Shame to the UN(HCR)


While I woke up this fine morning, I learnt I had begun to hate the UN(HCR). The UN(HCR) has, by its deeds, proved that it is racially discriminating the Baloch internally displaced persons (IDPs). It has been almost two years that we have been continuously appealing to the international community to approach the two hundred thousand Baloch Marri and Bugti tribesmen who were driven out of their homes following a devastating military operation unleashed by the Pakistan army.

Shamelessly, the UN(HCR) deliberately ignored this serious humanitarian disaster in the Baloch areas. Worst still, we have been aggressively campaigning that the UN(HCR) should stop assisting the Afghan refugees in Quetta but repatriate them back to their country because they are criminals who have imported drugs, weapons, extremism and suicide bombing to the Baloch province. Only for the sake of pursuing its own interests, the UN(HCR) extended the stay of the Afghan refugees in Balochistan under one pretext to the other. They did not move an inch forward to help the Baloch IDPs.

Now, we see the UN(HCR) actively operating in the NWFP to assist the IDPs of the fresh conflict. If this is not racial discrimination then what else can we describe it?

Last week, I approached a few Baloch IDP settlements (not camps, because the government of Pakistan and the UN(HCR) have not recognized them as IDPs yet) somewhere in Jaffarabad. I was startled to learn that three kids, below the age of ten, had sold their kidneys because of poverty. [See pictures].

To the world community, I must say they are once again making a huge blunder by blindly approaching the IDPs of NWFP and ignoring the Baloch IDPs. This mass exodus that is moving towards Islamabad and Rawalpindi will only assist the Islamic militants from the NWFP to reach the nuclear-armed country’s capital. Watch out!

21 Responses to “Shame to the UN(HCR)”
  1. Mbaloch says:

    This is so Shameful. Balochs are being so discriminated. This is something very serious. The International community should act as soon as possible on this issue.

  2. i just wanna say that! shame on pakistani government, pakistani media and UNHCR..

  3. Najeeb Qazi says:

    I’ve no words to pour scorn on the world community in general for failing to notice the woes and worries of the Baloch IDPs!Otherwise,this sort of shameful occurrences wouldn’t at all have taken place.

    It is a matter of ignominy for us,the Baloch people as a whole,as well for not catering to the needs of our brothers in need.

    As a harsh reality,we are only too good at propagating against one another rather than being accommodating —in terms of lending monetarily caring hand to those who’ve suffered the most from the in progress insurgency against Punjabi discrepancy.

    I too,want to ask those self-proclaimed progressive Baloch leaders-cum-traitors who spend hundred of thousand rupees on their flawed election campaigns to cast a look at these innocent faces and respond to this query.What was in fact their fault?

    Shame to all!!!


  4. Brumsh Baloch Shall says:

    very shame for all of us, because from very begining pakistani authorities and media not considering Baloch as a Human but where is the so called baloch Nationalist forces and there leaders??.
    why they do not come forward and take this seriouse issue into there so called parliment.
    being a Baloch i do not bleave on such organizations like UN or UNHCR because they are just Guard of US intrest world wide.

    Say shame On US not US or UNHCR

    • gmcmissing says:

      Dear angry friends,
      I sincerely hope that we will also hear the UN(HCR) version as well. They should clearly tell the Baloch people what is stopping them from accessing the Baloch IDPs. I KNOW THEY READ MY BLOG VERY REGULARLY.

  5. I see this as a collective failure. The conflict has been there for long, why didn’t you bother to report earlier, why it took so long for you to wake-up and where are other Baloch journalists groups??? Why don’t the Baloch politicians take-up this issue or start up a campaign to help??? Blaming others for your own failures is another sign of weakness and if this the way to do journalism and reporting, sorry bit I will put it in an ammatuer category

    • gmcmissing says:

      Mr. Mature. I think you have started to read my news reports very recently. Otherwise, you would know that we reported this issue at the very outset. A search of this blog would help you.
      As far as Baloch media groups are concerned, we have nothing to be ashmed of. Baloch journalists like Shahzada Zulfiqar (Herald magazine), Wahab Baloch (Newsline), Siddiq Baluch (Balochistan Express/Azadi) have been regularly writing about it since 2004.

  6. Humayun Bhagio says:

    i am shocked to see the pictures. Nice work sir. But I have one question, don’t you think you have given a unilateral verdict against the organizations without probing and getting their versions? I hope you are not trying to settle some scores here and do hope that these people read your articles. Otherwise… I will be dissappinted if thats the case. the headline looks sensational and inciting…rest is great journalism..please dont mind, you must be a person open to criticism and tolerant

    • gmcmissing says:

      Dear Humayun,
      I will not blame you for believing that I am trying to settle some personal score. One UNHCR official told me this morning that this was a ‘very rude’ post. It was, I know.
      I am surprised when this blog actively campaigned for the release of the Quetta-based chief of the UNHCR, John Solecki, then everyone from east to west lauded this blog. Now that this blog is raising the voice of the ignored Baloch IDPs, the UNHCR is reacting madly. I take journalism as a mission.

      Honestly, this blog is not desperately looking for compliments only. All that I want is to play my part of the role to get the suffering humanity helped. I am not an aid worker. I write this only to bring the reality in the attention of the champions of the humanity.

      My point is quite clear: If the UN(HCR) was not stopped by anyone to help the Afghan refugees since 1979 then what is wrong with helping the Baloch IDPs? If the Baloch IDPs are hard to access then why are the IDPs from Swat being helped? These are double standards. That is why I describe this as ‘racial discrimination’ against the Baloch. The UN(HCR) has not issued a single statement in the press about the Baloch IDPs. It should tell the world what problems it faces while attempting to access the Baloch IDPs.
      My dear the headline is less sensational than the real pictures, isn’t it?

  7. Jessica Khan says:

    Marvelous Malik. But you forgot to mention Madam Sheher Bano Khan’s name. She also writes on Baloch people, read the article by clicking the link, it also has references to UN work

    The displaced Baloch – By Shehar Bano Khan

    • gmcmissing says:

      Dear Jessica Khan,
      Thank you very much for sharing Ms. Khan’s article published in Dawn. It was refreshing to read the piece again. However, the reason that I have lashed on the UN(HCR) is because they did not aggressively pursue the matter. The UNICEF even went on to the extent of backing out from the very survey it had conducted about the Baloch IDPs. The best report about UN double standards was written by my movie-maker friend Ziad Zafar in his article published in Newsline in June 2007.

      The writer quoted a senior UN official as saying: “Forget that you are a journalist. If, as a human being, you care at all about those who are suffering, you will not publish this report. I implore you: please don’t aggravate the situation. It is already very precarious… We already made a big mistake by talking to the press earlier. We will never know how many lives were lost because of it. We cannot make that mistake again.”
      I mean what is wrong? What ‘mistake’ is the UN talking about? IDP children are already dying in Balochistan because of malnutrition and you request the journalists not to carry on with their reports because they may defame the military and the rulers of the land. I wonder why the UNICEF does not bring in public its survey. If these UN bodies also side with dictators and oppressors then they surely disappoint me.

  8. FARHAD says:

    Poverty is not the issue for the Baloch as we are now used to and particularly for those who have not seen the GOOD days of this 21st century but to cell the Kidneys for HUNGER it is realy shame for all Human rights actvist and specialy UNCHR who not give attention to this scenario which is so painfull that in rich Balochistan People are celling their Body parts for FOOD????

  9. Nazli Amin says:

    Malik, I have heard you work for a big Seth in Punjab called Najam Seth. Is this true? and is he the one who owns newspapers, tv channels and shopping malls? You seem to be an honest person, arent you? So why to help this Seth and even that in Punjab!!!

    • gmcmissing says:

      Nazli, this is a cleverly crafted comment. I like this. He is Najam Sethi not Seth. I am very proud to be a part of a team headed by Najam Sethi. He is a bold, articulate and fearless journalist who endangered his life and spent time in the torture cells maintained by the ISI in 1999 but never compromised on his journalistic principles.
      I have deep respect for Najam Sethi because he quit all comforts of life and spent time in the mountains in the 1970s to directly join the Baloch armed movement.
      Najam is a role model for all young English journalists in Pakistan. I am a honest man, so is my boss, Najam Sethi.

  10. Nazli Amin says:

    oops, sorry Malik, I am corrected now, these rumours – one cant say what is true what is not ….uffff, sorries

    • gmcmissing says:

      Its ok dear Nazli. But without going for my version, you can go for a GOOGLE SEARCH of Najam Sethi and find out yourself how big a journalist Najam is.

      • zrombesh bLOCH says:

        Dear Brothers and sisters ,if any,the real issue of Baloch is within not outside of our realm ,we must do each and every thing by own ,then it be possible for us to be respected and not be is useless and timewasting that we ever think about other,s hands but we are waiting for nothing, but our own destruction … paada Baloch …wadar makan dani mardomani!!!!

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