person stands up to work , talk against the government wat can the government do … As far as balochistan is concerned , baloch sardars are responsible for it , they demand their seperate homeland and they dont live here as well … Being a baloch they are behaving in a coward way….Baloch is a brave tribe but our sardars have proved it wrong … Akhtar mengal, Brahamdagh , Hairbiyar muree should come and live the life of ordinary ppl then we will accept their ideas , living in a castle and just talking is damn easy but working is not … in baloch sardaro ne apne waqt mein kya kia baloch kaum ke liye , koi baloch ajj achi post pe nahi hai siwaye government ke , ye log khud jab rank pe atey hain to kaum ko daba daite hain , kaum marti hai inke liye ye tamahsa dekhte hain apne mehloon mein beth ke …. log dar ki waja se bolte nahi hain kuch… Afsos ke sath kehna par raha hai ke Nawab Akbar ke baad in mein se kisi mein balochge paida hi nahi hui ….only these sardars are against punjabis but are ready to take help from the ones who have killed ppl and baloch sardars in a jirga … they dont have courage to fight for the country and to look into the eyes of americans….. this country was broken into pieces at the time when our brave leader was sentanced to death …. Pakistan is very important , Brahamdagh, Akhtar mengal think they will make balochistan into europe after seperation but they are unaware of the facet that it can be israel as well and americans will rule us …

    1. Mr Malghani. Simply putting you are wrong.Don’ you see the human right violation in Baluchistan. Are u blind to the history. Don’t you have feeling for Miss zarina baloch being kept in army torture cell and being used as sex slaves.Momal I live in Jafferabad Pakistan occupied Baluchistan near sui having no gas and you are saying Sarders are responsible for it . Well only 24% baloch society in Baluchistan is tribal while 90% balochs are poor in Baluchistan.OK MR hairbiyar should come will your terrorist state of Pakistan will leave him to live.Turbat has no tribal setup.Why they are fighting for sarzaman a balochistan.Baluchistan gets lower royalty than sind and Punjab. This is the problem with Pakistani people either they blame India or Sardars for wrongs with pathetic situation. Bramdagh or Akther mengal can not make Baluchistan Europe we will make it. We will make our Baluchistan the best in the world.Mr malghani you must know Mekran belt IS not tribal society but operation has taken place down there too.Keep your Pakistan with you. This failed state, World safest sanctuary for terrorist is Pakistan.Baluchistan yek roz azad bee rowee tho him gind ha, duniya hum gindee. Baluchistan is the best. It can beat Canada, Europe up. You keep your poor Pakistan with you.We don’t need your Pakistan. Long live liberated Baluchistan.

  3. Screaming for freedom is the acts of women, men stand to give up their heads to get their dignity and respect. Slaving the others is not a way to be freed, until and unless sacrificing by ourselves. Right that we have a separate ethnic, cultural, traditional and custom values so does it mean that we must get freedom without all those by slaving and appealing to others. The Baluchs at 1940s denied the British stay in Baluchistan saying that the British government was a non muslim one and they preferred the Pakistani government which was bought by the Britain superiority for years and years. They sold themselves and us too in the hands of the British superiority without the balochs knowledge and that because of their(Baluchs) sincerity and loyalty to Islam. And now if Pakistan claims of being Islamic country though the settlers are muslims but the government may be dubious and for further more hundred years we cannot trust their claim becaue politics don’t know anything except the selfishness of some groups who govern the policies taken. Meer Nauruz Khan Baluch was made to climb off the mountain peaks while fighting the paki armies for freedom, was deceived by showing him a bulky book covered with the name of Holy Quran .He ceased the fire, but after getting down the book with the name of Quran was kicked by the army and was caught and hung. Respected brothers, why don’t we revise the Islamic history of Baluchs how bravely they defended for Islam and were chums of dignity, magnanimity and honour. With a strong determination for a resolution of carrying our traditional aspects within the boundaries of Islamic canon and jurisprudence we can surely be brave and free our country without serving any external agent who may impose several conditions to be fulfilled to get our freedom. And if without Islam where will we go after we die, is it not towards Allahs justice. Man see the traditional clothes of the Baluchs exactly Islamic or see the worn by the Bugtis, the baluchs image in 1910A.D without moustache or trimmed with their swords resembling a famous Arabic sword as سيف اليماني As well the Baluchistans new flag represents a communist ideology, without being notified to concern the symbols of Baloch such as the camel, date palm, sword and the mountains which are the ethnical, traditional, geographical and historical related to Islamic backbone. In a site an editor wrote that the Baluchs are victims of Jihadists!!!!!! and by naming paki army as the Jihadists for supporting Al Qaeda and the rest of the paki armies in Baluchistan, let me clarify that paki army has nothing to do with Jihadist except to save her own life from the outer policies as being in the fields of politics, they don’t care Islam but exploit the violent and radical mind of the sincere Muslims against the non-Islamic agents trying to devastate them, but it cannot be against Baluchs, instead still yet Baluchs are heavy supporters of the Jihadists more than the paki army sincerely for Allahs sake. Today when a clip is broadcasted showing exploding a paki army truck the baluchi song is dubbed with it. Absolutely wrong, atleast a historical Baluchi verse is dubbed that would be better. And pray your 5 times and read the Holy Quran and supplicate to Allah for a better Islamic State of Baluchistan .

  4. Dear Mr Rahimullah

    I think rather than poking your nose in Baloch and Balochistan problems you should mind your work, your own Pashto brothers are being killed in name of relegion and paki comes first every one knows the reality of Taliban, and we are well aware who are Baloch and who are not…..

  5. Any how my all dear brothers, today we all compete each other for the slavery of the west to gain dominance over and gain some loaf of bread and thats so pity to be felt in the conditions of Muslims.

  6. Mr marri you are right. We all are with you.YOU rock Mr marri. Baluchistan will be a country as it was a country. No body opted for it. My representative Mir adam khan khosa did not opt for present day failed state even Mr Muhammed amin khosa revolted against Pak in April 1948. Baluchistan was forcefully merged in Pakistan in 27 march 1948 and the revolt followed in April doesn’t it show Pakistan occupation of Baluchistan. Long live liberated Baluchistan

  7. I strongly support Islamic state of BALUCHISTAN. Even i feel strongly disgraced when some balochs leader call us less Muslims than pashtoons or Punjabi. viva ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF BALUCHISTAN.

  8. These are historic facts:
    A Baloch, rather sardars of all Balocis, Khan of Kalat sold (gifted) the Baloch motherland Gwardar, to a foreigner (the later ruler of Oman). As the fate has it, a Punjabi Prime Minister Feroze Khan Noon bought back the Baloch motherland in 1950s from the foreigners and gave it back to the Baloch people. Baloch history is full of documents where Baloch sardars sold their motherland to the British, bit by bit, piece by piece.
    The Baloch nationalists deliberately hide these facts because these facts are very bitter.
    Last but not the least, there are more Balochis living outside Balochistan than they are in the province.
    We also have to take into account the tricky issues (ethnic, treatment of women and cultural-social dysfunctions) in an intra-provincial context.
    Lets look within ourselves for solutions rather find scapegoats for our handicaps and drawbacks – just because its easy and convenient to do so.
    Lets believe in self help as one brave Baloch lady Zubeida Jalal demonstrated.

  9. the raisanis are the great pashtuns they are wrongly known as brahuis. the pashtun raisanis are the best challengers against the bugtis as they are there traditional enemies.the prominent raisanis are aslam raisani and lashkari raisani.they are the great tribal people and respected and also better then bugtis.

  10. the raisani is a pashtun tribe. nowadays the raisani tribe is wrongly known in the brahuis. they are actually pathans and they are the subtribe of tor tareen tribe in balochistan pakistan. most of the raisanis residing in balochistan. the nawab of raisani tribe and tribal chief nawab aslam raisani is respectable tribal chief and good personalities of balochistan. in the history of balochistan aslam raisani the first chief minister of balochistan as unoppossed. the younger brother of aslam raisani, nawabzada lashkari raisani is prominent leader of balochistan, and he is the senator and president ppp balochistan.

    1. Raisanis are Baloch. If Aslam and Laskhkari claim they are not, they have every right to. They are not the only Raisanis. A vast majority of this tribe is for Balochistan and regard themselves as Baloch. Open your eyes and look at what all other Raisanis demanding for???

  11. I dont know about other Raisanis what are they demanding. I have only seen aslam raisani and lashkari raisani. some details I know about Raisanis that they are enemies of bugtis, and also with rind tribe. In balochistan which parts are Raisani tribesmen located, this I dont know in detail. But I heard that Raisanis are in large numbers in balochistan, and the Raisanis are the tribal people of balochistan.

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