I just checked in my Berlin hotel. I am staying at Citadines Apart Hotel. It is at Oliverplates. I am in Germany for the second time. It is really great to see a sunny Berlin. Last time, when I spent a month in this lovely city to attend a training program on Covering Elections and Political reporting, the whole month was dominated by continious rains, clody skies and snow, but only hours after our departure.

This time, there are three of us from Pakistan to attend a week long training program on Economic and Financial Reporting. My other colleagues are Mohammad Ali of Dawn newspaper in Peshawar and Mohammad Owais of Independent News of Pakistan (INP).

We were told that we were in fact the first participants to arrive in the city. The others would from different Asian and African countries would be in town tomorrow and we would meet them up.

I hope I will have a wonderful stay in Berlin.

2 Responses to “DAY ONE IN BERLIN”
  1. Nimat Baloch says:

    Congratulations for being in Burlin for the second time,

    Wish you all best luck and enjoy the trip…

    With warm regards:
    Nimat Baloch.

  2. Najeeb Qazi says:

    Dearest Malik,
    You are completely out of touch these days! Could you please let us know the actual reason for that?

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