Aali elected new Bugti tribe chief

By Malik Siraj Akbar

QUETTA: The worrier Bugti tribe on Tuesday crowned 36-year old Mir Aali Bugti, a grandson of late Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, as its 23rd Nawab in Sui tehsil of the gas-rich Dear Bugti district in a Jirga after a lull of four years since the killing of their tribal chief in a military operation in August 2006.

The Jirga, which was convened at Bugti House in Sui district amid extremely tight security arrangements, was attended by 257 chiefs of various clans of Bugti tribe. The ceremony was attended by the tribal leaders from Rahija, Kalpar, Masuri, Pirozani, Shambani, Nosani and Mundarani clans of the Bugti tribe. Bugti tribesmen from Sindh, the Punjab and Balochistan had rushed to the historic occasion.

The chief of the Bugti tribe, Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, had been killed in a military operation in 2006 but the Bugtis had to wait for four years to chose their new Nawab as most of them had been displaced and driven out of their homes due to the military operation carried out in the province.

As Mir Aali Bugti, attired in traditional Baloch dress with a turban on his head, walked inside the hall, his supporters chanted slogans in support of the Bugti tribe and their late leader Akbar Bugti. Mir Aali carried the traditional Balochi sward in his hands which symbolized his empowerment as the chief of the tribe. The crowning ceremony was initiated by Pir Amir Khan of Pir Sori darbar and was completed after the tribal elders from other clans also took part by completing the fixing of the tribal turban on the head of their new chief.

No son of Akbar Bugti, either Talal Akbar Bugti or Jameel Akbar Bugti, attended the ceremony.

Strict serurity arrangements had been made to mark the occasion. The town of Sui had been sealed from all directions to avoid any untoward incident.

Speaking on the occasion, the new chief of the Bugti tribe appealed for unity among his tribesmen and promised to work for the welfare of the Bugtis who had been the victim of a conflict for the past few years. He paid tributes to his slain grandfather Nawab Bugti and extolled the latter’s services for the Bugti tribe.

Mir Aali Bugti is the son of former member of the national assembly and the eldest son of Nawab Bugti, late Mir Saleem Akbar Bugti. Aali was recently reported as saying that the situation in Dera Bugti had remarkably improved and the current government was not carrying out an operation in the area.
“ Had I not decided to come back to Dear Bugti, the area would have remained here but the Bugtis would have been eliminated,” he said, “ I have decided to return to my home town in order to protect the Bugtis from further displacement and sufferings.”
However, Mir Aali is not being fully supported by all factions of the Bugti tribe. A Quetta-based son of Nawab Bugti, Nawabzada Talal Akbar Bugti, insists that Mir Aali has being pitted by the intelligence agencies against him and his tribesmen to create tribal rifts. Similarly, the Baloch Republican Party (BRP) has alleged that the jirga was being sponsored by the government but it lacks the support of all Bugti clans.
On the other hands, the supporters of Nawabzada Bramdagh Bugti, another grandson of Nawab Bugti, who has become more popular than Aali Bugti due to the ongoing insurgency that he is leading, rejected Aali as the successor of Nawab Bugti. “The only man who can lead the Bugti tribe is Nawabzada Bramdagh Bugti,” says Mir Wadood Raisani, a leader of the Baloch Republican Party (BRP) headed by 28-year old Bramdagh Bugti.
According to the Baloch tribal traditions, the chief of a tribe is supposed to be succeeded by the eldest son of the tribal elder. In case, the sons of the tribal chief are dead then the eldest grandson is inducted as the tribal chief. However, when Nawab Bugti had decided to nominate Nawabzada Bramdagh Bugti as his successor during his life time, several tribal elders had resisted the decision saying that they would not accept any other tribal chief in the life time of Nawab Bugti.
In the last days of his life, Nawab Bugti had informally appointed Bramdagh has his political successor and Mir Aali as the tribal successor. Since the killing of Nawab Bugti, the Bugti tribe and his political party, the Jamori Watan Party (JWP) have experienced serious differences and infightings.

23 thoughts on “Aali elected new Bugti tribe chief

  1. It is very nice that some wants best of the Bugti tribe. Dear Siraj, there are the people being abducted, arrested and being killed by unknown personals. The people live in the remote area of dera bugti are face a lot of problems. If Mir Aali Bugti wants to do in those people’s favour then it is well. I think he is an arrested man. He cannot do anything without the “aashar bad” of the Pakistani intellegence agencies. I pray for Mir Aali to be able to do something by his own behalf.

  2. Its not the best of us bugti! Its the best of ISI & MI with Mr Aali is dummy to divide & rull over Baloch & Bugtis.
    Where were Mr aali when the bugtis needed to defend them against armys oprations. He never wanted to risk his life for bugti but when the army brought him in sui with VIP jet to crown him with his Grand fathers bloody FAG (Turban ) then he remembers the poor bugtis WOW!
    One wonder how can Mir Aali grand son of Nawab Shaheed betrayed his Great grand fathers & his brave fathers Mir Saleem bugti ?
    U shulld be shame to selling ur familys name to ISI & MI !

    SHAME SHAME SHAME . We never thought of u Mir Aali that u were so cheap & afraid of army ! was u envious of Brahamdag Bugti ? He is brave man he achied all this by his bravness & his Love to his country & Grand Fathers . Now we understand why Dada Shaheed choosed Brahamdag Bugti to compensate him & his trib . He was great man he knew that U & Talal were not worth to replace him.
    Long live Balochistan Long live Brahmdag Jan.

    1. Brave never hide in mice holes like you ‘brave’ brahmandagh or whatever you call him. Impressive!! Brave attaches poor labourers, barbers, mine workers like cowards his men attack and run for life and when arrested cry loud to make the world believe that they are innocent. Yaar kia bahaduri hai qasam se 🙂

    2. Yes dear its a very big shame that our bugti is a very big tribe and we could fight with asi or mi, we wanted our country our nation but aaly did very bad i still want him to fight with agencies i want brahamdagh back i want every son and grandson of nab back in baclochistan and dera bugti…

  3. SHAME ON U Aali . Tum ne apne baf dadaon ka naam badnaam kiya! Daar ghaye the army se ya paison ki lalech ne tuje behka diya?
    Shame Shame

  4. Dear Saraj
    U seems to be very happay of this Govt cermoney!! Every body know that this was the game of agenceis & u know that very well this was the game of ISI & MI so how came u sound so happay about this drama? we thought of u the only punjabi in Balochistan who became Baloch but may be we were wrong?!?!

    1. @ Ali Nawaz,
      What makes you think that I am very happy of this government ceremoney? Where do you draw your asumptions from?
      Secondly, who told you I am a Punjabi?
      tara sangath kamo ziada galat fehmi bothag.

  5. Dear Saraj

    who said that Mr Aali were elected new Bugti tribe chief? He was slected by ISI is new Bugti tribe chief u know that we know that.
    Frist the tried with Talal Bugti but he was not good enough to stay against Brahamdag Bugti so now the want to try this dummy Mr aali.
    Let see how can he help the agenceis but we know that he cant do any thing for ISI because he was not elected by Bugtis & Baloch .
    We are very shamefull that Mr Aali bugti of whom we had big thought but yeah is the say mara sher nekla chova:-)

  6. A very good and bold step taken by Mir Aali,his people and his land needed him,but no one was there for them from the nawab family,each and every single people were victamised and out of their homes,if lets say Mir Aali came with a deal it is a good step,its easy to talk when one is not there for the tribe who has been suffering,not like others sitting in afghanistan , london , or dubai.his tribe needed him and he was the first to be with them,the baloch should be close to their people not like Altaf Hussain always talk on the phone. In case, the sons of the tribal chief are dead then the eldest grandson is inducted as the tribal chief. However, when Nawab Bugti had decided to nominate Nawabzada Bramdagh Bugti as his successor during his life time, several tribal elders had resisted the decision saying that they would not accept any other tribal chief in the life time of Nawab Bugti,because the tribe was supporting Mir Aali.

    1. Dear bro which bold step r u talking ..to come in sui with the blessing of army.. how can we come in dera bugti when the whole dera is like jail and closed for us bugti … who like to leave his home and family.. no one . will u mean that dada shaheed was wrong who left dea bugti went to mountian and get his shahadat .. the didnt gived us any choice this war was imposed on us because no one like to be bombed..no tribal chief accepet mir aali accep 2 of them those 2 were forced by agencies also.. no dear mir aali was not accepted or elected by bugtis our brother was elected by agencies only. every body know this accept few friends of agencies who sold thires soul to divel accepted this new nawab. well it dosnt bather us if he want nawabi aali bugti ko mubarak ho but he should not come in our way and get used by agencies to kill baloch and bugti .

  7. the bugti tribe had suffered alot,they needed someone with them,to lead them,they were out of their houses,its a positive thing Mir Aali is with them.plus In case, the sons of the tribal chief are dead then the eldest grandson is selected as the tribal chief. However, when Nawab Bugti had decided to nominate Nawabzada Bramdagh Bugti as his successor during his life time, several tribal elders had resisted the decision saying that they would not accept any other tribal chief in the life time of Nawab Bugti.reason being?the tribe wanted Mir Aali as thier cheif,so who am i or anyone else who is not a bugti to decide who should be the cheif?
    my mubaraki to you Nawab Mir Aali,may Allah keep you healty and happy along with your land and people. Ameen.

    1. salam bro
      no it was not so ..the tribal elders had resisted that because the dont wanted any other nawab in dadas life time, every body know that dada in his life time gived all tribal power to Brahamdag bugti and he is the only one who is still going on his dadas way … not like mir aali who sold his soul for agencies .. could dada do the same thing or can u think of dada shaheed of such thing ..No so how came mir aali did this dirty agreement with agencies……because he wanted the nawab … jo mir aali ko mubark ho….but he was not slected by all tribal chief only 2 of them . yeah lets pray for mir aali allah us ko rahe rast dekhaie. ameen

  8. Now the contradiction is strange. At one hand, Aali has the support of main tribal giants and on the other, he is accused of being an ISI agent. I have no doubts that this is exactly the desired game of creating conflict in the masses and segmenting outcries.

  9. Mir aali is a true nd brave man…today he is standing infront of all the mess but where is bramdagh…he is hiding like a mice…if aali is isi man then no doubt bramdagh is raw(indian agent) man.99 percent of baloch ppl loves pakistan only 1 percenty wnt independence from muslim country wth the help of jews nd hindus.gen musharraf was nt punjabi nd he kicked out punjabi leader mian muhammad nawaz sharif.at that time punjabies could crush all pakistan wth their huge population nd wth their wealth…but they talk abut love nd brotherhood….baloch problem was started on that day when indian conselate was open n jalal a bad where bramdagh is living now a dayz…in swat india is sponsering taliban similarly n balochistan…india wnts to rule balochistan.together we will fight and remember 1 thing punjab never spoked against any province but other provinces do..u ppl go to punjab and talk to punjabies tribals.they all r wth balochs nd they wnt revenge of nawab bugti against musharraf but nt against pak…GOD BLESS PAKISTAN .GOD BLESS BALOCHISTAN

    1. God bless you brother,this is what we all think!Pakistan Zindabad! our enemy isreal and india murdabad!

  10. aali bugti A.K.A adu is a coward he used to live in khi and drive a ferrari that he stole from his mother money. he married a model here who he later started living with thats the reason akbar bugti got mad at him and his numerous attempts to get aali(adu) to dera bugti but he was busy partying in khi and sangar how come he dint think of the bugti ppl at that time. He and his friends and cousin chengez zehri got arrested by the qazi of hyderabad. He is a diabetic and a self centered person who doesnt have any moral thats the reason he bow down and made a deal with the army…

  11. After reading what mr Siraj had authorised here. I couldnt help but to state a few things here aswell, not only regarding the
    Bugtis or Marri’s but with regards to the enitre nation. It is not only the Baluch land that has entered an overall sinister period but the world as a whole. Globalization was meant to function as a productive tool but I guess one was meant to look beyound the obvious. Getting back to the coronation of Aali bugti, I believe everyone is working towards their own personal benefit. either that be Aali bugti beiing accompanied by the ISI, or Brahamdagh bugti being assisted by external ‘zionist’ elements inorder to cause chaos and disarray within his own region. I feel sad and pity not for these so called future leaders who believe their leadership can confront the plague and perils affecting the Baloch nation immensely. No one believes in ‘unity’ let alone passion. However I am optimistic for my nation that their will be an individual a young ‘educated,’ charismatic person who will seek and inspire untiy amidst his Baloch population not only through his compassion for nationalism but above that his determination towards his strong faith – faith that will help him to transcend and bypass all baloch leader, let that be Aali, Brahamdagh or Akhtar Mengal.

    P.S. A number of people who have left their comments here are traitors themselves and apparantly assume that by projecting their distorted theories – they will do some good.

    “It is not you ignorance that will defeat you but your illusion of knowledge.”

  12. mir aali we are proud on you. you are now the chief of bugti tribe, keep on trying for the best of bugti,s. don,t care for those who are saying you are a dummy of ISI. we know it,s not true. try to fulfil promises of shaheed nawab akber khan bugti. we are with you. (geo bugti) may you live long

    1. The debate about Mir Aali and Bramdagh Khan is getting nasty and readers are resorting to personal allegations and comments. Therefore, comments for this post are closing from now on and no new comments would be entertained. (MODERATOR).

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